Facial Wipes: Travel, Gym + Extreme Laziness!


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When I am in the mood, there is nothing better than spending time at the sink applying lotions and potions, cleaning and smoothing my skin and coming away feeling refreshed and clean. It can be both soothing or invigorating and it does the best job of preparing skin for whatever’s next, be that your favourite serum or night cream or your daily make up.

Facial Wipes: Travel, Gym + Extreme Laziness!

All that said, there are days where I am feeling lazy and just want to crawl into bed or I’ve stepped off a plane and feel like 250 people have breathed on me! Here is where a decent facial wipe can help. For me, the key to the facial wipe is that it leaves your face feeling clean. There are A LOT of wipes out there that feel like you’ve just swapped your dirty face for a slightly less dirty face but with a filmy layer of whatever was on that facial wipe. For me: No.


I have been lucky just recently to find a couple of facial wipes, just by luck, that work really well. The first I was drawn to because it contained the micellar water which I have used before and quite like – but I’m also a bit drained by anything that requires cotton wool to apply – I am nothing if not low maintenance! This was the Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Wipes. Simple is a great brand if you have sensitive skin – free from colours, fragrances and stuff they say can irritate skin. The wipe itself is standard size, about 7ins x 8ins – very slightly textured with bobbles, the same texture on both sides. As you’d expect, it smells of nothing. It is pleasant to apply and leaves the skin feeling clean without a filmy feeling and doesn’t leave the skin tight. You will need to follow the wipe with any other skincare you’re planning – probably a moisturiser and then whatever else according to where and when you are using it.


The second set of wipes I found was just a random buy in the supermarket. I was lurking in there and spotted these Nivea Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes. I was looking for something I could use at work and have in my gym back – there were probably two choices (tiny supermarket) I hadn’t really expected they would be as good as they turned out. The wipe itself is identical to the Simple one – I even went and checked their brand owners to see if they were actually made by the same people – apparently not. This wipe feels like it has more liquid soaked into it, so it feels slightly smoother as you apply. I like the Nivea scent and the overall feeling while using the wipe is pleasant. This also leaves the skin feeling clean but not tight and you’d still need to follow with moisturiser and whatever your next steps will be.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by these two wipes – I’m not giving up “proper” cleansing just yet, but it’s great to have some choices for busy lives and lazy days.

Have you found any great products for lazy days?


6 thoughts on “Facial Wipes: Travel, Gym + Extreme Laziness!

  1. I love facial wipes! My face wouldn’t get cleaned some nights without them. I haven’t tried the Nivea so I will have to give those a spin the next time I buy some. I’m also very grateful to whoever invented hair clips, bands, etc. for those days I just don’t want to mess with my hair!


  2. Recently Ole Henriksen gave me a load of samples to compensate for a shipping screw-up (which was actually my own fault, but they did it anyway). Included was a pack of wipes which I now realize are called “Grease Relief.” I have delicate, mature skin, so that wouldn’t have been my first choice, but they are not drying, and I’d slather on moisturizer after any kind of cleansing in any case. I love using good facial wipes when I can’t even after a long day. I also love the Ole Henriksen line. I’m prone to a skin infection called perioral dermatitis and I haven’t had one episode since switching to their products.


    • I haven’t seen this brand in Australia before, but I see Sephora has it, so I may go and investigate tomorrow. Thanks for the tip 🙂


  3. I haven’t tried wipes in a while. The last ones I tried I didn’t like so I just haven’t been interested in them. Maybe I’ll give these a go next time I see them. I can relate to those times when you’re just too lazy or tired to go through the whole routine.


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