Cologne Du 68 by Sophie Labbe for Guerlain 2006


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Cologne Du 68 by Guerlain 2006

If you love Guerlain, but have overlooked this beauty, do yourself a favor and think again.

(ED: Azar is currently off taking some care of herself, back soon. Robert kindly offered to fill for her today. Thanks buddy xx)

Cologne Du 68 by Guerlain 2006

Cologne Du 68 by Sophie Labbe

Eau de Cologne du 68 Guerlain FragranticaFragrantica

68 notes as per Guerlain…….(You might want to sit down for this……phew!)

1. bergamot, 2. green mandarine, 3. lemon,4. clementine, 5. citron, 6. Blood orange, 7. Lime, 8. grapefruit leaves, 9. basil, 10. fennel, 11. star anise, 12. lavender, 13. laurel, 14.cypress, 15.elemi, 16. thyme, 17.myrtle, blossom leaf,19.mandarin blossom leaf, 20. lemon blossom leaf, 2. Pear, 22. Violet leaf, 23. ivy, 24.violet,, 26. cassis, 27. freesia, 28. lily of the valley, 29. hazel leaf, 30. cyclamen, 31.cardamon, 32. coriander, 33. black pepper, 34. bay rose, 35. muscat, 36. gingerbread, 37. jasmine, 38. frangipani, 39. magnolia, 40. orange-blossoms, 41.peony, 42. rose, 43. carnation, 44. ylang, 45. lychee,46. fig, 47. mure 48. immortelle, 49.Pistachio leaf, 50. opoponax, 5. amber, 52.benzoin, 53. vanilla, 54. rock rose, 55. heliotrope, 56. iris, 57. tonka, 58. sage, 59. musk, 60. patchoulì, 6. oud, 62.cedar,63. sandalwood, 64. vetiver, 65. green notes, 66.praline, 67. myrrh, 68. Lichen

Why this one doesn’t get much love from either men or women, is a mystery to me.

Every scent of every Guerlain ever made, all jumbled up into an EDT that works really really well. Especially in these ever-changing days of spring.

Eau de Cologne du 68 Guerlain Sexy Shirtless

Light, bright and citrus-zesty at the top as you would expect, with a big floral middle, but not sweet. A bitter herbaceous edge keeps the floral notes in check. For me a slight root beer vibe, which is just lovely.

This may very well become one of my top Guerlains, I can see wearing this ALL the time.
Totally unisex, totally captivating, like an herbal love child of LhB and LHdLN.

From Guerlain: Cologne du 68 is directly inspired by Corsican landscapes: between the salty freshness of the seaside and the spicy warmth of the scrubland. At the heart of this fragrance shines everlasting flower and its incredible slightly syrupy scent. Between wood and resin, we also find honeyed yet salty dashes of fenugreek and anise aromas.

And did I mention reasonable? Well under $100, usually in the $50-$70 range for 100 ml.

Eau de Cologne du 68 Guerlain Sexy Shirtless couch

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FragranceNet has AUD$90/100ml

Absolutely full-bottle worthy!

What’s your favorite Guerlain? Have you tried this one?

9 thoughts on “Cologne Du 68 by Sophie Labbe for Guerlain 2006

  1. Guardian fave Parure, now pretty much unobtainable. Thanks for the post. I must have been living under a rock to have not known about this fragrance. Thanks also for the distracting eye candy!


    • Oh you’re welcome! You like my selfies??? (In my dreams…) 68 really deserves attention, it flies so far under the radar, it might as well be crawling!!


  2. Heya Robert,
    Fave Guerlain is Shalimar but I’m trying to think what my runner up would be. Maybe Songe d’un Bois d’ete, Sous le Vent, Mahoma or Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia. By sheer number here Mitsouko and Vol de Nuit would be second though.
    How can you can ask me to choose, I love them all.
    There are so many to love.


    • Ugh I know! I look at my ‘fume cabinet and realize that one whole shelf is dedicated to Guerlain. And spilling over. My fave is and will likely always be L’Heure Bleue Extrait, although I’m reaching for 68 more and more as the weather warms up. There’s something about it that’s so….compelling.

      Thanks for posting my selfies!!! ?????


      • Yeah, my Guerlain cup runneth over. Once I took a photo of my Shalimar collection but was too embarrassed to shoot the whole Guerlain set, It’s ridiculous. I wish you lived here in Oz so I could share my shame with you.
        I know you said to only use one selfie but I loved both your looks so much, you know how it is.
        Portia xxx


  3. I love those selfies you took Robert. 😉
    I’ve never even seen this one anywhere. That’s some list of notes!
    I like Shalimar and Jardins de Bagatelle. My collection is pretty light on Guerlain’s. I am not sure why that is.


    • Thanks Poodle! The Cologne Du 68 is available thru most of the discount websites, I just bought a b/u for $48 thru fragnet. It’s worth it!!!


  4. Hi Robert,
    I loved your post and love the price of this frag on fragnet! Thank you for stepping in! BTW, you are, without a doubt, most photogenic 🙂
    Azar xxx


    • I love this frag, don’t know how I missed it for so long! It’s quickly becoming one of my faves. Thanks for the photo compliments, Portia managed to capture me as I might look in my dreams!! ? xoxo


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