Tommi Sooni: R.I.P.


Post by Portia


Hey APJ Crew,

Recently I grabbed out my bottle of Eau de Tommi Sooni I and was happily spritzing when I thought it was time to revisit the house for the blog. They’re an Aussie crew making lovely vintage inspired fragrances for the modern perfumista and I had been a bit quiet about them, so I went looking and they seem to have disappeared. Gone!

Tommi Sooni: R.I.P.

The only person I ever had contact with from Tommi Sooni was Steven Broadhurst, he was a very pleasant man in my few dealings with him and I really got the feeling that he was 100% devoted to creating a polished, modern, high end independent Australian niche perfumery. The best way I could think of to remember them and their beautiful fragrances was to get all the Tommi Sooni artworks that I could find together and make a post about them, in their own ways as interesting and glorious as the frags.

FragranceX still has Eau de Tommi Sooni I and Jinx for sale AUD$248/100ml

R.I.P. Tommi Sooni, you were too lovely for this world and the air will be a little less fabulously fragrant without you to augment its beauty.
Portia xx







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20 thoughts on “Tommi Sooni: R.I.P.

    • The fragrances are so beautiful Esperanza. I only own bottles of numbers 1 & 2 but tried most. Passarelle & Jinx were on my To Buy List but…..
      Portia xx


  1. Hi gorgeous.
    Hope you are well.
    Such a terrible news.
    They were one of the perfume houses I was keen to find out more….
    Guess it’s not easy to survive when there are more and more perfume launches every year.
    Glad you have some of them.
    XXX… T


  2. I bought the sample pack and loved all their fragrances. I keep feeling that if I’d actually bought FBs of them all, it would have saved the day, as if they were just five bottle sales away from ruin.


  3. I met Steven Broadhurst a few times, and he always struck me as a nice, genuine guy with an interesting vision for an Australian perfume house that showcased the smells of Australia. I recall one day when he walked a few of us around the Burnley gardens enthusing about his favourite botanical fragrances (he’s a horticulturist by training).

    I liked Staven’s choice of name for his company; he named it after his sister’s imaginary friend.

    I bought EdTS I and II. You could definitely smell the quality in these fragrances but, sadly, they were not for me and I sold them on. Starting to regret that now.

    I had heard of TS folding some time back; sorry to see the news confirmed.


    • I wish that I’d known sooner so I could have done something. What a wretched way for such a lovely company and vision to go.
      Portia xx


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