Rainmaker edp by Shelley Waddington for En Voyage Perfumes 2016


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A woody-amber chypre for men and women?

When I hear news of a new perfume release by award winning perfumer Shelley Waddington, it is VERY good news indeed! You might even call me a bit of a fanboy for her creations, there are just so many wonderful scents in her range!

Prompted by her recent relocation from California to the Pacific Northwest, Shelley has wasted no time in producing a glorious creation that honors this beautiful region, combining notes that are timeless reminders of the misty Northwest with cutting edge essences that reflect the ever-changing and on-point contemporary lifestyle found here.

Rainmaker edp by En Voyage Perfumes 2016

Rainmaker edp by Shelley Waddington

En Voyage Perfumes


Top: Rose Leaf, Silver Pine Tips, Wild Citrus
Heart: Incense, Patchouli, Iris, Rhododendron
Base: Mossy Rain Forest notes of Cedar, Fir, Redwood Leaf, Petrichor, Ash, Oakmoss and Amber

Shelley’s perfumes are an extraordinary example of olfactory storytelling that take you on a scent journey, conjuring up memories and images, and Rainmaker is no exception!

Rainmaker is a gorgeous incense/wood/floral and green scent. For all you incense and chypre lovers, this is right up your ally! Now I must say that I struggle with incense-heavy notes, but Rainmaker is one of the few I would happily add to my collection!

For me this is a camping trip to the Northwest rain forest in the Autumn. Rain is dripping from the low-hanging evergreen boughs. Night is falling along with the temperature, cold and crystal clear. The glittering stars are so close through the tree tops, you feel like you could touch them.

rainmaker-edp-en-voyage-perfumes Forest Mist Michael (a.k.a. moik) McCu FlickrFlickr

Lighting your campfire, the smell of burning wood drifts towards the sky, and someone starts telling stories of the First People. You feel the weight of myth and history all around you. It is no wonder that these woods are sacred to the North Coast Native tribes. The mystery is palpable.

Rainmaker edp is currently available exclusively from En Voyage Perfumes Starting June 11th 2016
Rainmaker will also be available at Tigerlily Perfumery in San Francisco, CA


21 thoughts on “Rainmaker edp by Shelley Waddington for En Voyage Perfumes 2016

    • Always a good idea to sample first, however that said I find that most of my En Voyage samples somehow mysteriously turn into full bottles! I love her work!


  1. Very interested to get your take on Rainmaker, for while I know this is a unisex scent, I think it would be particularly good on a man. And I enjoyed your image of the contemplative session round a camp fire in the forest. I think Shelley’s onto a winner with this one!


  2. A chypre always sounds good to me, a woody chypre – even better, and then green…and incense…fantastic! It seems to be gorgeous and the listed notes are all very appealing. Thanks for reviewing Rainmaker. I’ll be looking out for a sample for sure.


  3. Hi Robert,
    Your beautiful review is so evocative. Thank you. Now I just need to find a way to sample this.


  4. Hi Tim,

    It’s beautiful for sure! You might try contacting Shelly thru her website, she has a good sample program. Or maybe surrendertochance.com. I’m presuming you might live somewhere far away from the PacNW?


  5. Hi Robert,
    Sounds lovely! But when will those darned Californians ever stop moving up here to WA state? 😉 You may recall that for years, many Washingtonians tried to convince the world that the PNW was not a good place to be because of all the rain. Obviously those efforts were misplaced. It seems that after years of draught, endless months of rain look pretty good!
    Azar xx


    • Haha! As one of those Californians who moved here 30 years ago, I say there’s room for everyone. california has gotten so crazy, and the Northwest attracts all sorts of cultural creatives and free spirits! Hey! Did you know there’s a brand new, albeit tiny, niche perfume/cosmetics store up near Northgate? House Of Volnay. Check it out!



      • Hey Robert!

        I will definitely check out the House of Volnay! Thank you.

        Strange but true, on our last road trip to Santa Rosa, California looked better than it ever did, despite the draught. I realized when I got home that it was simply because the drivers were (and are?) better around Napa than they are around Seattle. Also no variable speed limits.

        Azar xx


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