Shower Time Fun + Beauty


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So, in the last few years there has been a bit of a move towards products which can be used in the shower in order to save time and make you feel amazing. For me, the verdict is still out on whether they do actually save money or make you feel amazing.

Shower Time Fun + Beauty

Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion Skin Conditioner

First up, Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion. I’ve had this in my shower for about a year. The bottle is massive to start with – and while that might sound great, let me tell you two things. First, massive bottles are difficult to handle with wet shower hands. Second, massive bottles cause massive bruises when you drop them on your feet. (You’re welcome.)

Well, ONCE you’ve managed to dispense some product, then you need to apply and actually it’s not too bad. It has the classic Nivea aroma, which is comforting to me. The product is thick and feels a little waxy as you apply. It’s a very difficult texture to describe – initially you’d not notice anything different to a standard lotion, but if you rub your hands together it feels that you’ve rubbed your hands in lip balm! That said, if you apply as instructed and rinse, basically don’t rub your hands together, it’s not too noticeable.
Once out of the shower your bod is, undeniably, softer and smoother although I did find some parts didn’t sink in as well as I expected.

An hour after the shower and the Nivea scent is gone, which is a bit of shame. However, all that said, I will make more of an effort to use it again and when I run out; I’ll try a different variation. I’ll also look for a pump-action dispenser for my inept hands!

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower

Next up, a newbie in Australia, St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan. At a pretty expensive price point compared to other self-tan products ($40!!) I was expecting good things from this. I ordered on a pre-order and was thrilled when it arrived. I went to use it the first time after the gym in the shower at work one day. I have to get lifts into the basement at work to use the showers, it would appear that the lift destination is actually the Antarctic, it’s freezing!

The instruction for this product is to apply with the shower off and let it sit for three minutes. Let me tell you, three minutes in the cold shower without water is actually eternity. I tried this a few times and I was bargaining with myself on how long I would be able to stand the cold. I have no idea how this is so popular in the UK where it’s freezing!

The product still had that biscuity smell of self-tan and I didn’t really notice a change, I guess because I couldn’t tolerate the wait.
Personally I would prefer to use an out of shower self-tan and tolerate the smell.

I’d love to hear if there are any fans of either product here?

15 thoughts on “Shower Time Fun + Beauty

  1. I haven’t tried either product, but seeing as you mentioned the Nivea in shower lotion, I thought I would add, that I am a big fan of the Lush Body Comditioners, so the same concept. I have the Ro’s Argan (Rose jam scented), Christingle (minty – Christine limited edition) and Yummy Mummy (a gorgeous fruity musky scent – limited edition Mother’s Day 2015). When you first try a product like this it doesn’t feel like much in the shower, then you get out and dry yourself and thats when you get it!


    • Hey Amanda, I went looking for this today, but I must have been in the smallest Lush in the world as couldn’t find any and the SA was busy with other people so I didn’t ask. But it sounds nice and I like to have scent choices, so I’ll go to a bigger store and see if I could find it. thanks for the recommendation 🙂


      • Ro’s Argan should be available. Maybe the store was out of stock that day. It happens with Lush as they try to keep everything fresh.


  2. I haven’t tried any of these types of products. They sound interesting but I can’t help but wonder what they might do to the pipes. Plumbing issues aside, I do like the idea but I have to agree with you that the wait time must be chilly. I often skip putting regular lotion on when I get out of the shower for the same reason. Even if the bathroom isn’t cold it feels cold when you’ve been under hot water.


    • hey Poodle, I never considered the pipes, but that’s actually a really good point… I tend to clean my pipes using a special bathroom pipe cleaner because of hair and shampoo, but this is a whole other game, it’s much more waxy than shampoo. I have promised myself that I’m going to re-test the self tan during the summer when the wait time might be do-able… watch this space!


  3. I would love to find an in-shower body lotion that works well. It’s a great idea but I have yet to find one that works as well as a normal body cream. If anyone knows of any that are exceptional, please let me know.


  4. Hi there AF!
    Just the other day someone told me I shouldn’t apply anything to my body that I wouldn’t put into my mouth! I suppose that eliminates a lot of products including most shower gels 🙂
    Azar xxx


      • Yes, I have wondered what my friend does for soap, although I have heard that some folks use straight olive oil in place of soap. That couldn’t be that great for the plumbing either and might leave one smelling like a salad – or worse! 😉


    • Hmmmmmmmm Azar!! I’m not sure how I feel about this!! Logically, does it make sense? I’m not sure. Even if you take it to this extent, there are things you might use on your skin but not in the same format that you’d eat (put in your mouth) – for example raw oats.

      I guess there are a lot of things that I use that I’m not ready to give up, but I’d definitely not eat them!

      Do you agree with your friend?


  5. Thanks for testing the Nivea. I’ve looked at it often and wondered if it works. One extra objection to large bottles in the shower is that if you have a small family they get used slowly and the bottles get a bit manky. It’s bad enough having to clean the shower, never mind having to wipe slimy bottles. 😦


    • I have very few people using my shower and my bottles seem mostly OK but they sit on the edge of the bath rather than in a shower.

      If anything for me the big bottles mean there is less opportunity to try something new haha!!


  6. Hey there AF Beauty,
    Currently I have generic soft amber B&BW and old Opium body washes in my travel pack and am relying on our hotels shampoos etc, the Hotel du Louvre has Fragonard. Very nice.
    Portia xxx


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