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Hello you wonderful people! My, don’t you smell amazing today. 🙂

Not to brag, but I smell pretty gorgeous myself right now, and it’s all thanks to my evil enabler friend Kelly. She let me in on a secret, whispering about a little unassuming potion that delivers a breathtaking experience – for less than $10. Tonight, I am luxuriating in a the shockingly lovely glow of:

India Temple Oil by Song of India

India Temple Oil by Song of India AmazongPhoto Stolen Amazon

My expectations were completely blown away when I first inhaled this complex beauty. I haven’t found official notes online for India Temple Oil, so I can only share my wild guesses as to what I have fallen in love with. (Many have told me that it smells exactly like the incense of the same name, so joy of joys, I have even more shopping to do now.)

An initial blossoming rose gives way to a pleasing jasmine bouquet. Jasmine and champaca balance on a fulcrum between round humidity and knife-edged intrigue. Citrusy bergamot lifts the aroma, while a touch of vetiver lends a crisp yet almost smoky accent. Smoothly mellow at the base, familiar sandalwood hums with a hint of oudh.

India Temple Oil by Song of India A_hindu_temple_tower WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

This captivating poetry comes boxed in an 8 mL rollerbottle. I especially appreciate how the bottle arrives with a plastic cork, and the rollerball separate. As convenient as they are, rollerbottles have a tendency to leak (especially when exposed to varying pressures during shipping). Securing the bottle with a stopper is a thoughtful detail, and ensures that the precious liquid arrives intact after its journeys.

It’s not easy to find something so special at such an affordable price point. This is truly a diamond in the rough, and a really low-risk blind buy.

India Temple Oil by Song of IndiaPhoto Donated Erica

Amazon has $8.84/8ml

Do you have this little delight tucked into your collection? What is your favorite inexpensive perfumed pleasure?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
Fragrant hugs,

5 thoughts on “India Temple Oil by Song of India

  1. I love the subtitle on the bottle ‘smells just like temples in India’…
    Probably delicious then!
    My cheapies are Pacifica Spanish Amber and the Sandalwood one. Oh and L’Erbolario Vetiver which doubles as a linen spray. Stock up when in Italy


  2. I love incense and incense scents. I’ll definitely have to give this a try especially as it’s so cheap! Thanks for the review!


  3. My favorite cheapie is M by Mariah Carey, which I learned about through the lovely Tresor. It’s a smoky floral, completely unlike the other sugary stuff in that line. I just ordered Song of India, so I’ll let you know what I think.


  4. Hey there Erica,
    One of my favourite mewmories of India is being in the Hanuman Temple near Karolbagh in Delhi. It’s a 4 story statue of Hanuman with a temple and basement underneath dedicated to him and some other gods. We got up really early one morning on a Tuesday which is Hanuman’s day and went to worship. The priests were so welcoming. They took me on a tour, made me light some candles during the ceremony and the whole room rocked in song, prayers thanking and begging Hanuman.
    I will never forget the smell of incense, people, car exhaust and dank cement. It felt more godly, spiritual and connected than most things I experienced before or after.
    Thanks for reminding me.
    Portia xx


  5. Hi Erica! I was thinking about you just yesterday when I received some (more) stuff from Nocturne Alchemy. After I read your review of it here, I bought Iconic and am completely smitten with it. So of course I just had to keep going, plus their site is so intriguing! Simply navigating through it is like entering a labyrinth and you’ve just gotta calm down and succumb to the journey. There are thrills and spills along the way! Anyway, I honestly think their oils count as cheapies because even an eensy sample will last for a long, long while and will transport you to other realms.
    I’m always commenting hither, thither and yon about Madini’s blends which are cheap,(my favorite is Henna) and I also love Spiritual Sky’s Nag Champa oil which is less head-shoppy and musky than the incense.
    I just bought the Indian Temple oil and am looking forward to trying it. If anything is reminiscent of India, I’m all for it. I recently bought a sample of L’Aromatica’s Kulfi for the same reason. 🙂


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