Apollo Hyacinth by Alberto Morillas for Eric Buterbaugh Florals 2015


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Hi there Fragrant Family,

There are some perfumers whose name will make me prick up my nose in anticipation. A name that I know, though usually cannot pinpoint what it is they did that I love. Alberto Morillas is one such, he has done some of my all time favourite fragrances and a slew of my mates signatures through the years. Let’s talk Byzance by Rochas, M7 by YSL, Mugler Cologne, Kenzo Flower, BVLGARI BLV Pour Homme, BVLGARI Man, Lanvin Oxygene and the original Salvador Dali. These are just my favourites from the plethora of major blockbusters and some very good, well created flops and some absolute shite that I wouldn’t clean my driveway with.

Apollo Hyacinth by Eric Buterbaugh Florals 2015

Apollo Hyacinth by Alberto Morillas

Apollo Hyacinth Eric Buterbaugh Florals FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Neroli, pear, galbanum
Heart: Hyacinth, lily of the valley, angelica
Base: Haitian vetiver, oakmoss, cedar

Apollo Hyacinth opens with unruffled calm. Natural fresh cut fruit sweet and the pear smells cool, ripe and juicy: there’s even a hint of the dry and tarter skin. Galbanum smooths the opening giving green resinous porcelain, breath steals in and suddenly the sweetness becomes a litle candied.

Our heart has arrived and it’s a bouquet, fresh, green and stark. An angular, other worldly bouquet that says broken twig, lichen, moss and the gel like sap of aloe vera. There is peace and calm in Apollo Hyacinth, a breath of fresh air and a humid hothouse in the cool of evening. The energy of healthy soil and growing plants. The angelica adds a wild waywardness that the other flowers never possess, it’s enchanting, riveting. Like hyacinth is all grown and ready to rock.

Apollo Hyacinth Eric Buterbaugh Florals

Lasting power is unbelievable, though after 4 hours you have to be close to notice. Next day, 20+ hours later I can still smell the tiniest trace of sweet oily green that is only smellable with my nose against my arm. If it was a sexual tryst though whoever my lucky partner was would be getting a waft from me that is freaking gorgeous, I’m me and I want to root me.

Apollo Hyacinth is 100% unisex, a beautiful, billowing cloud of fresh green and white flowers. I cannot think of a place where you would feel mismatched were you lucky enough to own this glamour frag. SERIOUSLY WANT!!

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Eric Buterbaugh Florals has EdP $300/100ml
Surrender To Chance has samples from $5/.5ml

Aren’t the bottles stellar? How lavish. Do you want one yet?
Portia xx

15 thoughts on “Apollo Hyacinth by Alberto Morillas for Eric Buterbaugh Florals 2015

  1. Hey there Portia! Wow you had me on the perfume and then there is the stunning bottle! I am afraid to try it as the money tree needs a monsoon to come alive. Ha! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Sandra xo


    • Wishing you a money monsoon ASAP then Sandra. I could imagine you swanning around Austria in the snow wearing this very easily, all rugged up but smelling like a florists fridge. YUMMY!
      Having an excellent weekend thanks, hopefully yours is good too. Hug Sean from me please.
      Portia xx


  2. This is so far the only EB that I’ve tried, although I would love to try them all. (Are you kidding me? They’re all florals. Of course I want to try them all.)

    It really is lovely. Just a burst of cool, sweet, floral air – and even on my scent-eating skin, it lasts and lasts. Gorgeous stuff.


    • Hey there gorgeous! What a lovely surprise.
      Yes, from what I know of your taste I could imagine you floating through a day, high on Apollo Hyacinth.
      BTW I have a vintish bottle of Le Temps d’une Fête by Nicolai and every time I wear it you are my first thought.
      Portia xxx


    • HA HA HA! Yes, the aesthetic is VERY you. I think you may even approve of the fragrance Val. As smooth as a CHANEL but with more ooooomph!
      Portia xx


  3. Wonderful review P. The whole collection is just like walking into a florist shop. So real in their presentation when they go on. The tuberose is my favorite in the line. Thanks so much for the link love too! xoxoxoxo


    • Ah, what a shame Fazal, I like feminine scents on masculine men. There was a guy walking down the street a couple of months ago, very conservatively dressed older gent, pumping out some sparkling tuberose, HEAVENLY!
      Portia xxx


  4. Hi, I would really love to buy some of the little 5ml samples. The full size bottles are SO expensive with our poor exchange rate and it is too risky and expensive a mistake to make, to just take a chance on either a single bottle or the set of 7. Could you please help me out? I am also looking for a rhubarb perfume if you can recommend any from any other brand? Thanks so much.


    • Sure Aleta,
      You can buy samples at Surrender To Chance.
      The new Hermès Rhubarb is getting good reviews.
      Portia x


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