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My dear fragrant fellows!

Hello! Glad to be back! Where have I been in the past 6 months or so?

Well. In between now and my last post for APJ, I completed my secondary year of schooling – which included an arduous series of examinations! A rather stressful time, but, thankfully I came out with a rather snazzy outcome. People were so interested in my story of balancing school life and blogging at Olfactics that the state newspaper ran a story of me! How cool is that pic? What am I doing now? Philosophy Major!

I have also started working for an Australian company called Men’s Biz – who place the highest, most superlative emphasis on male grooming. With a desire to expand and enrich their fragrant offerings in 2016 – I was the man for the job, and began to work a week after my last exam! No rest for the wicked, as they say…

After careful revamping and curating of Men’s Biz’s selection of scents, we have introduced must-haves such as L’Artisan Perfumeur, Etat Libre d’Orange, and as for the highlight of my 2016 so far….

Tauer Perfumes at Men’s Biz

It brings me considerable glee to inform you that we’ve secured Andy Tauer’s excellent perfumes! After much demand from the Australian community, Tauer has finally hit our shores. To celebrate this monumental occasion, Portia and I cross over and share our 3 favourite Tauer fragrances.

Incense Rose Tauer Perfumes FragranticaFragrantica

Incense Rose by Tauer Perfumes 2008

There is no doubt that at times I get a touch philosophical with the perfumes I review. Incense Rose is no exception. On an artistic level, no perfume is as resplendent, and self-luminescent as Incense Rose. The rose here is wild, neon-coloured and feral – bolstered with cardamom and citrus, but then put into chains with sublime darkness. A vibrating depth of incense, castoreum, and typical woody oriental notes (patchouli, a hint of fresh cedar, myrrh and orris) provide immense contrast … As if the weight of the world just disappeared.

Sotto La Luna Gardenia Tauer Perfumes FragranticaFragrantica

Sotta La Luna Gardenia by Tauer Perfumes 2014

The recipe for this fragrance is, to me, as follows:
Construct an illusionary, hyper-real gardenia flower with an unctuous creaminess by the way of vanilla, and hints of jasmine, rose, and warm tonka bean. At once mossy, strikingly green, and paradoxically spicy and fresh – the whole spectrum – and then, most ingeniously, cover this beautifully constructed gardenia in metallic space dust. It’s a gardenia with a strange twinkle. Out of this world.

L`Air du Desert Marocain Tauer Perfumes FragranticaFragrantica

L’Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer Perfumes 2005

The real question is, who doesn’t know this fragrance?
This is a fragrance that is everywhere and nowhere on the skin – it melts into something that seems to always be just out of reach. A soft sandstorm of dry spice lead with coriander seed and amber, a cloudless sky (the purity of incense), a warm gust felt in the cool shade (cedar, vanilla). L’Air isn’t just a fragrance. It’s a story that needs to be worn.

Please, come check out Men’s Biz
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Men’s Biz Discount Code!

A little gift for Australian readers – a coupon code from Men’s Biz. Just enter ‘APJ’ at the checkout.

… and of course, my question for you. What is Tauer’s most magical fragrance?


14 thoughts on “Tauer Perfumes at Men’s Biz + Discount Code!

  1. Heya Liam,
    TOTALLY exciting news. Thrilled to have Tauer Perfumes in OZ! Congratulations.
    Portia xxx


  2. Congratulations on bringing Aus a bit closer to the rest of the world, or should it be the other way around?
    I have several samples from Tauer, and like especially LDDM and Rose de Kandehar. And the weirdly simple/complex Pentachord White because it is orris and vanilla and the notes somehow work.


    • Thank you Jackie. I think it should be the other way around! I think it’s very important people don’t forget ANZ, but generally it’s problems with shipping.

      I would love to smell his Pentachords. I should find some samples…



  3. Le Maroc Pour Elle is my hands down favourite. Cool you can get it in Australia now. Must be annoying that so much stuff is so hard or impossible to get. But Australia is such a long way from anywhere. I shall visit sometime in the next 18 months or so, I hope. ?


  4. Carillon Pour un Ange (or however it’s spelled) is one of the only Tauer’s i can wear now. I had a few others and I had to get rid of them because my skin just seemed to stop playing nicely with them. 😦
    I imagine it is a bit difficult to get products to Australia. I’m happy that slowly but surely more brands are making their way there for you.


    • Oh! I’m sorry to hear that. If I think hard enough … I know Memoir Man from Amouage used to be good on me, but then it went all stagnant and unpleasant. A big fougere block that is/was ‘stuck’ on the skin.

      To be honest, in Australia, no one seems to be trying to get little indie outputs like Tauer. So – I figured I may as well do it. Hehe. I wonder what’s next.



  5. So happy for my Aussie friends to finally have access to this great line. Shame there’s no shipping to NZ, but maybe some day.

    My favorite is Rose de Kandahar, but really I love all his roses, plus Incense Extreme and LADDM. Not to mention the glorious Noontide Petals and the sparkling Orange Star! Such a great house.


  6. L’Air du desert marocain and Une Rose Vermeille are my two favorites in the line. It’s great that now it’s available in Australia.

    Congratulations on all of your achievements and good luck with your new job!


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