Pink Marshmallows in the Morning by Banks Botanicals 2014


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Hey there crew,

More than anything I get asked about the Hand Wash in my bathroom. Every time we have visitors at least one of them question the provenance of what I consoder to be the best smelling and most effective Hand Wash in the history of the universe. I love it so much that this December I bought ten of them, two for my home and eight to give as gifts over the festive season.

Pink Marshmallows in the Morning by Banks Botanicals 2014

Pink Marshmallows in the Morning by Suzanne R Banks

Pink Marshmallows in the Morning by Banks Botanicals bathroom

Based on coconut oil and glycerine, 100% natural and as eco-friendly as possible to find, Suzanne adds a dazzling fragrance that is marshmallows and Australian bushlands all rolled into one. The bite & twang of boronia and eucalyptus set in a sweet base that is so unusual that I find it doesn’t really compare with anything concrete but may bear some links with pink marshmallows. Naah, it doesn’t really but when you smell it you’ll understand why it is so named.

One of things I really like about Pink Marshmallows in the Morning is the enormous burst of fragrance as you wash your hands that goes a long way towards masking any unsavoury human de-catering smells. Yet once you leave the bathroom it disappears in a couple of minutes, meaning you won’t compromise your fragrance choice for the day.

Pink Marshmallows in the Morning by Banks Botanicals hand wash

Something else I love is the simple, no nonsense packaging. No boxes, just the recyclable plastic bottle and a pump that screws up. Plastic is so much better in the bathroom where I am often barefoot and the tiles are unforgiving of dropped glass. Also, ALL the ingredients are listed on the side of the container and Suzanne makes sure everything she puts into her products are the most harm free she can find and fair trade.

The price is particularly reasonable too. Normally $25, I got a great discount because I bought 10 bottles at only $20/bottle and I went and picked them up. Because Pink Marshmallows in the Morning is a Hand Wash and not alcohol based fragrance Suzanne can send to the world, but postage from Australia is a bit pricey.

Pink Marshmallows in the Morning from Suzanne R Banks FaceBook. Send Suzanne a message if you’d like to purchase. You won’t regret it.

What is your favourite handwash? Would you try a 100% natural and as eco-friendly as possible hand wash if it smelled amazing and cleaned your hands?
Portia xxx

14 thoughts on “Pink Marshmallows in the Morning by Banks Botanicals 2014

  1. I’m definitely one of those people who’ve commented on this handwash, multiple times! …and after receiving a generous Xmas gift of it, I’m extremely glad I did! đŸ™‚ It is just soooo yummy. Love it.

    I do take time and have a sense of pride with hand wash. Apart from the aforementioned, my other favourites are Aesop “Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash” for the kitchen, and Appelles Apothecary & Lab “Comfrey” hand wash for the bathroom. I also have a stock-standard Imperial Leather “Zen Garden” which is anti-bacterial for the kitchen aswell.

    Thanks for showcasing some of Suzanne’s great work.

    xx Tina G


  2. Thanks for the tip on the Pink M’s Look forward to trying. I noticed on Suzanna’s website that there is an Australian Perfume Expo in April 2016.

    Sounds like it should be on the calender to do list. Perhaps you could give every one a heads up on this and what to expect Portia ?



    • Hey Geo,
      Great to see you.
      There have been a few hints about the Expo here on APJ, the details have only just firmed up so the post has been set for while I’m away. Look out for it.
      Portia xx


    • Hey Geo thanks for noticing the upcoming event. I’m pretty sure Portia and I are planning some great articles leading up to the event so we will keep you posted and would love to see you there! Suzanne


    • No, made in small batches and sold in Australia. I am on my way to Europe next Friday though so if you’d like some I can bring and post for you.
      Portia xx


    • Sorry I’m so late in replying I’ve been crazy busy. Portia will have to scold me for my tardiness. I only hand make small batches and sell locally as Portia mentioned. Thanks so much for your comments. Suzanne


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