Cactus Azul by Julian Badel for Fueguia 1833


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Since writing my article about Fueguia 1833 a fortnight ago, I’ve discovered that their range is even more extensive than their wide fragrance catalogue. A number of “scent identities” have been developed in conjunction with Fueguia 1833 – for example I came across London’s Trunk Clothiers who have two bespoke fragrances – “Linnaeus” and “Endeavour”, and Milan-based designer Marcelo Burlon has a co-branded Fueguia 1833 fragrance for his “County of Milan” line. Fueguia 1833 also provide amenities lines (shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower gel, and room & textile perfume) for a range of luxury hotels around the world.

Today I thought I’d showcase a charming floral which is part of the Destinos collection.

Cactus Azul by Fueguia 1833

Cactus Azul by Julian Badel


Cactus Azul Fueguia 1833 FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Cactus flower
Heart: Cedar
Base: (Nanah) Mint

On first spritz, Cactus Azul gives a big blast of mint which wafts around unapologetically for about 15 minutes. It is fresh and invigorating, with a medium sillage that cuts straight through our lingering summer humidity. “Nanah” mint, aka spearmint, is commonly used in Moroccan tea. It was distinctively a spearmint which I could smell, like those old-school sugared leaf lollies, with a slightly more regular broad leaf mint note behind it.

This then settles into a minty herbal veil over an unusual pink floral note. The floral is all at once soft, watery and pulpy and has a strange way of lingering in my nostrils and back of throat in a ‘taste’ sensation, in a similar way that pepper in fragrance sometimes can. I imagine this is the reported cactus flower centre note from the Fueguia 1833 three-note description. The colours which I see in my head at this stage are like watermelon skin – mottled green, and the light pink of the flesh which is closest to the pith after you’ve taken a bite.

Cactus Azul Fueguia 1833 Watermelons WikiMediaWikiMedia

The floral note starts to deepen and at 1 hour dives in to a peculiar sticky jam. It is sweet but still keeps a damp floral aspect, and my head runs through different options trying to place it. Redcurrent? Strawberry? And I finally settle on what I imagine a homemade jam made of small wild strawberries may taste like. Wild strawberries in Australia are white in the middle, not red, and are only mildly watery/strawberry flavoured.

At 2 hours the fragrance starts to dry out with a peppery wood note coming through, and ‘round the 4 hour mark the fragrance seems fragmented. On some areas of my skin I get a sweetness, like caramel, however in the sillage I can smell something reminiscent of a bitter woody patchouli. I can’t quite work it out so I often respritz at this stage & start all over again.

Cactus Azul Fueguia 1833 dark woods forest PixabayPixabay

First in Fragrance has 230/100ml and Samples

I like the both the uplifting and gentle aspects of this fragrance. It doesn’t have a massive longevity, but it is a joy to wear.

I’m interested to hear – what are your favourite fragrances that include mint?

Tina G xx

11 thoughts on “Cactus Azul by Julian Badel for Fueguia 1833

  1. Hi there Tina,
    I’m so glad you’re highlighting the Fueguia 1833 crew. They seem to be passionate and very competent, their boxes are gorgeous and what I remember of the scents was that they were very wearable but interesting.
    Portia xx


    • Thanks Portia. There are so very few online reviews about their line that I thought it worthwhile putting a few up. Glad you’re enjoying.

      xx Tina


    • Ha! That could be construed as “I don’t like mint”, but I think I know what you mean. As long as it’s well balanced, has a purpose, and doesn’t stand out from the crowd – that kind of thing? The mint in Russian Tea by Masque Milano is like that – enhances not overpowers. Am I on the right track?

      The mint in Cactus Azul is a stand out. Its the first time I’ve come across a specific spearmint note in a frag. Fun.

      xx Tina


  2. Hey Tina!

    I love the watermelon comparison you used here. It really helped me get a handle on this one which sounds unique and well suited to your weather at the moment. I was not expecting the turn into homemade jam territory, I must say.

    I don’t mind mint if it’s the herb rather than spearmint which reminds me too much of toothpaste. There’s a brief but bold mint note in the opening of Russian Tea by Masque Milano.

    Fascinated by your sugared leaf lollies!


    • Hey Tara,

      The jammy note was really interesting – it took me ages to try and work out what exactly it was that I was smelling, familiar but having trouble placing it. Both the watermelon and jam analogies were the closest descriptions I had. Perhaps if I ever smelt the cactus flower itself I’d be able to say, hey, it smells like cactus flower… but how many people would be able to say “Oh Yea” – it is a unique note.

      I believe our spearmint sugar leaf lollies have recently been discontined but I’ll grab a pack if I can to share! They’re a classic.

      xx Tina


  3. Hi Tina,

    This sounds really interesting – I’m intrigued by the cactus flower, but I don’t think mint is something I like in fragrance. I’ve only come across it like once or twice, but it was a bit jarring, even though I really love the smell of mint in real life. I’m curious, and I’d definitely try this if I came across it. I absolutely love the aesthetic of their bottles too. 🙂

    Thanks for the review!!


    • Hi Sun Mi,

      The mint is bold here, but I found it refreshing and interesting. We are also in the tail end of summer so it suits the season too. The cactus flower is unique, they’ve done really well with this fragrance I think.

      The bottles and the boxes are fab, aren’t they? 🙂

      Thanks for dropping in.

      xx Tina G


  4. Hi Tina. Bit late, sorry. There is a mint note in Malle’s Eau de Magnolia. I only notice it when I open my oven door and get a big blast of hot air. Thn the mint is clear. I have done it on a numbe of wearings. It’s interesting what you notice in a blast of heat. It adds something to the perfume as a whole, but I don’t think it is noticeable under normal cicumstances. There again I could be talking utter rubbish. Nevertheless I love EdM. See you soon. xxxx


    • Hey Val, I’m a bit late too… 🙂 I’ve worn EdM but never noticed the mint. Maybe time to revisit my decant. May have also been the time of year I was wearing it, I’m sure it was late Autumn.

      Starting the countdown! See you soon. xx Tina


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