Beauty Surprises: Finding The Good Shit!


Post by AF Beauty


Beauty Surprises

Almond Shower Oil  LOccitaneL’Occitane

I had been reading online about the shower oil from L’Occitane, so on my recent shopping trip I popped in store and had a look at the oil with a plan to purchase. When I arrived and checked out the oil, first there was a sharp intake of breath at the price and then a furrowed brow at the packaging.

The oil was in a container with a press lid, that looks like this. I wasn’t impressed, so much so that I didn’t make the purchase. These sorts of lids make product dispensing almost impossible and if I dropped the bottle in the shower it would surely spill oil everywhere and I would likely slip and die, only to be eaten by the cat. Death in mind, I moved on.

Finding The Good Shit!

Shea Fabulous Oil LOccitaneL’Occitane

However, I had the idea of oil in my head, so I carried on looking around and found this body oil, aptly named Shea Fabulous Oil. Here, breath intake was even sharper for this costs an eye watering $45. But for me, so far, it is worth every cent. The oil is designed for use on hair and body, I’ve not used it on my hair, but my body has had a good lathering. My usually flakey and scaley legs have been transformed. For the first time in a long time, I have legs that look like they belong on my body and aren’t some lost limbs of an aged dinosaur.

Garnier Ulimate Beauty Oil  PricelinePriceline

I have been raving about this oil, mostly to myself, for the last couple of weeks, but I wasn’t necessarily convinced that *this* particular oil was that special, (hi, my name is AF Beauty and I’m a cynic.) so I went off and found a cheaper option and found this Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil costing $12. At face value, this oil isn’t too bad. It promises to be a dry oil, not affect your clothes and to moisturise the skin. I used this after the gym for the first time and it was good. It is light and my skin did feel smooth after using it. As I’ve been using the Shea oil for a few weeks already, I can’t say at this point whether it would have had the same long term effect – I will have to wait until the Shea is all used to answer that. *BUT* I did notice, that despite saying it was a dry oil, the Garnier oil did linger on the skin a bit too much, to the point where I couldn’t cross my legs without them feeling very greasy – a feeling I don’t get from the shea oil and it’s a horrible feeling.

I really can’t recommend the L’Occitane Shea Fabulous Oil enough, it is truly a surprise find for me that has been well worth the cost. One of my favourite things about beauty products is finding that one that surprises and delivers more than you ever expected, it is an unusual treat.

What products have you found that have surprised and delighted?

23 thoughts on “Beauty Surprises: Finding The Good Shit!

  1. Darling, I have been using Pure Fiji nourishing exotic oil for the past 10+ years. Seriously amazing! There are different scents but my favourite is the pineapple and also the milk and honey. You can buy them from various boutiques, just do a quick google search for their stockist. They cost $40 for 236ml. No I’m not a sponsored person thingy, I’ve just been using it since a child, I was lathered in the stuff and now it’s just a staple. I use it as a moisturiser, in the bath, on my hair about washing it etc.
    I must try the L’Occitane one out! I love me some good oils!


  2. Thanks AF for your words. Not so much a share but a comment that I too am fed up with the little flip top dispensing method. So much so that if I a cap is fused to a container such that I cannot unscrew it, the product stays on the shelf. I have arthritis in my hands, and life is too short for swearing in the shower!


    • I am not so brave – and for that much money, I would want to be cautious with application. With the positive comments here, I will definitely try to get a sample – if it is OK, I’ll look at the larger size with (my) preferred packaging.


  3. AF Beauty!! I freaking LOVE the Shea Fabulous Oil. What an excellent product. So delicious.
    Smells like the death of a thousand night blooming flowers.
    And I love those flip top bottles that you don’t like. They are my preferred egress.
    Portia xx


  4. The 500 ml bottle of the Almond shower oil comes in a pump dispenser, which I keep, since L’Occitane offers less expensive, eco-friendly vacuum-packed refills. Need to try the others too!


  5. Oooooh! Thanks for the tip. I love shower oils and use them daily. Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil is great for the skin and smells wonderful too.


  6. My favoritestestest of all time ALL TIME I SAY! is The Alpha Hydroxy cream from Walgreens. I used to buy Benefit’s version (at $30) – then they discontinued for reformulation (it separated somethin’ awful) – the SA told me, sotto voce, to get to Walgreens. For (then) $5 I got a higher ratio of AH in both lotion & cream. 30 yrs later, I have never looked back!

    and…worse than the cat eating your dead body? You are NOT dead. And still the cat eats you.



    • haha lolz at the cat comment!

      Do you have a link to the Alpga Hydroxy cream, I have a friend travelling to the US soon, so I may send a list of requirements with him 🙂


  7. I haven’t tried this oil – but for ME (i’m not sure why this is the case as the almond body oil doesn’t do it) the almond shower gel smells distinctly of wet dog when I am lathering in the shower! So perhaps you saved more than money 🙂


    • Oooooooh, this sounds like a fortuitous outcome, I may see if I can get a sample to check this out – I am also not keen of wet dog aroma!


  8. Back in early 2000’s L’Oreal had an excellent range of best smelling body products that came in green packaging. Their dry oil was divine, nothing came close and of coarse it got discontinued. I do like L’Occitane shower oil and Almond body oil, they smell amazing


    • Hi Kateryna, was that a pale green minty colour packaging? It is one of my pet hates that favourite products get discontinued – I’ve thought of writing a post about that too, but it seems like self torture!


  9. The shower oil is too good to dismiss based on packaging. I prefer the bigger bottle wuth pump dispenser and just decant a little for travel. No sign of wet dog smell in my shower, I switched from another brand with a lot of lanolin in it just for that reason.

    I found the scent of the Shea Fabulous dry oil a little too strong in the end, but I have now tried the cheaper Y. Rocher dry oil, and it leaves a bit too much oil on the skin (the way you describe the Garnier product too), so perhaps I should try again.


    • Hi Ingeborg, I do love the scent of the Shea oil, but being on my legs it is far away not to be overly intrusive! I will try the shower oil, the positive comments here make me think I would be a fool not to. 🙂


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