What Frags Have You Excited 2016?


Post by Portia


Hey Hey Perfumeland,

It’s July! We have smelled half a year already. What is new that’s grabbed you by the nostrils and won’t let go? There have been a slew of new releases and frankly I’m a little bit overwhelmed so I would love to hear your enthusiastic two thumbs up frags for 2016 so far? Even a mildly interested one thumb not down will do. What should I definitely try and get my sniff on in the near future?

What Frags Have You Excited 2016?

As is so often the case I have a couple that you might like….

Ambre Eternel Guerlain FragranticaFragrantica

Ambre Eternal by Thierry Wasser for Guerlain 2016: I can’t believe that Ambre Eternal didn’t come home from Europe with me this year. We tried it in 3 different stores. Loved it every time and now I wish its warm, sweet, woodsy, driftwood, creamy amber floralcy was here in my home to spritz with abandon. GRRRR!

Equinox Bloom Penhaligon`s FragranticaFragrantica

Equinox Bloom by Olivier Cresp for Penhaligon’s 2016: For lovers of interesting floral scent then here is a floral, green gourmand. I really enjoyed my wearings of Equinox Bloom and was really sad to see my decant empty. I haven’t bought a bottle because I just couldn’t see myself  reaching for it over my favourite greens: Niki de Saint Phalle, Futur and CHANEL No 19.

Indian Wood 11.1 Parfumerie Generale FragranticaFragrantica

Indian Wood by Pierre Guillaume for Perfumerie Generale 2016: Bright green opening that leads through a creamy, spicy, milky, herbal heart to a sweet woods dry down. So wearable, yet Indian Wood has not been universally adored by the critics. To be honest I can’t think why. Yes, I have a bottle. YUMMY!

Opus X Amouage FragranticaFragrantica

Opus X by Pierre Negrin and Annick Menardo for Amouage 2016: Metallic rose dripping in blood, Opus X is really unusual. The opening and heart are all about this freaky mechanical rose, it’s beautiful and disturbing. As we make our way through the heart it changes, never losing sight of the rose yet the whole fragrance warms and becomes absolutely glorious. Lasts for days. Amazing. I got my bottle from Libertine Parfumerie

Promenade des Anglais Guerlain FragranticaFragrantica

Promenade des Anglaise by Thierry Wasser for Guerlain 2016: Bought at the brand new Rue de Saint Honore Guerlain Store the week it opened! Starts out sweetly fruity and ends up a fluffy cool powder bomb. Fun, flirty, effervescent and so easy to wear. Totally spritz & go sweetness.

Best way to try most of these is to trot over to Surrender To Chance and grab some samples.

So, what have you been buying in 2016? Or even trying? Where should I put my sniffer next?
Portia xx


23 thoughts on “What Frags Have You Excited 2016?

  1. Hi Portia! I haven’t tried any of the perfumes you mentioned yet. I’m falling behind 😉 Indian Wood sounds lovely.

    The only 2016 releases I’ve tried are Masque Romanza and Masque L’Attesa. They are masterful creations. Of the two L’Attesa is the most wearable to me. Definitely I want to try Chanel Boy because I’m a Chanel kind of gal! I bought a full bottle of Misia–wondering if Boy is FBW. My bank account hopes not.


    • Hey there Suzy Q,
      I have samples of L’Attesa on the way. Very excited to try it.
      Both of those FBs are in my collection. Boy landed this week.
      Portia xx


  2. Dare I say, the new Amouage Myths (but not sure if it’s the woman or man version), because it doesn’t smell like Amouage. Penhaligons Equinox Bloom is nice too!


  3. Amouage Myths Man was a like but not love, it is interesting enough to keep going in for another sniff, maybe the herbal chrysanthemum note?
    Sometimes I get so confused with new releases I go back to the past. Just discovered vintage Jicky. Thumbs up.


    • Hey JackieB,
      Vintage Jicky. HEAVEN!
      Yes, my mind gets overloaded with choice and I have to go back to Shalimar to recalibrate.
      Portia xx


  4. Hi Portia,
    Your description of Opus X makes me want to give it a try. This week I am still sniffing the remnants of my Blood Orange Chocolat samples and it looks like I will have to have a full bottle at some point. Also, in what’s left of 2016 I will be checking out the new offerings from the House of Orpheus. This morning I’m wearing his Enodia (2014) from a sample and find it very satisfying!
    Azar xx


  5. Hi P! Great group of discoveries! So far 2016 has brought me Chanel Boy (my current obsession), Opus X, and two gorgeous geraniums, one from Diptyque and the other the new Hermes Equipage Geranium.

    But the bee bottle of L’ Heure De La Nuit that came my way in Feb. trumps all. Not released this year, but a full bottle at last. SO happy! Xoxo


    • Woo Hoo! I also bought a L’ Heure De Nuit this year but mine was a pre loved bottle. It’s gorgeous to have a Bee Bottle isn’t it?
      Portia xx


  6. In the 90’s here in Colorado, so I’ve been drenching with Olfactive’s Still Life in Rio. It’s icy, green, Daiquiri lime smell has me reaching for it again and again. Although I have no idea when it came out, Henri Bendel’s Persian Lime and Pepper wows me also.


  7. This year I discovered some American perfumers like Antonia’s Flowers, Bruno Fazzolari, Charenton Macerations…so I’m currently trying out their lines and I found some really fantastic perfumes but nothing released in 2016.
    I’d love to try the Guerlains you mention and Indian Wood by PG. They sound divine!


    • Hey Neva,
      With such an incredible back catalogue of fragrance to get through sometimes it’s hard to get excited about the new stuff. I totally get it, the Guerlains and PG are worth looking for though.
      Portia xx


  8. Promenade de Anglais is really Figue Iris repackaged at huge markup. The perfumes that have excited me most this year that I have tried (not necessarily released in 2016) include Chanel 31 Rue Cambon, Tauer Lonesome Rider, Burberry Touch for Men (vintage formula), Lubin idole edp, and Ford Noir Femme.


  9. Opus X. Wearing it a LOT. I love it. Haven’t tried Boy yet but I’m heading to Vienna sometime soon. Very disappointed in Myths Woman. Narcissus Napalm. ?


  10. Hi gorgeous.
    I get lost and never sure what’s new in 2016 and what’s not. That said I have tried Amouage Myths Man (liked and intrigued) and Opus X (liked as well and feel a little unlike the other scents in the Library series). I am looking forward to try Boy by Chanel. However the one I am most eager to try is the much raved Miyako but not sure how to get my hand on a bottle.
    I usually just pop into shops and, tah dah, I might get to try something new.
    XXX… T


    • Hey hey Tim!
      Lovely to see you.
      That Miyako is getting loads of love.
      Yes, shop trawling is very satisfying, love surprises.
      Portia xx


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