Atelier Cologne: Big Fuss About Atelier Cologne!


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Hello APJ gang!

During the windup of last year I popped into Agence de Parfums Head Quarters and found Nick Smart bent over an interestingly archaic looking machine. It was in fact a leather embossing tool and array of cool looking metal fonts that went with. It was the personalizing tool for the Atelier Cologne travel cases I heard were coming into Australia in time for Christmas. Four of the machines will be on circulation in Australia and New Zealand, ongoing, so perhaps you’ll get to go see?! I know Myers Melbourne had an event in December and Sephora have one planned for the early 2016.

I sat down for a demo and had a play with the range, making a few delicious discoveries from the brand I have neglected until the recent renaissance Down Under! A curious creature, I sniffed about until I had a good overview and here are some snippets I learnt about Atelier Cologne

Atelier Cologne: Big Fuss About Atelier Cologne!

The brand started in 2009 aiming to be the first fragrance house to exclusively “deal” in cologne. However owners Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel pushed boundaries and have given the classic cologne a big squeeze (get it??), inventing the Cologne Absolue…designed not to disappear but evolve on the skin.

The formula? Take an overdose of traditional citrus notes for transparency, add to these additional raw materials for depth and richness then add a high percentage of this “juice” (15-20%) to the base! The result should be longer lasting power out of cologne style fragrances.

So have they managed it?

My instant eyebrow raises went to:

Blanche Immortelle Atelier Cologne FragranticaFragrantica

Blanche Immortelle was an instant knockout. Packaged in a metallic bottle, smelling unique, heavy and beautiful. Australian sandalwood, immortelle absolute, jasmine, rose, patchouli and vetiver give great velvety depth and impact. Orange, mimosa, mandarin and bergamot add sparkle. For development on skin this is just WOW. Quite a beautiful, intimate journey. I will buy a bottle of this as autumn kicks in.

Trefle Pur Atelier Cologne FragranticaFragrantica

Trefle Pur – I JUST LOVE IT. Listed as bitter orange, violet leaves and patchouli I also get a fig and freshly GREEN cut wet grass, moss, patchouli and basil. So so very green and cooling. I feel like a frog hiding under rainforest canopy!

Bois Blonds  FragranticaFragrantica

Bois Blonds – Light, crisp, musky-wood and citrusy white floral blend. It was my final pick to go in my personalized case. Orange blossom for me is always my “happy place”. Combined with jasmine, amber, musk, bergamot, lemon and neroli, it’s an easy to wear, portable fragrance for the upcoming heat of summer. I want to layer this with other fragrances in the day as a “top up” and it will live in my handbag. Not sweet, but CRISP. Perfect.

How cute that Atelier Cologne invites wearers to create their own signature spray bottle by engraving a 30ml leather case for free, to complement any purchase of a full sized bottle! Do you have a stockest near you? Which of the range have you tried? Which were your favourites?

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I look forwards to hearing!

Ainslie X

8 thoughts on “Atelier Cologne: Big Fuss About Atelier Cologne!

  1. Hi Ainslie,
    At last – cologne formula that lasts. And the engraved leather case seems so cool. I have tried a few Atelier but not the three you review above. Your descriptions of these fragrances are so tempting!
    Azar xx


    • Hi Azar,

      Thankyou for your comment and yes they are very much worth a try, I’m afraid!! You may find the smaller tins of I think 5 sprays available in 7.5ml -sort of like a sampler…then you can play with layering them too! Enjoy x


  2. I love Jasmin Angelique – and I’m clearly going to have to try the Bois Blonde again. Sephora in the U.S. carries a limited line of Atelier scents – I have a roll-on of Sud Magnolia (which is also rose-y if you ask me) and it’s very nice.


  3. I like Atelier Cologne but have never bought a full bottle so far. Although their colognes are supposed to last longer, my experience with everything I’ve tried so far was different. Ok, maybe it depends on the amount of the cologne. I’ve tried only the dab-on samples. I enjoy their orange based scents like Orange Sanguine and Grand Neroli and their special Metal range. Rendez-Vous is the best of all, but it’s also rather pricey.


    • They are a great choice for summer here in Australia. That is why the travel bottle is appealing to me as a “refresher” in the day. Next time you are in a store with testers try a few good sprays and I am sure you will have a totally different experience than dabbing. (alternatively transfer your leftovers from your dabbers into atomisers and you are bound to have a better experience) Let me know how it goes 😀


  4. Hey there Ainslie,
    Sorry to be late to the party.
    Not sure why but having liked a few of the Atelier Colognes I still haven’t put any money down for a bottle. No idea why
    Rose Anonym is my favourite so far.
    Portia xx


    • Hmmm I wonder why? You might need some of the tins of multiple bottles as I know you’d enjoy playing with layering. Rose Anonym is lovely, deep and sweet if I remember? xx


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