Top 10 Spring/Autumn Fragrances 2016 Perfume Reviews


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Hello Gorgeous APJ Family,

It’s Top 10 Spring/Autumn Fragrances time again, my favourite seasons are Autumn and Spring, the mid seasons. I love that in both these seasons the weather can be remarkably similar, sunny and warm on one day, freezing or blustery on another, nights are cool to cold and so the overall wearings are quite similar. These fragrances are on my desk and within easy spritz reach and they only stay on the desk while they are getting regular spritz time, if they’ve been sitting there for more than a few days without attention they go back in the cupboard.

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Top 10 Spring/Autumn Fragrances 2016 Perfume Reviews

Liberte*** – Cacharel: A screaming, sizzling, BarBQ’d orange that is so sugary and ends up in a vanilla/patchouli/orange finale. I’ve loved it for years and now that it seems to be discontinued I’ve had to grab a couple of back up bottles, which are being used much faster than expected.

Shalimar EdP*** + Parfum – Guerlain: My old faithful. Shalimar fits every season, every mood and every event. From it’s citrus gelato opening to the resinous, vanilla and leather dry down I love Shalimar through and through. If I had to pick a fragrance to be my one and only Shalimar would be it.

Mitzah** – DIOR Prive: For those cooler nights Mitzah. Sweet, spicy, animal roses that feel like they have a whisper of oud in with the patchouli. Warm and sensual but cool enough to wear all year.

Neroli & Orchidee** – L’Occitane: A great L’Occitane cheap and cheerful fragrance! Spring has definitely sprung. The pithy neroli so green and furry foloowed by a very pretty and slightly breathy bouquet that dries out to soft nutty woods & white musks. This is one of the few in the Collection de Grasse series that is being maintained, PHEW!!

Niki de Saint Phalle**: I can’t stop wearing this glamorous green. Currently the bottle on my desk is a splash one and I like to use the Niki de Saint Phalle Bath Oil while bathing before wearing it. Bright, fun and energetic. Niki de Saint Phalle is take charge with a twinkle in your eye. I think it’s the mint in the opening contrasting with the fruit and galbanum, gets me every time.

Mohur EdP – Neela Vermeire Creations: Mohur is back in the list, I can’t get enough of this lavish rosy kaleidoscope a fragrance. The stunning roses, resins and herbs opening that segues to a spicy bouquet before the sweet vanilla, woods and resins take me to close. AWESOME! I also have the Extrait but the EdP is the one I reach for most.

Shea Fabulous Oil – L’Occitane: If you don’t have this and you like to have smooth, glistening skin and to smell like a tropical island princess then get out of your seat and run to your nearest L’Occitane store. I have never EVER received so many compliment for how good I smell or how soft and gorgeous my skin is. Hot or cold it’s a winner.

Joy EdT + Parfum – Jean Patou: That ridiculous swirl of jasmine, ylang and aldehydes that becomes a rosy, white floral bouquet over sandalwood. Honestly I don’t smell the notes anymore I smell joy. It brings me joy. The vintage EdT is nearly finished and the Parfums get sneaky little swipes or spritzes ; yes there are spray and splash on the desk. Perfect bedtime fragrance.

Truth or Dare – Madonna:  Not long ago I panic bought a bunch of the sets on deep discount because I thought it was the end. So now I can have a bubble bath, moisturise and spritz the EdP to my hearts contentment. I think its the best big white floral of all time, and costs nothing. LOVE IT!

Giverny In Bloom – DSH Perfumes: My 10ml is nearly empty. I think I’m going to have to order 100ml and soon. You have no idea how beautiful Giverny In Bloom is. Both dry and wet, like putting your head in a florists fridge and licking the metal doors. Galbanum rules this baby but Dawn has surrounded her star with beautiful back up dancers.

There are my current mid-season Top 10. They will probably be changed by next week but right now these ten fragrances are getting good skin time and working extremely well in the changeable conditions that the mid-seasons hand us.

What are you wearing right now? Give me a Top 3 if you’ve got one…..

Loads of love to you all, wherever and in what ever weather,
Portia x

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***Third year in the Top 10
**Second year in the Top 10

20 thoughts on “Top 10 Spring/Autumn Fragrances 2016 Perfume Reviews

  1. Right now I have on Epic Woman. It has been so rainy and damp I felt the need for something spicy and exotic. Instant result!
    Yesterday was vintage Eau de Calandre.
    I love the change of seasons!


  2. Hi Portia,
    Everyday my top three seem to change. This morning I am reaching for Bourbon French Voodoo Love, Memoir Woman and and HPO Petally Noir (so different one to another). I’m going to dig up a few from your list and wear those tomorrow, namely Truth or Dare, Niki and Liberte.
    Azar xx


  3. I just finished my Chanel no 5 extrait. I’m wanting to buy some “vintage” off a re-sale site, but it makes me very nervous.


    • Hi Katherine,
      My advice on vintage is treat it like gambling. Only throw away money you can afford to lose. It’s always a maybe, especially with CHANEL No 5, the most copied fragrance on the planet.
      Portia xx


  4. Great choices Portia. I love the change of the seasons. At the moment I am reaching for Mohur EdP, Bombay Bling, Sunshine and Kiki Voiles. Now I really need the sun to come out! Sandra xo


  5. I love top ten lists and yours is very intersting and versatile. What Shalimar is to you (and I completely understand why you love it), is Wrappings from Clinique to me. Unfortunately the vintage stuff is getting very hard to find. It’s my ultimate spring scent. Furthermore I’m wearing Malle’s Dans tes bras and Gucci Rush on cooler days.


    • Hey Neva,
      Has wrappings changed? What a shame. Dans tes bras and Gucci Rush are gorgeous choices.
      Portia xx


  6. Mona Di Orio Ambre..fantastic kick of smokey leather, Reminiscense Vanille, vintage Emeraude, vintage Paloma Picasso and my old love vintage Opium….autumn’s my favourite time of the year here in Oz….thank gawd it’s cooler says my menopause bitch ??


    • Hey Chris Hartnett, great to see you here. Sadly MdOs Ambre lasts about 20 minutes on me. So sad.
      Now Paloma Picasso and Opium, there we snap! YUMMO!
      Portia xx


  7. Now that I know what it actually smells like, Joy is indeed joy (thanks Portia, best hostess ever!)

    Currently into CB I Hate Perfume, so To See a Flower for spring, Burning Leaves for the colder autumn days (not these muggy ones). And Aedes de Venustas’s Iris Nazarena for any kind of day.

    Martina (yes – I’m finally writing!)


    • YAY! So excited to see you here Martina.
      You have very cool taste in fragrance, isn’t Christopher Brosius clever? I love Burning Leaves and Iris Nazarena too.
      Portia xx


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