Gri Gri Fragrances: Esxence 2016 Discovery


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


Anaïs Biguine is the creator and nose behind the rather lovely Jardin d’Écrivains perfume house. The three Gri Gri fragrances are her latest creations. I have been wearing them for the last couple of weeks and feel them well worthy of some attention. The stand stood out beautifully at the Esxence. The ladies were professional, knowledgeable and extremely friendly.


Gri Gri Fragrances: Esxence 2016 Discovery

Eau de Parfum for Tattooed Skin by Anaïs Biguine 2016

There are three perfumes in the collection. They each take inspiration from the long history of and geographically diverse art of tattooing. Ink as an art form, across cultures and through the ages.


I am not familiar enough with each perfume yet to go into any depth but the following will give you an idea of what Anaïs Biguine has created.




Tussock grass. New Zealand Flax.
Fern. Kowhai. Manuka.
Lichen. Kanuka.


Saffron. Cardamom. Hing.
Patchouli. Ajowan.
Lotus. Jasmine. Agarwood.


Genmaicha. Yuzu. Aralia.
Daphné. Green tea.
Sakura. Ashibi.

Each perfume succeeds at representing the different artistic style, and master skills of tattooing. From needles to bamboo. Spiritual, theatrical and peaceful.


Ink Free Bussis
(maybe one day)

I have a samples of each fragrance, the ladies at Gri Gri were very kind. I know how annoying it is to feel attracted to a perfume that you can not get hold.
I will pop a sample of one of the collection in the post to three different APJ peeps.

Let me know what actually attracts you to a totally new fragrance. The perfumer, the story, the bottle ………. And which of the Gri Gri appeals to you?


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This week we will have 3 winners who will receive:
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Let me know what attracts you to a totally new fragrance. The perfumer, the story, the bottle ………. or which of the Gri Gri appeals to you?


Entries Close Thursday 28th April 2016 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
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28 thoughts on “Gri Gri Fragrances: Esxence 2016 Discovery

  1. via email

    I am all over the Tara Mantra since I don’t really like tea scents. The grassy one sounds interesting. I like The Soft Lawn.

    The notes are what attracts me in a new fragrance, nothing else. I don’t care if it comes in a ziplock bag or a roller ball if it’s good. And affordable. Price matters, too. I won’t spend $300-400 for a bottle of fragrance.


  2. Isn’t it nice to come across an interesting new concept? I really like the idea behind these and it’s good to know the perfumes live up to the inspiration.

    Although I admire them when done well, I couldn’t cope with the commitment of a tattoo. But like you, who knows one day…


  3. Hi Val,
    DNEM. Just wanted to weigh in on a couple of your questions. I think the first thing that attracts me to a new fragrance is the opinion of a fellow perfume junkie. That being said all three of these Gris Gris fragrances look interesting and your review is more enticing to me than the cross cultural/tatted aspect of the marketing.
    Never say never but right now its Ink Free Forever!
    Azar xx


    • Hi again Val,
      At first the thought of entering a draw to add yet another sample to the hundreds I continue to ignore didn’t seem to be the right thing to do…but I’ve changed my mind. The fact that you feel they are worthy of attention and the notes listed make me think I should try for at least a chance at a sniff. Can I still enter this draw? I follow by e-mail and Bloglovin.
      Azar xxx


  4. Of course I must have the Tara Mantra! Plus the notes appeal to me, which is what I look for mostly in a new fragrance.

    I follow by email.


  5. Wow, those are some goooorgeous photos. I follow by e-mail!

    Like Azar, the opinions of people on perfume blogs are the most important things for me. After that, though, I’m a sucker for a gorgeous bottle and good marketing photos. I do also place some emphasis on the house–it’s like buying an item of clothing partly because you’re familiar with the designer.

    That Tara Mantra sounds especially amazing.


  6. I follow by Email and I am a big follower of notes. I would love to try TARA MANTRA EdP I love Jasmine and Saffron.
    Thank you


  7. Hey Val,
    I follow via email, FB and Twitter.
    I’m not sure about original attraction but the bottle can be an enticement. The juice seems to be my foremost criteria but I will give more of a sniffing to my favourite houses and noses.
    These look too yummy for words.
    Also ink free.
    Portia x


  8. Hi Val,

    I follow by email. The notes have to make me anticipate smelling the perfume – just as reading the list of ingredients in a recipe can make my mouth water in anticipation of eating the described dish. Moko Maori’s grass, flax, fern and lichen sounds scrumptious to me!


  9. Wonderful giveaway!
    New perfumes are so exciting, I must say the notes of Tara Mantra sound mesmerizing!
    Following by email, thank you!


  10. Hey Val, Gri Gri is totally on my radar. I’ve been in touch with them and they are accessible at Jovoy in Paris, Quatier 206 in Berlin, and in May will be in Selfridges, London. I think I saw on facebook they’ve just become available in Brussels too. So, they are starting to get out there!

    Hehe. 🙂

    xx Tina G


  11. There’s so many things that attract me to a perfume – the aesthetics (bottle, font), the notes, the back story. Lately I’m particularly attracted to the color of the perfume itself, hehe. For these, I’m not sure which I would love to try the most – I’m intrigued by the notes of Tara Mantra and UKIYO-E. I *might* be enchanted by the notes of Moko Maori – but to be honest I don’t even recognize a lot of them! Thanks for the opportunity to try one of these! I follow via bloglovin!


  12. I follow by email. I think the Tara Mantra appeals to me of the three, but I’m always up to try anything fragrant.Interesting concepts.


  13. The TARA MANTRA would be the one which appeals to me the most. I am totally attracted to a scent by its notes. I don’t care what the bottle looks like, but of course i am constrained by price. I follow via FB and email and blog. Thanks for the chance to win.


  14. I’d pick the Moko Maori because I love New Zealand and I’ve never seen a frag dedicated to it before!

    A good name and pretty bottle will draw my attention first with a perfume, but of course it helps if the notes, description and opinions sound good!

    jThanks for the giveaway. Follow by email. 🙂


  15. Hi Val I follow by email. The photos are great, the bottles look good and your review is enticing..I trust others opinions when it comes to fragrances.


  16. I follow! (e-mail, Twitter, FB & Blogloving 🙂 )

    I will NEVER have a tattoo (while it’s my decision, I mean) but UKIYO-E attracted me by promised Daphne note.

    In general, if it’s not a perfume from one of, let’s say, 15-20 brands that I follow and like, the perfume should come in a nice bottle (it doesn’t have to be Xerjoff’s murano glass but it should be nice), professionally printed label and a name that makes sense (I think all good numbers are taken already, so new brands should stop trying).


  17. I think the list of notes and to some extent the perfumer behind the perfume does attract me to a perfume. I am most intrigued by Moko Maori because I have a little knowledge of the Maori people. thanks a lot for the generous draw. I follow APJ through email.


  18. Hi Val,

    I follow via email. I would consider the juice first and foremost but if the bottle is gorgeous, it’s even better then! The Tara Mantra appeals to me most. Thank you.


  19. Hi Val and thanks for reviewing Gri-Gri fragrances. I was actually never asking myself the question: what attracts me to a totally new fragrance so now I’m able to give a spontaneous answer by following the example of Gri-Gri – it’s the name and the image it conveys. To me perfume is mostly about emotions. So I feel attracted to Ukiyo-E. Ok, and I’ve seen that it has notes of Genmaicha which is my favourite green tea and I’m curious how this extraordinary tea feels in a perfume.
    I follow by email.


  20. I now remember seeing these mentioned on some blog someplace and thinking they looked like an interesting concept, then forgetting about them because of the sheer number of new fragrances this spring. I think Ukio-E sounds the most fascinating because of the genmaicha. I’m having a hard time imagining it as a note but think it could be great.
    I follow via RSS and Bloglovin.


  21. Hi Val, each of these sound amazing.

    What influences me? Notes. Notes all the way, it’s all about the juice. And the interplay on my skin.

    Though others here have pointed out that reviews sway them. And I have to say that that also influences me now that I think about it. It’s probably what gets something on my radar and makes me seek something out to sniff. And I’ve come to know which reviewers tastes are most similar or dissimilar to mine, so that gets thrown in the mix as well.

    It is lovely to have gorgeous backstory and visuals, but really, that’s just the marketing. Even the list of notes can be marketing sometimes. And ultimately how much that marketing influences me I guess I’ll never really know. Though I do admit to being quite cynical about some note lists I’ve seen.

    Moko Maori please if my lucky number comes up. Though the other two also sound delectable. I follow by email. (And other things that I never look at.)

    Ink. I love good tattoos. I think they’re art. I’m always interested in the stories that go with them. But just as I worry that I would tire of some art on my wall, I worry that I would tire of the art on my body.

    Bussis back.


  22. I don’t usually pay much attention to the story unless it is something different than the usual. I have a secret fascination with tattoos (having none of my own), so this story definitely stood out! Very eye-catching pictures, and not at all in the usual vein. I follow by email, thank you!


  23. I’m not usually drawn in by “high concept” perfumes, but these are calling to me. I’ll have to keep them on my radar, those note lists are probably the most original I’ve seen in a long time.


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