Love-In-A-Mist by Charna Ether for Providence Perfume Company 2016


Post by Erica Golding


Greetings to my people!

I just want to say how thrilled I am that you all “get it.” Being able to connect with fragrance lovers all over the world is a precious gift, and I love you all! My life has been particularly charmed the last few years since discovering my heaven on earth, the storefront and perfume studio of Charna Ethier: Providence Perfume Company. Charna has just released her latest all-natural perfume, and it is absolutely breathtaking.

Love-In-A-Mist by Providence Perfume Company 2016

Love-In-A-Mist EdP by Charna Ether

Love-In-A-Mist Providence Perfume Co FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Wildflowers, mimosa, pink pepper, sandalwood, clover

You may have heard that last year, the Providence Perfume Company brick-and-mortar store was damaged in a fire. Repairs were swift, but the business has since relocated. A few weeks ago, I floated into the brand new Providence Perfume Company studio. The space is nothing short of enchanting. Brilliant light cascades onto precious fragrant gems. The ambience is welcoming, invigorating, soothing, and joyful all at once. I spent several hours starlit by my friend Charna’s exquisite company, inhaling serenity and chatting about our love of fragrance.

I left with the first full-size bottle ever sold of Love-In-A-Mist. This scent orbits around nigella damascena absolute, a rare essence displaying a gorgeously honeyed aroma. The sweetness is tempered by the floral lift of pink pepper and the cucumber-like shimmer of pure mimosa olessance. Sweet clover rounds out the spellbinding composition with a tender sentiment. Smoothly harmonious sandalwood hums with a subtle, peaceful tone at the base. On my skin, the pink pepper presents beautifully at the opening, while the mimosa and clover are the dominant notes through the heart of the experience. I simply can’t get enough of Love-In-A-Mist, I have been dousing it on frequently and I’ve bonded with it very strongly.

Love-In-A-Mist Providence Perfume Co children MB-Fotografie PixabayPixabay

Love-In-A-Mist was intended to inspire memories of summer childhood romps. Running barefoot through a field of wildflowers, sun-warmed hair streaming and shining, the scent of hay hanging lazily in the air, the buzzing song of cicadas mingling with the tinkling laughter of little ones at play. Love-In-A-Mist is liquid poetry.

I am graced with the good fortune of mingling online with like-minded perfume enthusiasts, and I am even luckier to have had the opportunity to “Meet and Sniff” in person with several local kindred spirits. Above and beyond these incredible prosperities, for which my gratitude is infinite, I can’t begin to fathom the outrageous twist of fate that led me to the threshold of Charna’s perfumed oasis. She is a gifted, graceful, exceptionally talented artist whose spirit glows with genuine passion and positivity.

Love-In-A-Mist Providence Perfume Co 5ml perfume rollerProvidence Perfume Co.

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Providence Perfume Co. has $45/5ml Rollerball and larger

Have you experienced the euphoria of meeting a fellow fragrance lover in person? Or perhaps even a perfumer whose knowledge and enthusiasm inspired you? What was it like spending precious time with someone who understands our fascination and appreciation of the olfactory treasures that surround us?

Love and light to you all, until next time –


11 thoughts on “Love-In-A-Mist by Charna Ether for Providence Perfume Company 2016

  1. Hi Erica,
    In my experience, finally meeting perfume pals in person has been like “old home week” – even though it might be the first time we have ever laid eyes on each other! And “Love in a Mist”! What a wonderful name for a fragrance.
    Azar xx


  2. My winter weekend sniffathon with Barb Carter and Karen Hatch. Hit ALL the L.A. Perfume hotspots in two days, and laughed our asses off! One of the MOST fun days ever!!! Gorgeous article, Erica!! ????


    • I loved seeing the pictures from that beautiful meetup, you were all lit up with pure joy and glee! Love you dear!!


  3. For the time being I enjoy talking about perfume with some experienced SAs in various shops. Some of them really have a knowledge of vintage perfume (70-ies and 80-ies) which I remember well and love a lot.
    The bottle of Love-In-A-Mist alone is a good reason to buy it. Your review makes it irresistible.


    • Very true, it is a real treasure to meet a SA who is genuinely passionate and knowledgable and friendly!
      And isn’t the bottle design just divine?? She spent years working on her packaging update, these bottles were not easy to get!


  4. Hey there Erica,
    What a great name for a fragrance. It makes me want to own it so when people ask I can get all OTT and tell them.
    Portia xx


    • It is so romantic to say!! “Oh, nothing special, just Love-In-A-Mist”
      *drop the mic, walk away trailing rainbows, unicorns neighing in the distance*


  5. Thanks you Erica for this gorgeous review of my Love-In-A-Mist perfume! I’m so pleased that you really, really, REALLY like it! 🙂 I so appreciate your support.


  6. This sounds so lovely and like everyone else says it has such a beautiful name. I wonder if Providence Perfume Co would ship to the UK? I have never met any of my on-line perfume friends as yet but its still lovely to speak with them online and via email – we can all learn little bits from each other.


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