Imagine The Possibilities: Barbie: 2015


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Hey Crew,

Barbie, and its creators Mattel, have often come under criticism for educating young women that the impossible figure is normal. It’s a serious charge and one that our Mum fought by buying us loads of different dolls including the prettier and less formidably and ferociously sexualised Cindy doll, as well as some cheapies that had very nice but homely faces and much more real bodies. We didn’t care, they were all fun and we found them all equally perfect to inhabit our worlds of make believe. We even had some boy dolls, although they didn’t get nearly as much playtime because their day was done in the games when they drove off to work and the ladies could start living their lives.

Imagine The Possibilities: Barbie: 2015

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Today I found the new Barbie advertisement and my Mum would have been 100% behind this ad, though I can hear the cynic in her asking if the body had become more realistic and if the barbie had been given Doctor, Lawyer, Scientist, Astronaut, Park Ranger or Engineering outfits in 2015?

This is a small step but a significant one. I hope you enjoy the ad, it makes me want to buy a Barbie for every child I know. Again I hear my Mum saying that the marketing team has done their job well. Yes they have Mum, BRAVO.

Portia xxx

Imagine The Possibilities | Barbie

4 thoughts on “Imagine The Possibilities: Barbie: 2015

  1. That is a wonderful advertisement. I have a little one who amazes me with her imagination. My mom sent me an article about all kinds of educational toys, which are fine, but there’s nothing as magical as watching the imagination of children at work.


    • 100% Lizbee,
      The amazing stories we used to enact with dolls is still a wonderment to me. Life without boundaries.
      Portia xx


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