Jasmin Rouge by Rodrigo Flores-Roux for Tom Ford 2011


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Hi there Frag freaks,

While on holiday Anna-Maria, Val the Cookie Queen, Sandra and I went to Le Parfum, among other stores, but Le Parfum is my favourite by far. The crew are fun and friendly, really knowledgable and can’t wait to help you with your choices. I never feel like I’m a bother, even though I know I can be, and they have an excellent selection including many of my favourite brands. The news of today’s fragrance being discontinued in the store reminded me that I had promised myself a bottle and never gotten around to purchasing….

Le Parfum ViennaLe Parfum

It’s mildly interesting to note that both full bottles I own of Tom Ford fragrances were by Rodrigo Flores-Roux and released in 2011, Neroli Portifino and todays beauty………Jasmin Rouge

Jasmin Rouge by Tom Ford 2011

Jasmin Rouge by Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Jasmin Rouge Tom Ford FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, mandarin, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black & white pepper
Heart: Sambac jasmine, broom, neroli, ylang-ylang, clary sage
Base: Mexican vanilla, labdanum, leather, wood, amber notes

That freaking bottle. It’s so gorgeous and even catching sight of it I’m filled with joy. I grabbed le Parfum’s last two Jasmin Rouge soaps and body lotion, can’t wait to get into them too.

Jasmin Rouge opens like a DIVA! It’s bold, spicy, loud and indolic. Eye rolling and heart flutteringly good. You can tell that the tom Ford crew wanted people to smell it in store and impulse buy it from the majestic and over the top extravaganza it begins with. I get it. It is amazing.

Then after about an hour Jasmin Rouge become a very simple and easy wear creamy woods base. Nothing groundbreaking or sensational. Actually it smells like many other things on the market and hums away quietly for hours at that level. I feel that Jasmin Rouge is made for people with jobs who want to smell amazing all the way to work and good the rest of the day, without setting off alarms in the workplace.

Further reading: Bois de Jasmin and Olfactoria’s Travels
David Jones has $298/50ml + Body Lotion and Soap (FREE Australian Delivery over $100)
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/0.5m

You get a chance to try it for yourself below,
Portia xx

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24 thoughts on “Jasmin Rouge by Rodrigo Flores-Roux for Tom Ford 2011

  1. I love Santal blush!! Surprisingly it was a scent I detested a few years ago but recently stopped by a Tom ford counter and tried it and loved it!
    Follow by email


  2. Years ago I started making soap and potions and wanted to find an amber scent. So my bloodhound husband went online and found Amber Absolute on a decant website. I loved it, and hold him and Tom responsible for my slide into obsession.
    I follow by email.


  3. Jasmin Rouge sounds great Portia. When you say “Jasmin Rouge is made for people with jobs who want to smell amazing all the way to work and good the rest of the day, without setting off alarms in the workplace”, you are describing my ideal fragrance.

    I’ve tried a few Tom Fords, and my favourite would have to be Amber Absolute, although Noir de Noir, Oud Wood, London and a few others are breathing down its neck.

    I follow via email.


  4. Jasmin Rouge, funnily enough. And I totally agree with what you’ve written about it!

    Beware of buying this off ebay, as I learnt. There’s some really good Jasmin Rouge fakes around!



  5. I follow via email.

    The only Tom Fords I have tried are Black Orchid and Violet Blonde from Sephora. I was not crazy about either one; so, I would like to find one that is amazing.


  6. I have tried Soleil Blanc and Black Orchid….I have my eye on Tobacco Vanille too! 🙂

    I follow by email, and I love this blog!


  7. I follow by email and FB – and i have yet to try a Tom Ford – just not got round to it yet. Jasmin Rouge sounds like a scent i would love. thanks for the chance to win.


  8. I love perfumes that last all day. I’ve tried a few of the Tom Fords, they are all beautifully made. Jasmin Rouge sounds great. I follow by email.


  9. There are so many I want to try! Rive d’Ambre for one, and Santal Blush, and Amber Absolute, and Oud Fleur, and all of the private blend collection. Meanwhile, I’ll calm down and would just love to try Jasmin Rouge 🙂 I follow by e-mail!


  10. Please don’t enter me because I think I am going to treat myself to a bottle. I have liked this one in a low-key way for a long time, and the extravagant opening lasts about 30 minutes on me, which is how long it takes me to get to work, so doesn’t it seem meant to be?
    I love Amber Absolute and Noir de Noir, and I seem to remember liking a few of the early dark florals, although I can’t recall them very distinctly. And oh, how I long for a re-release of Velvet Gardenia.
    Miss you folks!


  11. i follow by email and would love to try this one.i am not very familiar with tom ford but black violet sounds interesting and i would like to give the whole jardin noir collection a sniff.


  12. Hi Portia! I follow via email. I haven’t ever bought any TF. They are a little beyond my budget. I would love to try this one though, and if I could buy one it would be the Neroli Portofino. Thanks for the giveaway!


  13. I’ve heard good reviews on Tom Ford’s Black Orchid so I’m excited to try this out.

    Following via email, thank you.


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