Desert Thunderstorm Eau de Parfum by Solstice Scents


Post by Erica Golding


Greetings from the frigid winter tundra!

Yes, I’m exaggerating, but winter is in full force where I live, and the cold bite of the icy wind really slices into the soul. On days where I cringe at the very thought of stepping outside into the sub-zero wasteland, I love to indulge in a perfume that evokes blazing summer heat. With that in mind, today I am reaching for a brand new love, one that reaches into happy memories of dry desert heat and white hot sunlight.

Desert Thunderstorm EdP by Solstice Scents

Desert Thunderstorm Solstice ScentsSolstice Scents

Solstice Scents give these featured accords:
Desert Sage, Pinyon Pine & Resin, Petrichor, Sweetgrass, Creosote Bush, Sand, Ponderosa Pine, Smoke

I recently purchased a sample of the new Desert Thunderstorm EdP from Solstice Scents, giddy with anticipation after having drooled over the preview Angela shared online. When I first tested my sample, I braced myself, feeling like it would either be an epic win or a soul-shattering fail on my skin, and cautiously hoped for the former. Immediately, I plunged into a vision of intensely focused awe, deeply inhaled breaths of gratitude and wonder. I had lofty expectations for this creation, and as it rose from my skin, I felt like I already knew it from a dream. It was exactly what I was hoping for – Angela’s poetic description on her website is exceptionally precise.

The opening is complex, a torrent of notes I can’t truly recognize, and the mysterious symphony is absolutely exhilarating. I sense the humidity of hot stone steaming, slick from the sudden downpour, a cooling mineral note. As the perfume evolves and settles, the botanical elements begin to dominate with elegant simplicity.

desertthunderstorm Solstice ScentsSolstice Scents

The pinyon pine resin is the dominant, mystical note for me. I bought a little pot of pinyon pine balm in Arizona on vacation many years ago, and this distinctive, intoxicating aroma glows within Desert Thunderstorm. The sweetgrass lends just the right velvet-soft balance to the composition. Delicate accents of smoke and sage are barely-there, finishing touches executed with refined grace. I am so deeply moved every time I gift myself with this precious indulgence.

Solstice scents LogoSolstice Scents

Solstice Scents has $85/50ml

What do you wear on a blistering cold winter’s day? Do you have a special Solstice Scents fragrance that warms your heart?

Best wishes to keep you roasty-toasty and finely fragranced, my friends!


13 thoughts on “Desert Thunderstorm Eau de Parfum by Solstice Scents

  1. Hey Pretty Lady,
    I think I’ll be wearing Guerlain’s Oriental Brulant as I venture up to the Northern Hemisphere this week, sweet and cosy.
    LOVE being out in the open for thunderstorms in the car or a bus/train/plane. So exhilarating.
    Portia xx


    • What a wonderfully warm choice! I hope it keeps you cozy on your travels dear Portia. Oh how I love thunderstorms too! The intensity and anticipation and raw unbridled energy! xoxo


  2. This sounds like a wonderful voyage, your description is just superb. You have a great way with words, and make me want to try this beauty. Great work Erica, as always. I am transported to the edge of the Grand Canyon as the snow flurries fall and the pinon fires burn in the background softly perfuming the air with wet stones and pinon and ancient chilly feelings.


    • ❤ The pinyon pine note dominates the composition and is the magical note for me, it really sends me back to a very specific moment in time and it was so peaceful and energizing! I hope this scent can evoke something special for you too. It's intense 🙂 xoxo


    • I hope that you take the plunge! I also highly recommend Estate Vanilla, Vanilla Pipe Tobacco, Inquisitor, Manor Fire, and White Feather. Among like 20 more hahaha, I adore Solstice Scents!


    • She has a wide range of awesome scents, my personal favorite are her resinous creations and gourmand delicious blends. Lots of sample goodness to be had! I hope you choose to dive in 🙂 hugs!


    • The main note is the pinyon pine. At the opening there is a symphony of complexity that I can’t really describe, and the wet earth note is like wet stone. This petrichor accord is subtle and fleeting on my skin, but very beautiful to me. The overall fragrance aroma is very evocative and unabashedly intense!


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