Vanille Tonique by Mark Evans for Evocative Perfumes 2014


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Hey there APJ,

This weekend has seen Mark Evans as the featured perfumer on Facebook Fragrance Friends. When I saw him there it reminded me to put on one of his creations. Then I thought I’d look it up to see what I’d written about it but OMG! there was no APJ post about it. Let’s fix that right now then…..

Vanille Tonique by Evocative Perfumes 2014

Vanille Tonique by Mark Evans

Vanille Tonique Evocative Perfumes Fragrantica


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Olibanum, ylang-ylang
Heart: Vanilla, orchid, woods
Base: Ambrette (musk mallow), musk, benzoin

Thick and dry, resinous and sweet. Not bakery. A woody balminess that is crackly for the first few minutes and then suddenly smooths over into a soft as silk creamy caramel. Lightly smoky and warming.

The heart is a simple vanilla centre with softly fragrant back ups that add interest and keep the vanilla alive. Much more sheer through the heart, so wearable and engaging. If you are looking for a challenging fragrance that really pushes the boundaries you won’t find it here. Vanilla Tonique is softly alluring and sweetly wearable. I would even suggest it as a perfect date-night scent because while it’s no powerhouse in the 2-4 hour mark it is a lovely low key fragrance that could well be irresistible.

vanille-tonique-evocative-perfumes Tigers eye WikiCommonsWikiCommons

I love that Mark Evans is an Aussie Independent Perfumer who is full of fire and enthusiasm. Part of my love for the indies is their ability to do wonderful stuff unfettered by IRFA compliance and rooms full of target audience panels. Here is a man who really loves fragrance and wants to add his olfactory voice to the chorus.

Evocative Perfumes has the Oil and EdP starting at $40
Evocative Perfumes also has the sample set on SALE! AUD$28 10 x 1ml samples FREE WORLD SHIPPING!

Have you tried any of the Evocative Perfumes?

Portia xx



12 thoughts on “Vanille Tonique by Mark Evans for Evocative Perfumes 2014

  1. Hi Portia, I haven’t come across Evocative Perfumes so far so thanks for bringing it up. Just recently I started exploring indie perfume. This must be the usual evolution of a perfumista – first mainstream, then niche, then indie 😉 Given the fantastic price of the sample set and the FREE worldwide shipping I will be ordering it for sure.


    • Hi there Neva,
      I think that might be the usual progression, though some people probably do it differently. The set is a great deal, I hope you enjoy them.
      Portia xx


  2. Thank you muchly for the wonderful write-up, Portia.
    Hey, we should organise another giveaway in the near future.


    • Hi there Mark,
      You’re welcome. It’s lONG overdue, TBH I thought I’d done a write up of Vanille Tonique, maybe I did a little one of Facebook.
      Yes, Let the dust settle on your amazing weekend and we will chat.
      Love your work,
      Portia xx


  3. What a great way to test some of the things on offer from this line, a good prce on the sample set of perfume oils. I don’t normally use perfume oils, but with the postal restrictions I guess that is what I will make do with for a first testing of Mark Evans creations.


    • Hi there Ingeborg,
      Yes, it’s getting harder and harder for businesses to get their products to the world. I think you’ll be very impressed by the oils.
      Portia xx


  4. Thank you Portia for doing this review! A Mark Evans sampler is at the top of my list after reading his bio in FFF, and now you’ve cemented the deal! He really sound like such a marvellous guy, and passionate about his work. Cannot wait to get my nose around this Vanilla and his others!!


    • Hi there Robert H,
      Great to see you here.
      All my dealings with Mark have been really great. He is sweet and dedicated, full of passion and really wants us all to smell amazing.
      Love to read your thoughts on the line when you sample.
      Portia xx


  5. I’m really curious about this one. I won a sampler of evocative perfumes from APJ and I really liked them. This vanilla looks right up the non-floral alley I’ve been traversing lately. Maybe I’ll have to order samples!


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