Venice 2016: Photo Essay


Post by Portia


Venice! One of my favourite cities in the world. In 2016 we were sensible enough to have 2 of our girlfriends with us, Anna-Maria and Tara. Jin was under the weather and spent quite a bit of time sick in bed. The girls & I managed to squeeze in SO MUCH of the touristy stuff and also some Venetian secrets. Weirdly I was so busy that I took hardly any scenery shots, sorry. It was super fun and it made me love Venice even more…

Venice 2016: Photo Essay

Venice'16 #6We are ARRIVED!! Hello Venice

Venice'16 #2Jin has a fave restaurant. we had to eat there on our first night. It was delicious.

Venice'16 #3In the VERY squishy lift at our hotel

Venice'16 #4Hotel bathroom products. POSH!

Venice'16 #5St Marks Square in the Doge’s palace colonnades


Venice'16 #7As evening falls we make our way to a cafe.

Venice'16 #8

Venice'16 #10

Venice'16 #11Next day we go sightseeing

Venice'16 #13High Tea in a swanky hotel. Thanks Anna Maria

Venice'16 #14Doge’s Palace Tour

Venice'16 #15Iconography

Venice'16 #16

Venice'16 #17

Venice'16 #18

Venice'16 #19St Marks Square

Venice'16 #20Water Bus

Venice'16 #21Dinner on the canal in the shadow of the Ponte de Rialto

Venice'16 #22On Murano Island. St Tara of the tired legs

Venice'16 #23Buying Murano Glassware

Venice'16 #24

Venice'16 #25Visiting Peggy Guggenheim. Managed to make all of us look shit in this shot except Jin,
who was sick as a dog and really did look like shit.

Venice'16 #26

Venice'16 #27Harry’s Bar, where the cool kids go. We sat at the bar and weere entertained by the barman


Venice'16 #32Tara leaving us.

Venice'16 #28YAY!

Venice'16 #30Realising that we missed Tara after 5 minutes and had nothing nice to say to each other

Venice'16 #29Even Venice was beautifully sad she had gone

Venice'16 #31On our way to Florence!

32 thoughts on “Venice 2016: Photo Essay

  1. Oh tee hee saying goodbye to Tara! You guys are wags!
    I love Venice and cried when I first saw it rising out of the horizon, everything I had hoped and dreamed.
    Did you find the perfumery lady with the caramel teeth?


    • Weirdly, as we are all perfumistas, this time around we did not do fragrance at all. It was all about seeing the sights and being tourists.
      Sorry JackieB.
      Yes, I totally get how overcome you were. It’s a fantasy city. One day I’d like to spend 6 months there.
      Portia xxx


  2. I don’t have the words for how much I love this, Portia. So many great pics I haven’t seen before, including the lift selfie and me leaving! Too brilliant.

    Thanks for the memories!


  3. Oh how good was Venice! We squeezed in so much sightseeing, the people made it so special, Tara Jin and Portia xo?❤️?❤️


    • Anna Maria,
      What about lighting candles at the St Mark’s Basilica, and seeing the Golden Saints behind the altar?
      I was going to put the photo of you with the Guggenheim Horse & Man but thought I’d spare you the indignity. Ha Ha Ha!
      How cool was drinking Bellinis in the bar where they were first made?
      Amazing trip.
      Portia xx


  4. Such an amazing trip. Good for you. (Meanwhile, I don’t have my glasses on and thought that Etro label read “Regrettable soap.”)


    • Hi there meganinsaintemaxime,
      None of us wanted it to end but all good things must. It will be there to see again.
      Portia xx


  5. Ah, what a fun trip this must have been. I especially love the photo where you managed to make everyone look like shit except for Jin, who was sick as a dog. Personally I think you all look fine, but your commentary was brilliant. 🙂


    • Hey Sun Mi,
      It was so much fun. We really did a fortnights worth of sight seeing in three days. Every moment was Go Go Go. At the end of each day we all fell into our beds exhausted.
      Portia xx


  6. Wow! What gorgeous memories of beautiful friends together in a stunning backdrop. I love your photo essays Portia. Sandra xoxo


  7. The perfect way to come up for air after a hard week – I laughed out loud at the comment about Jin really looking shit, haha, and love Tara’s expression in the car – reminds me of ex-Mr Bonkers’ special ‘sad face’ when his glass of wine had mysteriously ‘evaporated’. It was great to see so many new pictures – you guys are true masters of the selfie, as you are invariably all present and correct, and not unduly blurry. Flattered to see the beanie I now realise I made 😉 feature in so many snaps of Tara, and am studying your own capsule wardrobe of caps with a keen interest.


    • Hey Vanessa,
      Poor Jin. It was a real ordeal for him to be unwell on holiday.
      Tara was hilarious and excellent company. She and Anna Maria hit it off completely and had a wonderful time together some evenings when I went to hang with Jin. They’d go off and find gelato or booze.
      The beanie, yes Tara wore hers with such pride and we all got a bit jealous. So lovely.
      Portia xx


    • YAY! Glad to give you a chuckle Musette. Venice is amazing. One day we’ll spend some real time there.
      Portia xx


  8. Wonderful wonderful photo essay gorgeous (poor Jin though)
    I’m so glad you saw Peggy’s place and her art collection as it was one of my highlights when I was there back in 99.
    XXX… T


    • Hey Tim,
      It’s a must do. Same pics but every time I get something different from the place.
      Except, EVERY time I get in trouble for blowing the Calder mobiles. He He he. They are made to move.
      Portia xx


  9. Portia your photo posts always make me smile. The good vibes are absolutely contagious. I’m desperate that I couldn’t have made it to Rovinj this time. Waaaaah….


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