Discontinued Products (or how I hate beauty companies)


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If you live in Australia, you will be used to products appearing in your life and then disappearing, never to be seen again. Mostly though, this happens at the supermarket, yes I’m looking at you Coles and Woolworths. Woolworths recently got me with a double whammy discontinuing both my favourite yoghurt AND my favourite granola within a week of one another. HEARTLESS!!

But for me, the real pain is the discontinuance of beauty products. Chances are, a beauty product will last you weeks or months and you’ll not know a product has been discontinued until you go to repurchase only to find the racks bare and a SA offering you a poor substitute. Woe.
The following products are some that have been discontinued to my dismay – if you see these – BUY IMMEDIATELY because they are amazing ☺

Discontinued Products

(or how I hate beauty companies)


The first, Body Shop Nutriganics Softening Cleansing Gel

This was a beautiful soft gel that softened to an oil, which on contact with water became milky and rinsed away leaving only soft skin. Lovely. I went to buy a few weeks back only to find it gone. I’m sort of heartened that they still have it on the website, if only to say it’s not available – perhaps they will bring it back?

I was persuaded in store to buy this alternative, which I am presently using and will review among a bunch of other cleansing balms and oils. (but suffice to say, it’s not my softening cleansing gel ☹)

MAC Cosmetics Raquel Welch Icon Collection

Next, from MAC, a face powder. MAC are truly evil in this regard because they specifically do Limited Editions JUST TO MESS WITH YOUR HEAD. I found this powder when it came out years back – it was in the Raquel Welch limited edition and was a light powder called Peaceful. It’s the powder in the very bottom left corner of the picture above.

This was a beautifully light even powder – I was lucky enough to find a store which had one left when I went back to repurchase, but it’s never been seen since unfortunately. And I search in vain for a near match. This Rimmel one isn’t too bad, but Peaceful was lighter and peachier, the Rimmel is too much of a bronzer – but I get that it’s intended to be a bronzer so….

Poison Tendre Christian Dior FragranticaFragrantica

My last product discontinued is one you guys will likely be most familiar with – Dior’s Tendre Poison. I’m prepared to admit, this might be nostalgia rather than true longing, it has been that long since I even smelled this perfume. I wore this for about 4 years straight in my early 20’s only to find it discontinued one day I went to buy more. From what I’ve learned about perfume, this turnover of fragrances is increasingly common and normal – I honestly don’t know how you guys cope.

What favourites of yours have been discontinued? Did you manage to stock up before they vanished for good, or were you caught surprised and then saddened?

16 thoughts on “Discontinued Products (or how I hate beauty companies)

  1. My heart has been broken numerous times by discontinuations. It’s especially upsetting when it’s actual skin care stuff like that cleanser of yours because often you can find a similar color cosmetic but the skin and hair care stuff requires a whole different and usually costly search for a replacement. One that sticks out in my mind is a conditioner by Tigi that was called Tangle Free Conditioner. I only needed a small amount and it made my hair feel amazing. I’ve gone through gallons of stuff trying to find anything that works as well.


    • Yes I completely agree, makeup and hair products are so difficult to trial, even small amounts aren’t really enough to know whether they match your expectation or not, you need a good few days worth I reckon.

      I found while looking up some of my favourite products that on Maybelline website has a section for entering info on a discontinued product or shade to try and get you in the right direction of a replacement. I get that it’s in their interest since you’ll go and try another of their products, but at least they’re doing *something*.



  2. I cherish my half-full bottle of Tendre Poison, it’s discontinuation still baffles thousands of women.
    I’ve been somewhat lucky lately because I managed to find a bottle of the discontinued L’Occitane Ambre, as well as the old Roses 4 Reines.
    I still manage to find my beloved Diva in France, and just yesterday I ordered online two of the very last (as the company stated) small bottles of Eau Des Missions from Le Couvent Des Minimes.
    Of course there have been quite a few disappointments over the years, and I understand very well the frustration of having your favorite perfume discontinued or reformulated (which is sometimes almost as shocking and unpleasant).


    • Concerning makeup, the recent wave of reformulation of reasonably priced fond de teint has truly outraged me, since I bought 3 bottles of 3 different brands I used to trust completely, only to find out the product was completely unusable by me – in two of the cases the vendors did not admit it was reformulated, claiming that it was my skin that changed! Some thorough online investigation, plus comparison with remaining products in my old bottles did nothing more than convince me I was right. The 3 bottles went to the garbage, just the same, since neither my mother nor any friend could use them.


  3. So Annoying!
    I remember L’Occitane used to make tiny bottles of perfume in lots of scents, They were so cute and inexpensive. Gone.
    Iris Ganache, gone.
    I hate limited editions too, but at least you are forewarned that you have to stock up, and I tend to panic buy in that situation.


    • Exactly what they want you to do. If you’re ever interested in re-selling, limited editions command high prices. I sense that some people buy multiples just so they can resell them.

      Tiny bottles of perfume are a treasure.


  4. The 2 perfumes that have been discontinued and I haven’t had a chance to stock up on are: Givenchys L’Interdit and YSL’s Yvress so if you know where I can get my hands on either of these, please let me know. Thanks.


  5. Hey Alice,
    I have a small bottle of DIOR Tendre Poison you can have.
    Discontinuation! Fendi, Trouble by Boucheron, Versace Blonde, Gucci Envy Man, and the list goes on.
    Portia xx


  6. Hi AF,
    I loved your post! It really resonates. At my age just about everything I’ve ever liked has been discontinued. As a result I have numerous back-ups of beauty products, fragrances and other things that have long gone from the marketplace, including shoes and handbags. Right now I will realistically never have to buy another shoe, handbag or perfume for the rest of my life. Reformulation, discontinuation and the threats of nuclear holocaust and natural disasters drive many of us to hoarding and prepping behaviors. I can only imagine how clean, free and uncluttered my life would be if I didn’t give a rat’s ass about how I looked, how I smelled or about where my next meal might come from. I will still need comfortable shoes, though 🙂
    Azar xx


  7. Waaaaaah! I know what you’re talking about. Only last week I wanted to buy a new John Frieda shampoo for blond hair which I use for at least three years now. I use also the conditioner and brightening spray but I have some left so I didn’t need it right now. To my surprise the shelf was filled with other products and the salesperson informed me that they are withdrawing John Frieda’s hair products completely from their shop. It was the only shop who sold these products around here. So not only discontinuation but unpredictable management decisions can also be annoying. I won’t even start about perfume or lipstick and nail polish colors being constantly discontinued or changed…
    The fact is that I’m slowly getting used to the ever-changing market situation and I take it more relaxed each time it happens again.


    • At least the SA was honest in saying they don’t carry it anymore as opposed to saying it was discontinued. (By the way, many of the John Freida blonde products have been reformulated, according to their website.)
      It’s so frustrating that hair and skin products, and their retailers follow trends. First all the silicon hair products, then heat protective ones,etc. “Make way for the new, make way for the for the new”.
      For me the most frustrating was when anti-acne lines started adding cleansing scrubs and removing moisturizers. Hah! They are all required to get rid of all those micro-bead bearing scrubs.


  8. I wasn’t really aware of the reformulation issue, and had I known, I would have bought vats of pre-2000 formulas of Diorella even if I had to eat noodles every day.
    I also regret that I didn’t give more attention to 80s scents that weren’t on my preferred green scale, as I know that now I would love some of them, or at least like to try them,(eg. Opium).
    Le sigh.


  9. If you loved Dior Tendre Poison, you should give a try to Gres Cabotine. Even newer formula would do. I have both and Cabotine is actually stronger. I think it is a pretty good substitute though cabotine can get heady since it is a sillage monster


  10. I love your post and can assure you that the situation with discontinued products is the same here in Canada! I wish the shopts would at least give a warning so that one could buy up the remaining stock.
    PS: Your blog is a wonderful insight into life in another part of the world. Love it!


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