Botanical Postcards from Sydney: Mini Photo Essay


Post by Suzanne R Banks


Sometimes photographing the small beauties around me reminds me to be grateful and helps me enjoy my day. Here are some shots taken as I wandered or around my home.

Botanical Postcards from Sydney

If a picture paints a thousand words ……… I can’t wait til we have smellevsion and scentagram!

chamomile-Suzanne R BanksI’ve got these gorgeous chamomile flowers in a teapot next to my bed – sweet dreams!


Keywords: “cool down: less tension more inspiration, de-stress“

back-lane-roses-Suzanne R BanksLittle roses from my back lane


Keywords: “divine love; self love; self nurturing”

lavender-Suzanne R BanksCaught on camera somewhere in Sydney


Keywords: “solidarity; solid foundations; acceptance; regeneration”

jasmine-Suzanne R BanksDivine jasmine!


Keyword: “sensuality”

basil-Suzanne R Banks.Home grown


Keywords: “clarity; open your mind”

What can you be thankful for? Look around, probably more than you think
Suzanne R Banks


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2 thoughts on “Botanical Postcards from Sydney: Mini Photo Essay

  1. Hey there Suzanne,
    There’s something so outrageously flamboyant about that lavender flower. The colour, the cheeky top tendrils, the whole joy of life.
    I will do my utmost to emulate some of it’s saucy swagger this week.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Portia xx


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