Turtle Vetiver Front by Isabelle Doyen for Les Nez 2012


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Hiya Fume Family,

Do you have a few scents that got away. You tried it when it was released, loved it but couldn’t afford it at the time? Or you were going to buy it but something else caught your eye? Or the craving didn’t start till well after your first sniff?

Turtle Vetiver Front by Les Nez 2012

Turtle Vetiver Front by Isabelle Doyen

Turtle Vetiver Front Les Nez FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Vetiver, coconut milk, moss, ambergris

I don’t remember when or how I got this decant. Turtle Vetiver Front was never on my radar and though I’ve loved vetiver as a note and also for its innumerable uses in modern society it’s not a note I pursue. My skin throws much different fragrance to me than what I read about in others reviews too so maybe I was let down in my expectations on first sniffing. Anyway, I dismissed Turtle Vetiver Front on my first round with it.

Turtle Vetiver Front Les Nez Vetiver WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Fast forward a ways to quite recently and I was writing about Vetiver Dance 07 by Tauer Perfumes and trying to see if anything in my history would correlate. Anyway, I came across this decant again and had a little sniff and though it wasn’t what I was looking for at the time the soft focus sweet swamp and light, lilting greenness of Turtle Vetiver Front made me want to come back and wear it again. I wanted to get my thoughts down because this is the last dregs of my decant and there are no bottles to be found. Maybe I’ll buy a decant from Surrender To Chance and get to live it some more.

Imagine vetiver. All the ink, swamp, smoke, dry rasp, oily, grassy, twiggy, metallic and salty aspects. Now take all of these amazing facets and remove the spikes and rough edges, shake to blend and give the wearer little or no hint of notes, create a new scent of them all like looking at the world through a lightly frosty green tinted pair of glasses. The edges are blurred and vegetally sweetened, one spritz and the whole world seems a little cooler and a lot smoother and there is air between the notes, sheer yet fragrant.

As the heart burns away my skin chemistry leaves me with a dry vetiver and a lightly salted breeze over sun warmed skin which dwindles and dwindles without collapsing to fade.

DAMN, I wish I had more of this….

Turtle Vetiver Front Les Nez Green World Alosh Bennett FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

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Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $7/ml

What is one of your lost scents? Which one got away for you?
Portia xxx



5 thoughts on “Turtle Vetiver Front by Isabelle Doyen for Les Nez 2012

  1. I stopped keeping track of all the ones that got away. If its not too terribly late I may try to track down a bottle of something but if it’s going to be an ongoing quest I don’t bother. Usually I can find something else out there that is close enough to make me happy.
    I hope you’re having a good time wherever you are at the moment.


  2. Hello Portia,
    I’ve forgotten the ones that got away – except for this one: A couple of years ago (or so) a reliable on-line discounter had Tom Ford’s Velvet Gardenia 1.7 EdP new in box for around $70 USD. It was available one day and gone the next.
    Happy Trails
    Azar xx


  3. my greatest regret continues to be nearly 1 oz of fath iris gris i lsot in auction for under $100 because i was so short on money at the time i didnt bid high enough 😦 one regret from last year is losing original POAL for around $150 100ml bottle (barely used)


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