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Hello Independent Perfumery Lovers,

A few weeks ago we had Jocelyn Fullerton over at my place to take us through her beautiful range of fragrances. There is a half written piece on the day waiting for me to finalise it (Sorry Jocelyn). A few things struck me during the day but I was most impressed with Jocelyn’s excitement and enthusiasm for fragrance, her broad knowledge and talent for relating an engaging story that told of the creation of her scents. It was a lovely day.

The scent that I wear most from the Cult of Scent line so far is …

Something Beautiful by Cult Of Scent

Something Beautiful by Jocelyn Fullerton

Something Beautiful Cult Of scent 1

Cult Of Scent gives these featured accords:
Orange blossom, Neroli, Tonka, Honey, Amber

From Cult Of ScentSomething Beautiful began with a story of dawn kisses under an orange tree and was brought to fruition by spring nights filled with music, candlelight, passion and laughter.

Calming, angelic, elegant, refreshing, lively, sparkling, comfortable, summer, clear, happy. These are the words that run through my head while wearing Something Beautiful.

Breathy white flowers float effortlessly over citrus and a sweet amber. The citrus is main player for a while after I spritz but orange blossom is present already and I think I detect a whisper of jasmine and some other flower, maybe lily? There are lightly fruity touches too that peek through the bouquet and later the honey/amber and something coniferous waft gently in and warm it down to fade.

Something Beautiful Cult Of scent Criterion_wedding WikiMediaWikiMedia

I can easily imagine Something Beautiful as a perfect wedding scent. It’s joyful bursts of citrus and the elegant swish of white flowers, soft yet insistent, would make an excellent pairing with either the traditional wedding in a church (or whatever the religious centre is called in your religion) to a windy, sunlit day at the beach. Beyond gorgeous and I think it would be so memorable. Better still it’s completely unisex, you could both be rocking it.

Today I hosted my first TUPPERWARE party coming back into the business after a 6 or 7 year hiatus. Something Beautiful helped me rise above the nerves and get straight to the excitement. Well not COMPLETELY rise above my nerves, I was sweating like a farm hand at the summer round ups but Something Beautiful huffed out of my top and I remembered to breathe and that everyone here was on my side. The party went splendidly and I have one booking, hopefully 2. If you’re in Sydney and want a party leave a comment below and I can come hang with you and your buddies for a couple of hours. Just so you know I do EXCELLENT scones and it makes a wonderful snack at the party.

Something Beautiful Cult Of scent

Cult Of Scent has 3 sizes starting at $35/8ml

If you like to dazzling opening of a cologne but the herbs and mossy patchouli bases get you down the I heartily recommend you get your hands on Something Beautiful. It really is perfectly named and I have quite a bit of air in my 8ml already.

Portia xxx


8 thoughts on “Something Beautiful by Jocelyn Fullerton for Cult Of Scent

  1. Wow Portia,
    Sounds Mmmmm – yum … Orange blossoms AND Neroli and Honey and Amber and Tonka – my goodness. All my faves. I can see how it might help with the nerves. Does Tupperware offer fragrance organizers?
    Azar xxx


  2. Thank you for the stunning review Portia!
    I’m so happy that Something Beautiful reminded you that you have a special talent at making everyone around you feel wonderful and have a great time.


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