Sable & Soleil by Pierre Guillaume for Phaedon 2016


Post by Portia 


Woo Hoo Crew,

More NEW stuff from my perfumer crush Pierre Guillaume. This arrived today and I couldn’t wait to get it on my skin!!

Here’s some more Pierre Perfume Porn to get you in the mood….


Sable & Soleil by Phaedon 2016

Sable & Soleil by Pierre Guillaume

Sable & Soleil Phaedon Fragrantica


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Lemon blossom, jasmine, African geranium, coconut milk, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, white musk

Salt. Driest opening for a fragrance I ever smelled. Salt and then some melon, a little oily, seaside breeze, hot day.

Jasmine and citrus over the driest ache in my throat. It’s like the ache of yearning. Yearning for something just out of reach but in your sights. Awkward lactones create a shadowed, shady counterpoint that gives the crisp sea breeze a depth. Maybe a wander through the carpark by the beach, awaiting the arrival of your friends or even an ice cream from the truck, yes there is a metallic edge.

Briny. That’s the word I’m looking for. Briny, lightly sunburned, happy and tired. Fresh sea water and healthy bodies.

Sable & Soleil is not what I was expecting. If you think that you’ll be getting a Guerlain Lys Solea, a Jil Sander Sun or a Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess then think again. They are pretty and vibrant. Pierre Guillaume has created a mood and depth that is lovely but slightly dark. Compelling.

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29 thoughts on “Sable & Soleil by Pierre Guillaume for Phaedon 2016

  1. Hi, I haven’t tried any from this line but your description has me very intrigued! Thanks for the chance to win – I follow by email ?


  2. Briny! I miss feeling briny once summer is over. Haven’t tried Phaedon but this sounds interesting. Follow by email. 🙂


  3. Hi Portia,

    I don’t know why, but I haven’t bought samples in ages. Nothing’s moved me that much, I guess. But your delicious review has me salivating to try this particular Phaedon – a brand I’ve neither owned nor sampled. (And it wasn’t just the photo that did it!) Email follower here – but win or lose, I’ll definitely be sampling this one. Thanks Portia.



  4. Hi
    Follow by e mail and on Facebook,twitter.Have not tried these fragrances but maybe a little birdie will pop one in the mail for me ?


  5. I follow via email. I love the briny scent and I love that word-briny! I wish I could smell the briny sea all day long. But alas, I live too far away from that magical place that feels like home in my home. Your post has me singing the song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
    Bobbing along, singing a song
    On the bottom of the beautiful briny
    Shimmering shiny, beautiful briny sea. ??


  6. Moody with depth is good. In perfume and men. I follow by email and, I dunno, some kind of feed? Never tried any Phaedon, but I’ve been intrigued for a while, Cendres de Thé kinda grabbed my attention, but I’ve yet to sniff it.


  7. I follow by email! I’ve never tried fact, this perfumer is new to me….This scent sounds FANTASTIC!


  8. I have been wanting to try something from this house, I love the bottles, the guy is hot! And this sounds fabulous and right up my alley!


  9. I follow APJ through my email. I have tried Tabac Rouge and consider it to be an excellent tobacco fragrance that’s a bit easier to tolerate than the much more well known Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.


  10. Following now via email (but I’ve been a fan of APJ for a looong time!).

    A moody, briny scent that evokes the seaside? I’m so ready! Not a huge fan of the typical coconut suntan lotion type summer scents… becsuse they smell like coconut suntan lotion, and that yellow tree-shaped air freshener that hangs from the rear-view mirror in too many cars and screams “COCONUT!” ** shudder **

    Never tried anything from this line, but I do like and admire PG’s other creations.


  11. I follow by email. I haven’t tried anything from Phaeton, but this one sounds like me. Grew up on a barrier island surrounded by beautiful beaches, but I could be found only in the shade: up a tree or hiding in the palmettos. Thanks for the draw.


  12. I follow by email.
    I haven’t tried any Phaedon scents. Not going to buy a full bottle unless it comes with a poster of Pierre Guillaume.
    Thanks for the draw


  13. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but this description sounds marvelous! I follow by email. Thanks for the draw 🙂


  14. Hi! I follow by FB.
    I have tried about 5-6 Phaedon fragrances and I’m absolutely in love with Rouge Avignon….obiously bought a FB :-).
    Thank you!


  15. HI Portia, I totally get the crush! I have not smelt the perfumes unfortunately, but would love to. Follow by email.


  16. Portia, your description of Sable & Soleil is very poetic. I was easily transfered into the mood you pictured.
    I haven’t tried any of the Phaedon perfumes so far and I follow APJ by email.


  17. Sable & Soleil – wow – lemon, vanilla. musk and the rest… sounds like my kind of scent.
    The only Phaedon i have tried is Antigua – which did not do well with my skin, unfortunately!
    i follow by email and thanks for the draw Portia.


  18. Wow – a dark summer scent? How positively intriguing!! Thanks for the opportunity to try this. I haven’t tried anything from this line – but I’ll be on the lookout. I follow via bloglovin!


  19. Pierre again? You are spoiling us, Portia!
    I am not complaining, not at all!!!
    But I have tried only Tabac Rouge from Phaedon range. I loved its sultry honey, but I think I can wear it on very specific occasions an in particular weather – date night in the winter, for instance.
    Well, I love all the salties I have tried, and I am eager to had my hands on Sable & Soleil!
    Thanks for the chance!
    I follow by FB, email and on Google +


  20. I love love love salty notes. This sounds outside of my usual tastes, but wonderful! I follow by email, and I have not tried any Phaedon perfumes yet. Thank you 🙂


  21. Well, Portia, I must be feeling in a very nourish mood because your review has conjured for me “Suddenly Last Summer” and I can’t get the scene that gorgeous Liz Taylor describes out of my mind ….. not something that the equally gorgeous Pierre would have meant, I’m sure! But then – why not? Perfume is magic and a portal to imagination …. I am intrigued by this as it sounds so very different.

    I get your emails!



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