Colony by Henri Almeras for Jean Patou 1938 + GIVEAWAY


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Hey Hey Vintage Vamps,

Looking through my older decants and I found a large vintage Colony EdT decant. I must have bought it 5-10 years ago and it is still in pristine condition; no evaporation or darkening of colour. So clealy I’m not wearing it so I thought lets share the love.

Colony by Jean Patou 1938

Colony by Henri Almeras

Colony Jean Patou FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Pineapple, ylang-ylang
Heart: Carnation, iris, oak, vetiver, opoponax
Base: Leather, musk

Colony opens like pineapple jelly with ice cream. It’s fun and silly and a little over the top. This glorious, fun-filled opening is just for the wearer though because before long Colony morphs into a different beast altogether. A rubbery, resinous, slightly powdery and dry leather. It’s beautiful and strange, the pineapple peeping out from between the other notes furtively for a while and gradually disappearing altogether leaving a clean, supple, fully finished and favourite handbag smell. I can think of no fitting place to wear Colony except in my own home so I can enjoy the ride. It’s strangeness is beautiful but you have to be fully present to enjoy its changes, otherwise it’s very easy to dismiss it as less than it is.

Colony Jean Patou Decaying French Villa in Phnom Penh, Cambodia FlickrFlickr

Click on the links below to find out more about Patou’s Colony. It seems silly for me to go over the story of its creation when it has been so beautifully covered before.

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eBay sometimes has older vintage bottles that go for astronomical prices
A fully new version was released in 2014 but I can’t find it

Giveaway myprettypaintsmyprettypaints

Colony by Jean Patou GIVEAWAY


This week we will have 2 winners who will receive:
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14 thoughts on “Colony by Henri Almeras for Jean Patou 1938 + GIVEAWAY

  1. Where would I wear Colony? Ideally on the set of a movie based in the era of the late 30s. Casablanca or Out of Africa. That doesn’t happen a lot, but I’d still like to have a sniff. 😀 Follow by email!


  2. Mmm.. I would wear this to a pineapple plantation in the Caribbean. There would be a large colonial house and underneath the colonial house in the cellar are large old oak barrels storing rum. There would be a library within the colonial house that have a many leather books.. Outside the library room by the French doors leading to the verander you could smell wafts of ylang ylang and carnation from the garden.. But the leather scent from the books lingers in the air in a gentle yet dominant way..

    I’m short.. I would wear it in colonial
    House in the Caribbean 🙂

    I’m so curious what this actually smells like now. I’ve never heard of this perfume until now.

    I follow by email, twitter and FB I think.


  3. Hi Portia,
    DNEM as I have a large, basically untouched decant of Colony around here too. I dismissed this one after only a couple of hits. I tend to reject a lot of frags on first sniff. Thanks for this post. I will wear Colony to the grocery store and pretend I’m in Pnom Pehn per the photo above or maybe Nassau. 🙂
    Azar xx


  4. I don’t tan anymore, but I’d wear Colony to the beach, under a substantial umbrella. It sounds like a good outdoor frag. Follow by email, and love the fact that you introduce us to the vintage curiosities!


  5. Hello! I follow by email. This scent would be perfect to wear on my beach vacation in June! ⚓️??????????☀️???⛵️ Thanks for the opportunity!


  6. I follow by email and I would wear it in Spain – With skirt, fan and shawl, small tapas bars I trawl. Enjoying the history, architecture and art, a dream comes true for this gypsy at heart.
    JP would be perfect for Spain.


  7. OMG, a vintage beauty I haven’t heard of! I’d wear it while I’m dancing tango with a sensual male of my dreams…
    I follow APJ by email.


  8. Following by email. I’d wear Colony while sitting in a French cafe here in rainy Vancouver with the whiffs of pineapple telling me it will get dry and warm, and the leather drydown reminding me how much I enjoy the scent of leather bags.

    PS: catching up on your travel posts. How could anyone not crush on Pierre Guillaume?


  9. Please don’t enter me since I already have colony. But I still have not worn it yet and I guess I need to wear it for the first time one of these days.


  10. Pineapple and leather??? Yes please! I would LOVE to try this. I think I would really be tempted to wear it to work, just to see if anyone says anything 🙂 I follow by email, thanks so much!


  11. I’d wear Colony down at St Kilda beach, sort of squint my eyes a little bit, and pretend I’m in the Bahamas!

    Thanks for the draw, Portia; I follow by email.


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