Guerlain: Rue de Saint Honoré 2016: Photo Essay


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Hey there Guerlainophiles,

The Place Vendome store is closed. Sad but the good news is that they are re-opening there at a smaller venue, work to commence soon.

In the interim Guerlain have opened a lovely new store on the Rue de Saint Honoré. It opened last Thursday! So new there is no name on the front. Jin & I had to follow our noses. Inside the crew were extremely friendly and helpful. Our particular hostess was Coraline and she wanted us to have the ultimate Guerlain experience.

Guerlain: Rue de Saint Honoré 2016

Ostensibly I was going in to gran a Nahema parfum and a bottle of L’Heure de Nuit. It didn’t quite pan out that way because there was NEW STUFF! But I did manage to grab the Nahema parfum, There is a new exclusive and I fell heavily so I swapped out my L’Heure de Nuit for a Promenade des Anglais! Fig, Iris and Citrus over a seemingly marzipan base. Freaking gorgeous!

The real surprise was the new multi coloured glas bottles in the exclusives bee bottles. They are 125ml and you can choose any of the 7 or so colours and put in one of the 18 scents. Once you have made your selection your choice of fragrance s then decanted into your bottle from a large industrial urn, like a 21st century Caron adventure, and packed safely away for traveling. It’s quite the experience. As always, Guerlain delivers a magical and exciting ride.

The choice was interesting and it took me nearly half an hour to finally decide on Cuir Beluga. Here is how our afternoon panned out in pictures. You can only get these bottles at the Rue de Saint Honoré store and they are not sending any. It’s a limited offer so get to paris QUICK!

Portia xx

Guerlain: Rue de Saint Honoré 2016

Photo Essay

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #2

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #1

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #3

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #4

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #5

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #6

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #7

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #8

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #9

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #10

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #11

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #12

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #13

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #14

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #15

Guerlain Rue de Saint Honore 2016 #17

38 thoughts on “Guerlain: Rue de Saint Honoré 2016: Photo Essay

  1. Fabulous to see the pics after hearing the story, Portia. I think you did absolutely the right thing by switching to a Promenade des Anglais. Best to get something you can only buy in Paris.

    Love the green bottle and I am going to give Nahema another go after trying it again on paper at Lila’s. It just seems to go sour on my skin which is such a shame.


    • Hey there Tara,
      Roses can go very nasty if your skin chemistry doesn’t agree. I feel your pain and will keep my fingers crossed.
      See you soon.
      Portia xx


  2. Wowzers! Like an alchemist workshop with glass taps and beakers and those bottles!
    Will they still be doing this next year do you think? Am planning a Paris trip then, but in the meantime thanks for the perfume porn!


    • Hi JackieB,
      It IS like an alchemist workshop.
      Not sure about the numbers of bottles. They were very adamant about limited numbers and it availability only in this one store. I hope that you get one, they’re completely gorgeous.
      Portia xx


  3. I’m glad you picked something more exclusive to buy. I love those colored bottles. It’s too bad they don’t ship them.
    I simply have to ask. So after you drag Jin to all these perfume shops, what are the places he wants to go to?
    It looks like you’re having so much fun.


    • Hey Poodle,
      Jin wants to go somewhere? Are you sure?
      We had been to lunch with one of his mates and her family. Also he got to see the Musee d’Orsay and hang with Neela Vermeire and her husband Tony (his favourite). Afterour Guerlain experience we walked through the Tuilieres (Spelling?) at dusk, very romantic. He also likes to eat.
      We are having fun,
      Portia xx


  4. Sigh…..Thank you for the experience as we ride on your magic carpet of scented dreams. We can’t get to Paris, but we can see you had a wonderful time!


    • JanLast,
      You’re welcome. We are so lucky and it’s nice to share.
      Paris is worth saving for.
      Portia xx


    • Robert,
      The doorman is almost better than the frags. I wish I could have got a shot of his ass, BUBBLE BUTT!
      Portia xx


  5. Goodness me, but I am mighty behind with my news of what Guerlain is doing. I didn’t even know it had a Place Vendome store, never mind that it is closed. I have tended to go to No 68 or bust.

    Then those coloured bottles are quite the bee’s knees! It’s fun to have a bit of scope for customisation. Then I have once sniffed Nahema extrait and it was lovely. It actually came to a pop up shop in Stafford, of all unlikely happenings.

    And I so agree with Jackie B that it looks like an alchemist’s workshop. The gloves just seal the deal. 😉


    • Francesca,
      It felt like we were in a movie. A one off Paris experience that we’ll never forget.
      Portia xx


    • Hey Trung,
      I’m not sure if I can remember them all but:
      Shalimar EdP
      Shalimar Souffle de Parfum
      LPRN Fraiche
      Cruel Gardenia
      Rose Barbare
      Cuir Beluga
      Eau de Cologne
      Cologne Imperial
      Jicky Extrait
      Habit Rouge
      Santal Royal

      And some I forgot.
      Portia xx


      • Hey Portia,

        I was able to found a photo that clearly shows them all but thank you so much for helping!

        May I know how much was it for Cuir Beluga? And I guess the same applies to others from the Art et Matiere line…


        • Hey Trung,
          I’m not positive but I think it was 200+ Euro. They did say the number but I blocked it out.
          Portia xx


  6. Would they mind terribly if one stripped to nothing and rolled around in fragrance while shouting “Vive la France!”? wait, did I say that out loud?


  7. Amazing experience Portia! Those bottles are so gorgeous. And you chose one of my favorite scents. I bet you smell fab in Cuir Beluga. Sandra xo


  8. Is the store that closed the one that has beautiful straw marquetry (in sunburst patterns) on the walls? Hopefully not, since some day I want to see that work in person!


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