Lunarii: New Australian Natural Perfume


Post by Anne-Marie


Lunarii is an Australian company which creates all-natural fragrances. The company sent APJ some fragrances for consideration, and I’m reviewing two for today’s post.

Lunarii Natural Fragrances

Lunarii: New Australian Natural Perfume

queen of hearts Lunarii Natural FragrancesLunarii

Queen of Hearts by Lunarii

Lunarii gives these featured accords:
Rose Otto, Rose Damascena, Rose Maroc, violet leaf, spikenard, clary sage, musk.

Described as a ‘Euphoric unfurling of a rose-laden carpet into the sky’. The fragrance opens with a sudden whoosh, an ‘unfurling’, of very vivid rose notes. There is not a lot of sweetness; rather, the effect is peppery and a little raspy. If it is a little harsh at this point, it softens as it develops. Incense is not given as a note; on my first wearing of Queen of Hearts I smelled it distinctly, but in subsequent wearings not so much. Never mind. For me, Queen of Hearts resolves into a clean, serene rose incense (-like) fragrance. It is aimed at a ‘woman of any age’, but to me it is quite unisex.

summer Lunarii Natural FragrancesLunarii


Lunarii gives these featured accords:
Frangipani, Tolu balsam, vanilla, lemon-butter

Summer caught my eye because I love the idea of gardens bright with sunshine and flowers, shaded with trees and murmuring fountains. The fragrance is described as ‘A warm summer’s breeze. Youthful and delicate’. The opening gives me a strange, earthy, almost muddy effect for a minute or so, as if I’m getting earth and roots before leaves and sunshine. As time passes, bright florals and a feeling of freshness and ease emerge. I really can see myself reclining under a shady tree sipping a glass of lemonade, and with nothing to do but read or snooze or watch the pattern of leaves against the sky. However, to my nose the muddiness of the opening leaves a trace throughout that makes the fragrance not as enjoyable as I had hoped.

Queen of Hearts and Summer are quite different, but I’ve enjoyed reviewing them together. Pursuing an Alice and Wonderland theme, Queen of Hearts is like the dim, cool hall in which Alice finds herself after she has fallen down the rabbit hole, and Summer is the garden she sees through the little door, and which she eventually finds.

Sillage and longevity are moderate in both fragrances.

Lunarii’s perfumer is Jason, a Sydney-based healer, artist and scientist with an interest in alchemy. His disillusionment with big-brand fragrances led to the launch of Lunarii, late in 2015. There are seven fragrances in the line-up so far, and there is a range of sample and gift sets available.

Have you tried any Lunarii fragrances? Do you have any favourite natural brands?

8 thoughts on “Lunarii: New Australian Natural Perfume

  1. Hi Anne Maire,
    These look LOVELY, unfortunately Lunaria doesn’t ship to the USA! Sigh. We do have plenty of natural perfumer’s in the US, though, especially here on the west coast. A few of my favorites are Roxanna Villa’s Illuminated Perfumes, Catamara Rosarium’s magical Rosarium Blends, Kenneth Cory’s On The Nose fragrances, Karyn Gold Reineke’s Piroutte Essentials and Marcus McCoy’s House of Orpheus. Ellen Covey at Olympic Orchids also has four all natural fragrances in her line-up.
    Azar xx


    • Yes, what you get with these brands is localism, and that can in some ways be a relief in the globalised world we live in. I have tried Olympic Orchids though. A Midsummer Day’s Dream was my fave.


      • Anne Marie,
        Mid Summer Day’s Dream is still a favorite of mine. I was surprised when MSDD was re-named “Elektra”. My associations with the word Elektra (with a “k”) have too much to do with Richard Strauss’ gruesome, weird opera Elektra. Some call it the bloodiest opera in history. I can’t make the connection between a Midsummer Day’s Dream and and Elektra’s murderous family (based on the greek tragedy). Even though I still love MSDD (AKA Elektra) I have a hard time using it because of the new name. Silly? The power of association?
        Azar xx


  2. How odd! I did not know about the name change. How can ‘notes of black currant, figs, and green fig leaves [over] an amber base’ be associated with Elektra?? That is very off-putting. Association is a big deal in perfumery because the stuff is basically intangible. Grrr …


    • Hi again Anne Marie,
      I’ve been pondering this and finally found the connection. It is more likely that MSDD was renamed Elektra for the oceanid nymph in greek mythology, the name evidently pre-dating Sophocles tragedy. The word itself meaning “shining, amber colored”. In which case Elektra would be a perfect name…however the power of cultural association is so strong for me that the opera and/or the greek tragedy always come to mind when I hear Elektra. There is another, more contemporary reference that I don’t relate to at all. These days Elektra is a strong wonder-women type character in marvel comics!
      Azar xx


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