Hello by Harvey Prince Organics 2014 + GIVEAWAY


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Hey – Howzit, APJ!

I recently stumbled upon the fragrances of Harvey Prince Organics, a perfume house named after two brothers, one who went to Harvard, the other to Princeton (hence Harvey Prince Organics). When I first read about how this house got its name I immediately thought of my Hawaiian friend who tends to flow into pidgin at the drop of a hat. I can just hear her referring to these guys as “high maka-maka” or “ivory league”. Now please excuse my pathetic attempts at pidgin. I don’t mean to talk stink here, perfume pals. A fragrance house can call itself anything it wants to. I have a problem, though, with how Harvey Prince uses the terms “organic” and “natural”. What are the two brothers referring to? What exactly do those words mean – to them?

Harvey Prince Organics

What Does That Mean?

As far as I’m concerned, the term “natural”, in reference to perfume, can suggest just about anything taken or processed from nature – and that covers, well, just about everything. The Harvey Prince tag “Organics” is more problematic and gives the impression that the USDA or some other regulatory agency certifies these fragrances to be organic. Defining “natural” and “organic” in relation to perfume brings to mind yet another difficult word – “is”. Who remembers the famous US politician who just couldn’t figure out what the meaning of “is” was? But I digress. Let me tell you a little bit about one of Harvey Prince Organics’ “natural” fragrances.

Hello-Tall-Harvey Prince OrganicsHarvey Prince Organics

Hello by Harvey Prince Organics 2014

Harvey Prince Organics gives these featured accords:
Meyer Lemon, White Grapefruit, Satsuma Mandarin, Summer Forsythia, Pink Plumeria, Wild Verbena, Tahitian Vanilla, Sensual Musk. Style: Welcoming. Loving. Refreshing…”

Hello is one of the house’s newer frags. The following description is taken directly from the website: “…The world’s a busy place. Let time stand still for a moment and with one spritz taste the sweetness of Meyer lemon in your cold glass of lemonade. Smell the pink plumerias budding and revel in the jubilant tweets of the nearby hummingbird. Before diving back into reality, say “Hello” to your body and soul…

Hello-Tall-Harvey Prince Organics Clovis_Cheminot PixabayPixabay

I was surprised to find that my body and soul actually enjoyed Hello. This perfume is reminiscent of my favorite cheapie, Curve Kicks, minus the effect of the screaming synthetics. It is highly likely that the same synthetics (AKA aroma chemicals) are used in Hello, but with a bit more subtlety and sophistication. The overall impression is that of a well-crafted, light, invigorating lemon/tropical floral combo. I am very fond of several other Harvey Prince fragrances too, including Bailando and Yogini but find their Ageless perfume to be a total scrubber. I have to admit that it is comforting to know that Harvey Prince Organics “…WILL NEVER CONTAIN any harmful chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, sulfates, benzene, GMOs, or triclosan.” HP goes on to describe their products as “karma-free”. What the heck does that mean?

Azar xx

Giveaway myprettypaintsmyprettypaints

Harvey Prince Organics GIVEAWAY


Today we will have one winner who will receive:
1 x 7ml roller-ball of Hello
P&H Worldwide


Yes, you can start following to enter, in fact it’s encouraged. Open to everyone worldwide who follows AustralianPerfumeJunkies via eMail, WordPress, Bloglovin or RSS. Please leave how you follow in the comments to be eligible. I must be able to check that you follow so if you have an email address on your gravatar that’s different to your follow address then please email me (portia underscore turbo @ yahoo dot com dot au) so I know.

You must tell me how you follow APJ


Please tell us if you have ever been put off by the name of a fragrance or the image of a house. Also, have you ever heard of a “karma-free” perfume or experienced Harvey Prince Organics?


Entries Close Thursday 24th March 2016 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winner will be chosen by random.org
The winner will have till Sunday 27th March 2016 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

Spock you latah! In the meantime learn some Hawaiian pidgin here:


34 thoughts on “Hello by Harvey Prince Organics 2014 + GIVEAWAY

  1. I follow via email.

    I have not felt put off by any fragrance names or houses to date. I had never heard of “karma-free” or Harvey Prince prior to this blog post.


    • Hi Gina,
      Since I wrote this post I’ve tried a few more HPO fragrances. For the most part they are all OK to very nice. I wasn’t blown away by anything they offer but I like and would wear several of their fragrances…but…to answer my own question, their marketing REALLY bothers me (in case you hadn’t noticed). They are trying SO hard to appeal to every niche they can imagine. I wonder if it works for them?
      Azar xx


  2. I’ve never heard of this house and haven’t heard of karma-free perfume but I’m thinking it might have something to do with being natural?
    Few things actually put me off fragrances like name or image of house. To me it’s all about the juice. It could be named Plummer for all I care as long as it smelled amazing to me 😀


      • Hi Latai,
        I love the name of your new fragrance! I suppose the “karma free” is in reference to “no animal testing” – but it means something totally impossible to me. I can’t warp (yes warp) my head around it. “Karma Free”? Like dis: No horses were harmed in the making of Blazing Saddles.
        Azar xx


  3. Nobody is karma-free, and it has little to do with our perfumes?.
    I’m put off by the use of the word ” natural” about a perfume because, as you have correctly pointed out, it has no legal meaning and can be applied at the manufacturer’s whim. I seldom bother with anything called “natural” because I assume that some flimflam is involved.
    That said, this one sounds charming.


    • Hi Feral Jasmine,
      “Charming” is a great word to describe Hello, and many of the other HPO fragrances as well – charming but predictable. That being said, I also get the “flimflam” effect from the name and the marketing of Harvey Prince Organics and it annoys me!
      Azar xx


  4. Hmm, I might be put off by a twee name, but I will look twice at something with a really appealing name. It’s a real selling point with me. Sweet Morphine, Moon Dance, What we Do in Paris is Secret…how can I not want to try those? Follow by email!


    • Hey Jaybee!
      The HPO logo – a unicorn pulling a Cinderella pumpkin carriage – is da mos twee I’ve seen in a long time! I’m surprised I ever got past it to try even a tiny sample. For me the association of word or image to scent can be extremely powerful. Like you, I find really interesting names will pull me in, suggesting that a beautiful, new and powerful experience is only a whiff away!
      Azar xx


  5. I follow by email.

    Here comes the rant:
    Harvey Prince only added the word Organics to their name in 2015. They say they created Ageless (in 2010) for their mom. Apparently she wasn’t good enough for Organics.

    I find it annoying that they have jumped on the organics label. I notice on their site that are very clever in not saying their products contain only natural ingredients, but that they contain the best essential oils and no parabens, phlates, etc. Pretty hard to have all natural perfumes that are colourless.

    They do have body products listed too. It’s much easier to create all natural body products than perfume./rant over

    I rarely find a perfume name so bad I wouldn’t use it, but some house names put me off, eg Juliettte Has a Gun. On the other hand I do find their perfume name “Another Oud” very clever.


    • Hi Lindaloo,

      In appreciate your rant. We certainly have the same take here! And you are so right about the colorless thing. That is almost a dead give-away. Everything I’ve tried from HPO is colorless. I noticed on the site that if they do add coloring, the colors are certified to be safe. No mad dog red, I presume? Have you tried any of the HPO fragrances? If so what do you think of them?

      Regarding Juliette Has a Gun…was the name meant to be provocative? No matter, I just find it annoying. Hey, I’m finding lots of things annoying today. I should be happy! It’s No Ruz and Spring has sprung.

      Azar xx


      • Haven’t tried any. I just remember the hoopla around Ageless (which oops was 2008 not 2010).

        I think annoyance is part of being happy — we all like kvetching about something. Enjoy No Ruz!


      • I love it, Lindaloo! “Annoyance is part of being happy.” Brilliant and Thank you! I guess I just didn’t realize I was SO darned happy – and I am! 🙂 Non-stop kvetching and the use of this emoticon are proof of my happiness. 🙂
        Azar xx


  6. Hey Azar!

    Howzit Bra! Sound like Harvey Prince da kine! No ka oi!!!
    Hmmmmm…..I must say, no perfumes come to mind vis a vis ugly bottle. My first thought was the new Moschino in the Windex sprayer bottle, but even that has a certain pop esthetic that (marginally) interests me. I confess to knowing nothing about the Harvey Prince range (the name is a bit twee, don’t you think?) and “karma-free” fragrance?? Really?? Ahhh well…..


    • Hey Brah,
      Harvey Prince is maybe da kine cute, small kine an predictable, maybe, but still OK for everyday. However…Da website choke wid twee! One unicorn an dat cinderella ting…oh dear. Da notion of “karma-free” continues to warp my brain.
      Shoots den!
      Azar xx


  7. Hey there Azar,
    Just heard from Havey Prince and they say Karma Free means they don’t test on animals. Except humans of course; and they are usually willing I reckon.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia,
      I am one of those completely willing human/animal testers, even testing at my own expense! Tonight I tried HPOs Petally Noir and it reminds me just a little bit of one of Ellen’s early discontinued creations, Luzonica, sans the extra dose of pineapple. Animal testing aside, I’m afraid that “karma-free” is an impossibility for any being, human or otherwise, dwelling in this realm of desire 🙂
      Azar xx


  8. I guess “karma-free” means that you won’t acquire bad karma from wearing perfume that has blinded bunnies or something? Huh…

    I’m put off by perfume names I would find it embarrassing to tell people if they complimented my fragrance and wanted to know what I was wearing. For example, EL’s Sensuous Nude…And I was a bit put off, for that reason, by Juliette Has a Gun, but then I fell in love with three of their perfumes and…well, I’ll just have to deal with it.

    I follow APJ via email, usually. Sometimes on Facebook. But mostly email.


    • Yes indeed, maggiecat! Blinding bunnies is a bad thing but does avoiding that evil practice guarantee freedom from karma…? I have no idea, really.

      Regarding perfume names: I’ve never had to tell anyone that I was wearing Sensuous Nude! 🙂 How did you manage it? Was it fun?

      Azar xx


  9. I follow by email. There have been names of fragrances which put me off, especially, it seems, among perfume oils. If I read the description and it sounds ok, well then I just ignore the name. I have no idea what “karma free” means so that wouldn’t be a selling point.


    • Hi Ellen M.,
      The first step to changing a persona is changing the name! I have a CPO that I rather like called Dreams of Romancia. I feel like I should only wear it while reading romance novels 😉 I imagine if I renamed this one I would wear it more often.
      Azar xx


  10. I follow by e-mail 🙂
    I Haven’t experienced Harvey Prince Organics but I have been turned off by an image of a house. So much so on occasion it was enough for me not to enter a draw for the house.


    • Hey Patty Pong,
      Whoever that house was it must have had an extremely serious image problem for you to forego a draw! 🙂 For me I suppose the biggest turn-off is heavy duty pretension and/or purposefully calculated cheap packaging.
      Azar xxx


  11. I think some brands such as Roja Dove do put me off with names with Tutti Fruiti. In terms of names, I like Etat Libre de Orange creativity though they also have their fare share of weird names like Fat Electrician. I follow APJ through email.


    • Hi Fazal!
      Speaking of Fat Electrician…I remember the post that Portia posted some time ago about that one! I meant to try it then but never got around to it (so many perfumes, so little time). With a name like that I just can’t forget about it. Have you tried Fat Electrician? And yes, I agree…the name Tutti Fruiti is just too – what – ?
      Azar xx


  12. I take issue with them calling GMOs “harmful chemicals.” That’s bad science. They are organisms, not chemicals. Very basic definition that they should know – it’s in the name! And secondly, there is no harm if you have an essential oil from a genetically modified plant in a perfume that’s sprayed on your skin. I object to fear-mongering that makes people think that “genetically modified” means some kind of Frankenstein’s Monster. It’s like brands that say their products are “chemical-free.” Err, water is a chemical! More science, less fear!


    • Hi Ruby,

      It seems to me that HPO is just playing the market here. I do like their fragrances but I object to the use of the word “organic” , etc. It can be very misleading. I use vintage fragrances all the time and obviously don’t give a rip if the components are toxic or not! I have been using these toxic vintage favorites for years. Maybe that is why I have had to deal with cancer…but I doubt it! To tell you the truth I am so tired of the fear mongering. Someone – the MAN- wants us to be afraid of everything! The better to sell you, my dear!

      More about HPO: I was trying to figure why I like these fragrances. They remind me very much of the Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxuries Collection but less intense. Small kine version of OdLR.

      Thanks for commenting. Do you want to be in the draw?

      Azar xx


  13. Hi Mom – I follow by email and twitter. First of all… sadly the question “what does that mean” makes me think of the Justin Bieber song “what do you mean”. So now I have that song in my head. Thanks a lot Mom!! And yes… who could ever forget “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is” … ugh. I don’t know a lot about what it means for a perfume to be organic but I do know a little about cosmetic ingredients. With regards to their WILL NEVER CONTAIN list I was surprised to see parabens and sulfates on the list. Are these ingredients that are usually in perfume? I thought these were for shampoos and body wash. Is this like when a cheddar cheese label says its gluten free? But I digress… Have I ever been put off by a name or image of a perfume? I can’t think of a particular example but I’m sure I have. And karma free perfume? Are they implying that if I wear the wrong perfume I’ll comeback as a cockroach? All that being said “Hello” does sound like a fragrance I would like:)!


    • Side note: I just saw Portia’s comment that Karma Free means they don’t test on animals. Keep in mind that just because they don’t test on animals doesn’t mean they don’t buy ingredients from a company that does test on animals. Important note for anyone that is concerned about their cosmetic karma in general.


      • Hi Lauren,

        Thanks for dropping by! As usual, your comments go right to the heart of the matter! Sorry about the song, though…

        Regarding parabens: They have been used in fragrances for years but I believe they are being phased out in the US and may already be gone in the EU.

        I like your side note on the HPO’s “karma-free” policy. HPO has nothing to say about the testing policy of their suppliers. I believe Harvey Prince works with Ungerer and Co., a producer and processor of essential oils and other fragrance materials. I don’t know if this company tests or even needs to test their products on animals.

        Mommy Azar xx and X


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