Belle de Jour by Antoine Lie for Eris Parfums 2016


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Hello Vintage Frag Freaks,

Barbara Herman is amazing. She has a blog Yesterday’s Perfume that we all read religiously when we need to check our vintage frags out. Wrote a book Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume, which quite a few of my frag buddies got for Christmas 2014. Now she has started a perfume house, a crowdfunded one no less, which starts its story with three fragrances. Thanks Barbara for sending me samples, so good.


Writing a blog about fragrance means we get sent LOADS of things. It’s one of the perks. On the flip side is that there just doesn’t seem to be enough days in the month to get this stuff onto the blog and out to you all. This week I am dedicating APJ to a GIVEAWAY WEEK! Yes, every day for six out of seven days there will be a 24 hour GIVEAWAY. That’s right, you’ll have 24 hours to get your comment in and then it will be drawn. Enter every day if you like but only one comment per day. Got it?

Belle de Jour by Eris Parfums 2016

Belle de Jour by Antoine Lie

Belle de Jour Eris Parfums FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Coriander, pink pepper, orange blossom
Heart: Labdanum, Egyptian jasmine, allspice
Base: Atlas cedar, musk, seaweed

Why did I choose Belle de Jour to write about? I think many people have the impression that an animalic perfume needs to be huge, a ball breaking, axe wielding Amazon of a fragrance. Belle de Jour is proof that they need be no such thing. If anything it plays quite the demure wallflower, pretty but you’d hardly notice the raunch it unless you get in really close and suddenly Belle de Jour becomes nuit d’amour. 

A lightly sizzling fruit compote opening that has green undertones keeping it grounded. A fresh, blue sky and joyfully summertime fragrance that does clean, sweet and green in a thoroughly modern vintage reincarnation. Dry green wood comes through, like pruning camellia branches or old cold tea leaves, and Belle de Jour is cool. Both the cool of temperature and cool kids. I can imagine it being perfect for both sexes but does skew towards modern feminine, extremely wearable.

The raunch in Belle de Jour is cleverly contained within a jasmine, seaweed, musk pyramid. It smells like sea air meets humanity and floats below soft and pretty fragrance. An interesting dichotomy and only super noticeable in testing conditions. Outside it’s hardly even a hint.

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26 thoughts on “Belle de Jour by Antoine Lie for Eris Parfums 2016

  1. Mmmm…Belle de Jour…I instantly have to think of Catherine Deneuve in Bunuel’s movie. She was the embodiment of the sensual woman in the 60-ies. If the perfume is half as sexy as she was, it’s a winner 😀
    Thanks for reviewing it and for the giveaway week!
    I follow via email.


  2. Yay giveaway week! Thank you Portia! Belle de Jour sounds an intriguing combination. Tabu is the number one of animalistic scents for me. Follow by email. 🙂


  3. Hi Portia, thank you for your generous give a way week. I follow APJ by mail. I’m not sure if I have a favourite animal scent, except ofcourse my dog’s paws, ears and head…I increasingly enjoy BWF, Jasmina by April Aromatics, pure indolic jasmine. And I love Une Fleur de Cassie, which some find skanky, but to my nose it is just a soft, warm and beautiful, and one of my favourite scents.


  4. Not too sure about indolic scents like huge jasmine, BWF’s etc. but I am a fan of Absolue Pour le Soir and Jubilation 25 which I find a bit animalic. And honey scents like Kiste, have to be in the mood for it though!
    I follow by email


  5. What an exciting week of giveaways! I am not sure I have any animalic perfumes. Or, perhaps I do but don’t recognize them as such? Of the ones others have listed, the only one I’ve sniffed is Jubilation 25, and I’m not sure I get what’s animalic about that. Also, I have no idea what seaweed would smell like in a perfume. I follow by e-mail! Thanks for your generosity 🙂


  6. via email and Facebook

    Roja Enslaved for pure sex animal magic and Putain des Palaces for vanilla musk animalic


  7. I follow your blog with email, the first thing I read almost every morning! My favorite animal scent is Muscs Koublai Khan. My second favorite is not exactly animal, but stomps like one, Kenzo Jungle Elephant, more spicy oriental. Thank you for your reviews!


  8. I follow by email. I’m not quite sure what an animalic scent is so I’m not sure if I have a favorite. Love the giveaway. Thank you.


  9. Mmmm…i love vintage animalics!Cuir de Russie by Chanel for its finest leather note 🙂
    I would love to enter in the give away!Thank you very much!


  10. Hello and thanks for the opportunity. I follow by email.

    This might not get a lot of fans, but for me, Chanel no. 5 is animalic. I hover between distaste and love with this one; but sealing the deal is the reaction of my cat. The last time I wore it, she sniffed my wrist thoroughly, looked me full in the eyes and bit me – hard.

    Guess she’s a Guerlain girl …


  11. Following via email! For animalic perfumes, I quite like Mardi Gras by Olympic Orchids. It starts off -very- skanky but dries down to a slinky/flirty floral vanilla. So good!


  12. Following by email.
    My favourite animal scent is civet (and actual skunk spray). A scent I miss is Revlon Intimate. A scent I currently wear is Givenchy Ysatis — there’s a lot of civet bolstering that ylang-ylang.
    Thanks for the draw.


  13. I follow APJ through email. My favorite animalic scent may be vintage Kouros. Thanks a lot for the draw.


  14. Vintage Kouros is one of my favourite animalics, though I know it’s not to eceryone’s taste!

    Thanks so much for the draw; I follow by email.


  15. Two of my favourite animal scents are Onda by Vero Profumo and Afternoon of a faun by etat libre d’orange.

    I follow via email


  16. When I think of animal perfumes or colognes .. I think of being a child and the man who rented a room in my uncles house.. it was the 70’s , he wore flat fronted bell bottomed slacks with tight t-shirts and cuban heels and leather bomber jackets His curly hair was brul creamed with a side part and formed in waves and he splashed on Pino Sylvestre..
    How do I know .. he used to let me try it ..

    Was it my favourite ? I am not sure.. But It sure left an impression on me and I can still remember him to this day.

    I follow by newsletter and facebook
    Thanks for such great draws… 🙂


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  18. Portia! I am late to the party but am just loving Belle de Jour and agree with you completely: why can’t a vintage-inspired fragrance whisper?

    Thank you for your wonderful reviews, as always. Have a good week 🙂


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