Wild Spruce and Tobacco by Karyn Gold-Rheineke for Pirouette Essentials


Post by Azar


Hello APJ,

Seattle perfumer Karyn Gold-Rheineke brings a wealth of knowledge to her line of botanical fragrances, soaps and lotions. Before launching Pirouette Essentials in 2009 Karyn worked for many years in herbal apothecaries and as a massage therapist. Her knowledge of aromatherapy has been central to the creation of her fragrances.

Pirouette Essentials logoPirouette

All of the Pirouette Essentials are handcrafted products designed “to help balance the body, mind and spirit” and created with the finest pure, botanical essential oils and plant extracts. When I am not feeling 100% my first go-to fragrance is Pirouette Essentials Wild Spruce and Tobacco.

 Wild Spruce and Tobacco by Pirouette Essentials

 Wild Spruce and Tobacco by Karyn Gold-Rheineke

Wild Spruce and Tobacco Pirouette FragranticaFragrantica

Pirouette Essentials gives these featured accords:
Top: Spruce, bergamot, fern
Heart: Spice, smoke, leather
Base: Vetiver, tobacco, roots

In 2014 The Men’s Journal listed Wild Spruce and Tobacco as one of the best scents for men to wear during the winter. On the Pirouette Essentials site Wild Spruce and Tobacco is listed under Men’s Favorites and is even offered as part of a gift set that includes a scent matched shaving soap.

SpruceSet Pirouette EssentialsPirouette $42

As far as I’m concerned this versatile fragrance is a unisex scent for all seasons! In springtime the woody aromatics, green fern and vetiver resonate with new life and growing things. During the summer months Wild Spruce and Tobacco keeps me comfortable with the cooling effects of evergreen trees and the refreshing, astringent qualities of bergamot. The smoky mists of autumn are reflected in the fragrant heart of smoke and leather. The brisk, invigorating winter air and the cozy warmth of the holidays are echoed in the spruce, spice and tobacco. I am amazed how the ambient temperature and humidity change my perception of Wild Spruce and Tobacco from one season to the next.

From Pirouette Essentials: Aromatherapy Blend: Balancing & Spirited: Forest fresh wild spruce with bewitching, deep roots of smoky tobacco, leather and a wink of spice. A wonderfully rich, unisex scent for earth lovers alike

Pirouette Essentials Mini Soap SetsPirouette $12

Pirouette Essentials also offers beautifully packaged lotions and fragrant soaps. My favorites are Karyn’s gift sets of four soap miniatures available in three collections – Botanicals, Earths and Blossoms

Pirouette has Wild Spruce & Tobacco from $7/2ml

When Portia gets home from her holidays we’ll do a draw.

Azar xx

19 thoughts on “Wild Spruce and Tobacco by Karyn Gold-Rheineke for Pirouette Essentials

    • Hi Val,
      Thanks for dropping by! This morning Wild Spruce and Tobacco is mostly spruce and pipe tobacco. It’s about 0 degrees C and sunny. I will probably get more of the spice in WS&T as the day warms up. BTW I’m looking forward to your video 🙂
      Azar xxxx


  1. Azar, this doesn’t sound like my cup of tea so DNEM in the draw. However, not having heard of her I went to her web site and found a couple of others I must try! Thank you for the introduction to this perfume company. It’s always nice to find smaller companies that are doing well.


    • Hi Kandice,
      Yes, it is nice to find a small company whose carefully produced natural products not only smell wonderful but are so beautifully packaged. I really love Karen’s little sample soap sets! Check back in March for the give-away for a set of these sample soaps. They might just be your cup of tea!
      Azar xxxx


      • Kandice,
        It has been awhile since I tried Vanilla Honey Blossom and I just don’t recall it right now. I do remember that Moss Garden is a favorite! I have yet to try the Mosaic fragrance but the notes look fabulous.
        Azar xx


    • Hi Poodle,
      I know this might be stretching it a bit but when I wear this fragrance I am more calm and also more alert (my reflexes are faster too). Is that possible? WS&T is aromatherapy for me!
      Azar xx


  2. Wow this sounds amazing! I also love hearing about new American perfumers (especially ones that are based on the West coast!). I will have to check this out, I can imagine loving it both in perfume and soap format.


    • Hi nemo,
      Karyn makes lovely body lotions too. She offers these in small trial sizes that make perfect partners to the smaller sized soaps. Everything she offers is like a little treasure.
      Azar xx


  3. Thanks for bringing Pirouette to my attention. I’ll put both the sample sets on my wish list and check them out. There are several that sound great.


    • You are welcome, MikasMinion!
      Stay tuned for a big give-away in early March. A set of the small Pirouette soaps will be offered at that time as well as a 5ml travel size of Zoologist Bat and some other goodies. Also, the winners of the White Cattleya draw will be announced in the same post.
      Azar xx


    • Hi Fazal,
      I don’t know who does the graphics (maybe Karyn?). Whoever it is does a wonderful job. I am in love with the little owls on the shaving soap box and I generally don’t go in for such “cute” things.
      Azar xx


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