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Hey there Fumies,

Scott and I had a big day out yesterday in Sydney city. Sadly we could not make it on time to the Penhaligon’s Breakfast but it looked amazing and we would have LOVED to be a part of it. What a fabulous arrangement in a sunny outdoor courtyard. Congratulations Libertine Parfumerie.

Equinox Bloom Penhaligon's Sydney May 2016 #11

Equinox Bloom Penhaligon's Sydney May 2016 #12

Men’s Biz

We first hit Men’s Biz in the Strand Arcade where our mate Liam is currently curating their fragrance range. I also wanted to take advantage of the APJ 10% Discount. We sniffed loads and chatted, met the owner(?) Nathan and the crew, fell madly in love with loads of frags and had a generally convivial time. Yes, I succumbed and bough Iris Cendre by Naomi Goodsir, feeling particularly good because she is an Aussie who has made it on the world stage.

Day Out In Sydney May 2016 #1

Liam, Scott & I overwhelmed by choice

Sydney May 2016 #2

Nathan (the boss) joins us, he is sweet and handsome

Sydney May 2016 #3

Sniffing the wares

Sydney May 2016 #4

Men’s Biz has a great selection of all grooming products

Sydney May 2016 #5

Liam’s first Sydney sale goes to me. YAY! 10% APJ Discount too.

Men’s Biz Discount Code!

A special gift for Australian readers – a 10% coupon code from Men’s Biz. Enter ‘APJ’ at the checkout.

Next we went and visited my girlfriend Jolanta in DIOR’s stand along store on Castlereigh St. She had text me earlier this week and told me she was holding me some of the newest DIOR Privee range samples for APJ (review and giveaway coming). La Colle Noire is said to be a spicy rose and I can’t wait to smell what they’ve done.

Christian Dior

Sydney May 2016 #6

Isn’t Jolanta beautiful? She is a Polish Australian and is the DIOR Ambassador here in Sydney, Sexiest voice ever.

Sydney May 2016 #7

Yes, I shopped. The long overdue purchase of Fève Délicieuse that I have talked of incessantly finally took place. Woo Hoo! I now have an enormous amount and can spritz with abandon.

After DIOR we made a quick sidestep into Hermès and visited my mate Gene. I thought I took a couple of picks but clearly I haven’t. As always Gene was super helpful and grabbed us samples of the newest fragrance (review and giveaway upcoming) Hermessence Muguet Porcelain. It’s really pretty and a clean, aquatic lily of the valley. It smelled WAY better on Scott than me but Monsieur Li is absolutely To Die for and had I not already done my budget I would have shopped there too. Next time.

Then we hit my favourite department store, David Jones. We went to the CHANEL counter and Esther was so sweet and helpful. It was touch and go whether I would finally buy Misia but I kept strong. The Guerlain girl was nice but busy, they did have a partial bottle on sale of one of the gold rimmed bottles but I did not succumb. Bravo me.

Yves Saint Laurent

THEN, we went looking at the Yves Saint Laurent section because Scott wanted to try the Black Opium flankers and I wanted to see their new ultra glam range. After finding the Oriental Collection ridiculously overpriced originally it is good to see that they have dropped the prices, now retailing at $180/80ml which is infinitely more reasonable. There we were greeted by the very glamorous Sonja who was excellent value and really knew her stuff.

We did find the newest Le Vestiaire des Perfumes range which really felt like YSL has hit the luxury nail on the head. $230/125ml and the fragrances we tried were smooth and very luxe, not especially groundbreaking but the smell good. My favourite that I very nearly bought was their Caftan; a fabulous sizzling citrus opening with enough resins and balms beneath to warm the cockles of any perfumistas heart.

Sydney May 2016 #8

Isn’t Sonja gorgeous. We will be going back to do some serious shopping with her in the very near future.

Sydney May 2016 #9

The three we tried were Caftan, Caban and Tuxedo.

Sydney May 2016 #10

And we have a winner. I like that YSL have brought out this range but I really wish they’s started with 2 and built it up over time. Insta-ranges are getting ridiculous.

Anyway, that was our super fun day out yesterday. For those that wonder, yes my knee was less than comfortable today but I really was grateful to Scott that we got out of the house and did some fun stuff.

Do you guys ever go on a frag expedition?
Portia xx

16 thoughts on “Day Out In Sydney: Photo Essay

  1. Thanks for sharing this fun day out, Portia. You know we love to see the pics and hear what you did. Congratulations on what you bought – and what you didn’t 🙂

    I’ll be doing this with Tina G in London very soon!


  2. Nice haul Portia! Can’t wait to read your reviews about your new discoveries. Frag excursions are my favourite way of cheering myself up. Just give the credit card to someone else for minding!


    • HA! It was super fun getting things from my list. Misia is next and I’m thinking Oriental Brulant as my decant is dry.
      Great to see you Willa.
      Portia xx


  3. Oh what fun! I adore perfume sniffing expeditions and love seeing all of your purchases and socializing. Thank you for taking us with you. Sandra xo


    • Sandra,
      It’s even more fun with you. Can’t wait for our next adventure.
      Portia xx


  4. I’ve had some fun days out in Sydney with a few of the AFN members. We usually do DJs, Myer, Mecca (inside Myer) and Sephora who have the ELdOs. So much more fun with perfume companions and I find my experience with sales staff is better when there’s a few of us. (I like to think it’s because there’s great banter not because we might buy more). Caftan is a fabulous name (I’m a child of the 60s) but I feel it needs a groovier bottle!


    • Hey Clare,
      Yes trolling frag stores in packs is infinitely more fun, for us and the staff. SAs are loads more interesting when they can do a bit of a show.
      The bottles feel very nice in the hand, not as perfect as the Hermès ones but good heft and they have the magnetic lid. I like that they put the two main notes on the bottle too.
      Portia xx


  5. Lucky you Portia! I love frag expeditions but I only do it when I’m ready to buy something (although I don’t have to necessarily). I realized when I go and try out stuff and I know that it would definitely strain my budget at that time, I don’t really enjoy it and feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, when I know I can let myself go I feel very relaxed and enjoy it sooo much. I usually do it alone and take time to chat with the SAs.
    I’m curious about the YSL range and the Diors and, and, and…


    • Hey Neva,
      Interesting that you feel that way. Part of my decision process is the trying on before and the wearing.
      It’s nice to know when the SAs are working so I can make my shopping foray on a day to give them a sale. Especially if they have been good at their job.
      Have fun discovering these newbies, they are lovely.
      Portia xx


  6. Hello gorgeous.
    What a fragrant shopping trip!!!
    And so many new and ‘new’ fragrances in Sydney.
    NOTE to self: AVOID AVOID AVOID these shops.
    Who am I kidding right!!!

    Always love your picture post and wish I were there with you sniffing.
    XXX… T


    • Yes, it was a super fun day. Very last minute or I would have called.
      Next time.
      Portia xx


  7. Hi Portia!
    Was lovely seeing you and Scott again Today at Chanel!! I love hearing about your perfume adventures and now I can read up on your stories 🙂
    Please let me know how you go with Misia 🙂
    Hope to see you soon again in store!! Please just ask for me if you don’t see me!! As I love talking about perfume 🙂 and hearing new things 🙂

    Xx Esther


    • Hey Esther,
      You are a superstar. thanks for chatting with us today. Your smile is infectious.
      We’ll be back soon, probably to buy Misia.
      Portia xxx


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