Saturday Question: Getting Married, What To Do?




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Saturday Question:

Getting Married, What To Do?

You may or may not know that we’ve been having an opinion poll here in Australia about Marriage Equality. Obviously that has put it front and centre of our minds. We have decided in the interests of fiscal responsibility and also because we really like each other, even though he leaves his fricken shoes in every walkway possible making midnight toilet runs a minefield.

So though no one proposed and we are diametrically opposed to shackling each other with a ring it looks like some kind of nuptials are in our future. Hopefully not too distant future to be honest, the whole thing is making me itchy.

I’m so torn about everything to do with it. I’d like to go to a registry with our besties and do it really quietly. No fuss, just two guys making a physical, emotional and financial commitment to each other in front of the law and our BFFs. Then the four of us could go have dinner and that would be the end of it.

OR, because we have so many wonderful mates we could spend all the money on a fab fully lit party

OR, we could do a service, have Jin’s parents come to Australia, make it solemn and beautiful. Full reception and gala afterwards.

OR, we could hire a hall and have everything happen at once. Marriage and party in one. Buffet catered, Bar, Disco. The works.

OR, we could go to South Korea and tell anyone who wants to come dates and venue. That way Jin’s parents get involved without the hassle of travel and anyone else that has the time and resources can get themselves there.

OR, we could go to another country, anywhere that does Same Sex Marriages. Again anyone that has the time and resources can get themselves there.

OR, we could do it on a cruise.

There are SO MANY OPTIONS!! Help me please. What did you do or see done that really worked. Doesn’t have to be extravagant. Also it could be just one part of a wedding that you loved that we might incorporate. H E L P


My Saturday Question to you is:

Getting Married, What To Do?



Something Beautiful by Jocelyn Fullerton for Cult Of Scent


Post by Portia


Hello Independent Perfumery Lovers,

A few weeks ago we had Jocelyn Fullerton over at my place to take us through her beautiful range of fragrances. There is a half written piece on the day waiting for me to finalise it (Sorry Jocelyn). A few things struck me during the day but I was most impressed with Jocelyn’s excitement and enthusiasm for fragrance, her broad knowledge and talent for relating an engaging story that told of the creation of her scents. It was a lovely day.

The scent that I wear most from the Cult of Scent line so far is …

Something Beautiful by Cult Of Scent

Something Beautiful by Jocelyn Fullerton

Something Beautiful Cult Of scent 1

Cult Of Scent gives these featured accords:
Orange blossom, Neroli, Tonka, Honey, Amber

From Cult Of ScentSomething Beautiful began with a story of dawn kisses under an orange tree and was brought to fruition by spring nights filled with music, candlelight, passion and laughter.

Calming, angelic, elegant, refreshing, lively, sparkling, comfortable, summer, clear, happy. These are the words that run through my head while wearing Something Beautiful.

Breathy white flowers float effortlessly over citrus and a sweet amber. The citrus is main player for a while after I spritz but orange blossom is present already and I think I detect a whisper of jasmine and some other flower, maybe lily? There are lightly fruity touches too that peek through the bouquet and later the honey/amber and something coniferous waft gently in and warm it down to fade.

Something Beautiful Cult Of scent Criterion_wedding WikiMediaWikiMedia

I can easily imagine Something Beautiful as a perfect wedding scent. It’s joyful bursts of citrus and the elegant swish of white flowers, soft yet insistent, would make an excellent pairing with either the traditional wedding in a church (or whatever the religious centre is called in your religion) to a windy, sunlit day at the beach. Beyond gorgeous and I think it would be so memorable. Better still it’s completely unisex, you could both be rocking it.

Today I hosted my first TUPPERWARE party coming back into the business after a 6 or 7 year hiatus. Something Beautiful helped me rise above the nerves and get straight to the excitement. Well not COMPLETELY rise above my nerves, I was sweating like a farm hand at the summer round ups but Something Beautiful huffed out of my top and I remembered to breathe and that everyone here was on my side. The party went splendidly and I have one booking, hopefully 2. If you’re in Sydney and want a party leave a comment below and I can come hang with you and your buddies for a couple of hours. Just so you know I do EXCELLENT scones and it makes a wonderful snack at the party.

Something Beautiful Cult Of scent

Cult Of Scent has 3 sizes starting at $35/8ml

If you like to dazzling opening of a cologne but the herbs and mossy patchouli bases get you down the I heartily recommend you get your hands on Something Beautiful. It really is perfectly named and I have quite a bit of air in my 8ml already.

Portia xxx


Sung by Alfred Sung 1986


Post by Portia


Hi there APJ Frag Family,

I’ve had this Alfred Sung bottle for years and at one point it was a favourite. Since falling well and truly down the fragrant worm hole it has been sitting at the back of a boxless bottle box getting zero love. I was sure it was a BWF but couldn’t put my nose-memory on how it smelled so at about 3pm today I opened up my shirt and double spritzed…….

Sung by Alfred Sung 1986

Sung Alfred Sung FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top Bergamot, Galbanum, Hyacinth, Mandarin, Orange, Ylang-ylang, Lemon Heart
Heart: Iris, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, Osmanthus
Base: Amber, Orange wood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Vetiver

WOW! Tania Sanchez wasn’t wrong when she called this a “Jasmine Diaper”. We have some serious poopy action going on and I LOVE it. Sung is so 1980s it hurts, we have a creamy citrus floral opening. HA! I know right. What the f*%@k does that even smell like? Well it smells big and naughty and completely over the top. Beyond your wildest BWF Skank Dreams Sung delivers.

Then Jin came home and we went and saw a movie (Ricki and the Flash – Meryl Streep and her daughter play with Kevin Kline and Rick Springfield. It’s wonderful. Do yourself a favour.) so I got to really appreciate the fragrance through the film.

All-Alfred-Sung-bridesmaidsPhoto Stolen Nordstrom

Sung smells good in an “Allergies to fragrance, you must be joking dear” kind of way. The “I couldn’t care less if you do anyway” or ” Oh do choke quietly darling, we have guests” school of thought and action. It’s big, it’s floral aldehydic, it’s fruity, it’s poopy and it is obnoxious. I freaking LOVE IT!

The photos I’ve chosen are some of Alfred Sung’s designs. Yes he is still designing and nowadays he is doing some really fun retro bridesmaids dresses that are affordable and fun. Loads of jewel bright colours but there are also a lovely lot of very pretty more muted shades to pick from too. If you’re thinking Mad Men Wedding then these are totally going to rock your socks off. Below is a ferocious bride-zilla photographed among the chandeliers looking exactly as Miss Haversham must have looked when she was given the news. Aghast, beautiful, rich and terrified. It’s probably how every bride feels inside somewhere deep down.

Sung is exactly the fragrance she would be wearing, to make a big impression as she walked down the aisle. Her sillage a wake that dolphins could gambol in. The unforgettable, once in a life time (yeah right) dream moment when every guest takes a deep breath in homage to a perfect bride.

alfred-sung-wedding-collection Wedding HousePhoto Stolen Wedding House

So to be honest Sung was a little overwhelming in the film. I was glad that there were only 3 other people in the cinema and that they were up the back. Though I did not find it disatracting, there were a few times when I moved and great gouts of floral and fertiliser flavoured air swooshed out of my top. It was a perfect accompaniment to the film and I bet it’s what Meryl Streep’s character Ricki wore, so it was kind of perfect.

Fragrance Shop has $20/50ml before coupon
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $3/ml

What has been hiding in your cupboards that should get an airing?
Portia xx

Weddings – My Top 5 Perfume Oils For Brides – Part 2


Post by Suzanne R Banks



In my article Weddings – My Top 5 Perfume Oils For Brides – Part 1 we talk about what oils are best for the pending nuptials.


But how do you use the oils?

We all know every wedding is different and each bride and groom are unique, but the one thing they all have in common is that they all want a memorable experience for them and their guests. Whether it be a simple beach wedding or a lavish affair at a glamourous venue with hundreds of guests, the bride will have some organising to do.

Unfortunately the oils won’t do everything but they will support you on your journey from fiancé to wife.

 Weddings – My Top 5 Perfume Oils For Brides – Part 2

Beach_weddingPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Essential oils will give emotional support and a scented burst of clarity and calm during the process. You could either use lots of different kinds of oils or pick a couple and make a combination that becomes your signature scent. So let’s look at the best 2 ways to use your oils.

1. Wedding Perfume Oils – Nourishing Body Oil

I recommend making a bottle of your chosen oil blend to use daily as a moisturiser, and more importantly as a connection to your spirit and a tonic to your mind. You will start your day off by paying attention to yourself, centering your mind and preparing for what is to come. And – your skin will look and feel totally amazing! I use oil on my skin every day and it works – my skin feels wonderful and looks good too! When your bottle is finished you can make another combo or stay with the same blend.

Alternatively for one coat of your body use 3 teaspoons of carrier oil in a little dish and, add 7 – 8 drops of essential oil. It’s always best to patch test first, before you apply all over.

When making a daily blend of essential oil this often takes up time and is the first thing to be put on hold when you are juggling work, your private life and creating your perfect wedding. Consider making a bottle so it’s on hand every morning.

***** Always put the drops of essential oil into the bottle or dish first, then add the carrier oil. It gives the scents time to create a synergistic fusion.

Destination_weddingPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

For a 50ml bottle of oil add 25 drops


To keep the flow of energy in your heart chakra while planning your wedding

– for a 50ml bottle –

Rosewood 10 drops
Lavender 5 drops
Rose 3% 20 drops*

Vietnamese_wedding_receptionPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

“Cool, Calm and Collected”

To breathe deeply and keep anxiety at bay

– to make a blend enough for one day –

Frankincense 3 drops
Cardamom 1 drop
Roman Chamomile 3% 9 drops *

“Strength and Courage”

– to make a blend enough for one day –

Geranium 3 drops
Neroli 3% 7 drops*
Vetiver 1 drop

Beach-wedding-couplePhoto Stolen Wikipedia

2. Wedding Perfume Oils – Personal Aura Cleansing Mist & Room Mist

In a 50ml mist bottle filled with water add 25 drops of oil

(depending on the packaging you have, you may need to use a little alcohol -like vodka- at the bottom of your bottle first, so the oils disperse into smaller drops to prevent clogging the atomiser top. I’ve found sometimes it works just with water, and sometimes it doesn’t – very annoying!)

This is a great portable way to keep an aromatherapy treatment with you. It is simply essential oils in an atomiser bottle filled with water. There is no need to use any emulsification agents,just shake before you mist. It can be used to refresh your face, cleanse and protect your aura, give your brain a boost and will make you smell like a natural goddess.

“Mother Earth Energy”

To keep a sense of worldliness and compassion on those crazy days –

Frankincense 10 drops
Bergamot 10 drops
Patchouli 5 drops

“I’ve Got the Power”

When you need strength and fortitude, with a smile –

Geranium 10 drops
Lemon 7 drops
Lavender 5 drops
Cinnamon 3 drops

Beach_wedding_-_14414226350Photo Stolen Wikipedia

“I’m Loving Every Minute of this Journey”

Enjoy the process –

Rose Geranium 8 drops
Orange 12 drops
Peru Balsam 5 drops

Remember to treat your self first then everyone will benefit.

Suzanne R Banks XXX

* See my article for more info on 3% blends in jojoba

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Weddings – My Top 5 Perfume Oils For Brides – Part 1


Post by Suzanne R Banks


Essential oils are great for anybody to use but there are some stand-out oils for brides.


The wedding planning can be stressful and it can also take up a lot of time. Of course it’s different for everyone, and whether you have a casual beach wedding or a party in a 5 star resort, you do have to think about a lot of fine details. You are also entering into a contract with your partner, and quite possibly changing your life forever. You are entering a new phase of your life too, with lots of new family members you are required to deal with. There can be many issues surrounding your wedding and marriage, and essential oils can be your scented support system on the journey.

Essential oils not only smell beautiful, they can help minimise stress and help you focus on the things that really matter – like your health and happiness rather than the seating plan, or the boyfriend of his friend who you don’t really like but have to invite anyway. You get the drift.

 Weddings – My Top 5 Perfume Oils For Brides – Part 1

Essential oils work in an holistic way with your own energy, emotions and thoughts to provide a connection to the divine spirit within you.

Bride_with_bouquetPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

1.Wedding Perfume Oils – Neroli

Neroli is a traditional oil for brides as it’s best qualities are those of relieving anxiety and tension – the flowers were strewn over the marital bed to ease tension, and included in the wedding bouquet to help you stay calm. The word Neroli comes from the name of an Italian princess who brought the oil into popular culture a few hundred years ago, so it’s actually quite a new oil to the field of Aromatherapy. Many oils and tinctures of plants have been around for thousands of years, and this is how we know they work.

Neroli is a wonderful oil to use as a perfume straight from the bottle from the moment your wedding fever kicks in. Use it when you are stressed about something not going the way you want it, or simply as a scent to help you cope with any mild anxiety. it is a beautiful scent to wear on your wedding day to give you a stunning, floral perfume and support your emotions and the butterflies in your stomach. This oil is an expensive oil and usually comes already diluted in jojoba to lower costs. The label will say “Neroli oil in 3% Jojoba and you can see my article for more info on 3% blends in jojoba.

Men tend to love this oil too, as it has a bitterness about it even though it’s a floral oil. If your man is stressing try some bergamot in place of neroli to relieve stress! A drop on his solar plexus chakra wouldn’t go astray on the big day.

A_Bride_c_1895_AH_ThayerPhoto Stolen Wikipedia


2. Wedding Perfume Oils – Rose

Rose oil is the oil of Cleopatra – the oil of queens. It is sometimes referred to as the Queen of Oils too! Rose is the oil of loving yourself, and others. Whatever you think a Queen embodies – then so does this oil. Not only wonderful for skin, and as a regulator for heat, rose oil will bring a sense of calm and inner strength. This really is a woman’s oil. It is the essence of femininity and strength, of subtlety and fortitude.

Use rose oil during your lead-up to the wedding to help you stay centered and loving.

As for Neroli, rose will often already be diluted in 3% jojoba. Use it a perfume straight from the bottle, use it in your skincare regime in some rosehip oil and even give some the other women in your life who support you. Nurture yourself with rose oil.

Hindu_Bride,_Ahmedabad,_GujaratPhoto Stolen Wikipedia


3. Wedding Perfume Oils – Lavender

Lavender is the oil of calming, soothing and grounding. It brings all your scattered energy together. Lavender can be used to help induce sleep, to use in a bath when you a feeling overwhelmed, and to vapourise around you when you need to make difficult decisions. if you could only have one oil in your life, I suggest it would be lavender, as it has so many uses. It is the perfect first aid all because it helps cuts and wounds heal, helps burns lose their sting and is perfect for shock. Take some lavender with you to the wedding and have a huge sniff straight from the bottle to give you a blast of solidarity. Share it amongst the bridesmaids and if anyone has a headache a drop on the temples will aid the pain.

The_Bride,_by_Julia_Margaret_CameronPhoto Stolen Wikipedia


4. Wedding Perfume Oils – Geranium

This oil is made from the flower and it very definitely a strong floral oil! Geranium is another good oil for skincare -face and body. It is an oil of happiness and playfulness and is bright and full. I use geranium oil when I feel I need a boost, and when I need a bit of stability in my emotions. It’s great for brides who are quite emotional and teary and will help you as you plan your wedding – when you need help looking for the fun and joy in the process. It’s easy to get bogged down in the “doing” of the wedding but it’s just as important to enjoy and be present in this process too. Have fun with geranium oil and it’s floral cheeriness.

Bride_with_Parasol-_AmarellaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

5. Wedding Perfume Oils – Frankincense

Frankincense is the oil of breathing deeply. By taking deep, slow breaths you will automatically relax. Vapourise frankincense oil in your home for relaxation and as an oil to help you connect more deeply with your spirit. Traditionally used in the Catholic church to inspire the congregation reach a meditative and spiritual state, it is also used as a symbol of faithfulness to God, and in worship rituals. This oil is also good in skincare and is particularly indicated for more mature or dry skins. Once again add some of this stunning oil into your rosehip oil and use a a facial moisturiser. I use rosehip everyday on my face and I couldnt recommend anything better and more simple. When you add some essential oils to it, it becomes a powerful softening and nourishing treatment.

Remember to treat yourself first , then everyone will benefit.

Suzanne R Banks XXX

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Getting Married In Heaven? A story

Hello Fumie Friends,

I have a buddy. Her name is Wendy and she’s a really lovely, fun, smart woman. Every week I swing by her place and we go to Trivia together. Her husband has been unwell with one thing or another for decades and nowadays is wheelchair bound, needs twice weekly dialysis and in many ways is dependent on her. Every few days Wendy sends me a funny, mostly they are bits of silliness and I smile and move on. Sometimes they tickle my funny bone. It was Wendy’s birthday recently and though I am pretty sure she doesn’t read the blog I wanted to commemorate the day by putting up one of the stories she sent me.

I hope you like it too.
Portia xx

Getting Married In Heaven?

Wedding In Heaven Daimler_DB18Consort WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

On their way to the church to get married, a young couple was involved in a fatal car accident.
The couple found themselves sitting outside the Pearly Gates waiting for St. Peter to process them into Heaven.

While waiting they began to wonder; could they possibly get married in Heaven?

When St. Peter arrived, they asked him if they could get married in Heaven.

St. Peter said, “I don’t know. This is the first time anyone has asked. Let me go find out,” and he left.

Wedding In Heaven  St_Peter_Martyr_ WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

The couple sat and waited for an answer…. for a couple of hours.
While they waited, they discussed the pros and cons. If they were allowed to get married in Heaven, should they get married?
What with the eternal aspect of it all? “What if it doesn’t work? Are we stuck in Heaven together forever?”

Yet another hour passed before St. Peter finally returned, looking somewhat bedraggled.

“Yes,” he informed the couple, “You can get married in Heaven.”

probably about 1475-6Photo Stolen Wikipedia

“Great!” said the couple. “But we were just wondering; what if things don’t work out? Could we also get a divorce in Heaven?”

St. Peter, red-faced with anger, slammed his clipboard on the ground.

“What’s wrong?” asked the frightened couple.

“OH, COME ON!” St. Peter shouted. “It took me 3 hours to find a priest up here!
Do you have ANY idea how long it’ll take to find a lawyer?”

Wedding Fragrance for Grooms + Photo Essay

Wedding Fragrance for Grooms

As if men don’t enough to worry about on their wedding day…right? You can imagine the poor hung over fools frantically fumbling around at the back of the bathroom cabinet on the morning of the wedding hoping they’d come across some scent Gran had bought them for Christmas eons past…can’t you? I’ve only ever had to prepare a groom for his wedding the once, I was best man for my brother and if he was an example of a typical man on his wedding day it’s a safe bet that pretty much all men fall to pieces in exactly the same way he did! He he he

I’ve been doing a little reading on the interweb to see if there were anything suggesting wedding fragrance for grooms and I was shocked, given that we live in an age of ‘metro sexuality’, that 99.9% of advice regarding which fragrance one might contemplate wearing on the day of nuptials and the exchanging of rings was directed at the bride. Many ‘advice’ rich sources even went so far as to suggest to the bride that she ‘ditch the fragrance he normally wears and buy him something you like instead’! Hang on a cotton-picking-minute! Roll back!! Remember? I clearly suggested in my opening paragraph that men cannot think for themselves. But really?

I hear you laughing already.

D&K Wedding #1

Imagine the chaos if two men were permitted to marry each other! Of course this depends entirely on which country you live in. Well this is exactly what my partner of 15 years and I did two weeks ago. After 12 months of planning we left the backward backwaters of Australia and jetted over to Las Vegas to get married. We were not alone. 35 of our nearest and dearest met us there to celebrate and share the love with us.

D&K Wedding #2

We had almost everything planned, which is no mean feat when we are in Australia and our planner the USA. We had excellent help from a few friends who bent over backwards to make it all come together and run so smoothly. My husband and I were left to our own devices and to make our own decisions (men cannot think for themselves remember) on a number of things, for example where we’d all eat and drink after the ceremony, what colour boutonnières we wanted and what we wanted to wear (very dangerous in my case as I dress for comfort, not style or fashion) and of course this included our personal choice of fragrance.

D&K Wedding #3

My husband played it safe and stayed with a fragrance he already owned and liked, but I went with something new. In my opinion one should wear a fragrance because one loves it. A fragrance can and should make you feel good, evil, safe or dangerous, attractive or aloof…it’s a personal thing right? Incidentally I’m not a fan of purchasing fragrances for other people unless I know they already wear it or have requested it as a gift. So what did we wear?

Tiffany for Men Tiffany FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

I wore Tiffany for Men on the day. I’ve often popped into Tiffany & Co. to spritz myself with his classic as I loved its powdery scent. Imagine how shocked I was firstly to find out it contained patchouli (my favourite) but secondly that Jacques Polge was the nose behind it. I don’t have a sensitive nose at all, but I know what smells good…and this is good. It’s powdery, light and very subtle – perfect for standing in front of a pastor!

Allure Homme Sport Chanel FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

My husband wore Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport. Again, this is another subtle but fresh fragrance and, once the spice from Allure mingled with the spice of Tiffany we were all spicy together! Allure doesn’t smell great on my skin, but, it’s not about me…it’s my husband’s fragrance. Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport is also pastor-friendly and wouldn’t you know it – slap me across the face with a wilted bouquet of roses – Allure Homme Sport is ANOTHER Jacques Polge treasure!

Until next time stinkers.


PS. In case you were wondering…yes I did wear white!
David & Kymme wedding