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Hello to my fragranced kindred spirits!

Today I’m dwelling on the lure of limited edition, small batch perfumes. Perfume oil companies such as Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Nocturne Alchemy/VApothecary, and Haus of Gloi have enjoyed great success with strictly limited releases of their little vials of perfume. Oil collectors like myself love the concept, jumping at blind buys when the notes sound promising, and swapping and selling “The Precious” in our communities. (Yes, you need to read that in Gollum’s voice.)

Limited offerings have also popped up in the world of alcohol-based luxury perfumery, with here-today gone-tomorrow beauties such as Bogue Cologne Reloaded, L’artisan Fleur d’Oranger 2005 (and 2006), Neela Vermeire Creations Mohur Extrait, and MPG Ambre Precieux Ultime.

Sometimes the lure of the note list (and perhaps a sexy bottle to boot) makes a scent so intriguing, so irresistible that sampling first is a risk of missing out on a full bottle. What if it sells out before you’ve even had a chance to sniff? Oh, the horror. Factor in a coupon code that falls from the heavens, and that’s how I ended up with a full bottle of the mysterious vetiver masterpiece:

Aeon 001 Eau de Parfum

Aeon 001 LuckyScentLuckyScent

Aeon 001 is the first release from Aeon Perfumes. Limited to 333 bottles worldwide, the nose behind the composition will be announced only once sold out. That being said, word on the street is that the perfumer is none other than the mastermind of Bogue Profumo, Antonio Gardoni. (At the time of writing, there were only 11 bottles left at Luckyscent and then I believe they will be gone forever; First in Fragrance is sold out.)

Aeon 001 opens with a splash of fresh bright citronella, immediately underscored by the smoky sun-warmed hay impression of high quality vetiver. Simultaneously intense and delicate, the aroma is powerful yet lifted, confident yet calm. It has a feral, animalic quality but also evokes a refinement and grace of days gone by. The soft tickle of lush white blossoms teases at the edges, adding a waft of complexity and classic allure. Woody resins (I’m guessing labdanum and frankincense) gently and subtly anchor the aroma. As the fragrance settles and melds with my chemistry, the smokiness thins a bit and the blossoms mingle more prominently in the top with herbal bergamot. The vibrancy of this perfume is just so beautifully unexpected. I was bracing myself for a dark bitter vetiver, but this beauty is lifted, energized, and infused with life!


I’ve fallen hard for this legendary stunner and I have zero regrets. Phew! I’m really picky with vetiver so this was quite a plunge.

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LuckyScent has $240/65ml + Samples

How do you feel about limited edition perfumes? Have you scored one that you can’t imagine living without? What’s your favorite rare fragrance?

Scented hugs,

6 thoughts on “Aeon 001 Eau de Parfum

  1. I haven’t bought any like that but I do like perfume oils. I purchase Deep Midnight on Etsy a lot!!!! I have tons of hers. I also have some others from Etsy.


  2. Hey Erica,
    I have a bottle here too but I’m going to use up my decant before I open it. What number is yours? Mine is my lucky #11.
    Portia xx


    • Oooo! How do I find the bottle number? I looked everywhere and did not see it. So clearly I did not actually look everywhere, hahaha! xo


      • HA! Not sure. Haven’t opened mine but they are all numbered……..
        Sorry I can’t be more hep.
        Portia xx


  3. Erica, your prose makes 001 sound irresistible. I can’t afford a full bottle but I’ve ordered a 2ml spray sample and can’t wait to try it. Of course, if I love it there will be a tragic parting when the sample is all gone. Well, better to have loved and lost, and all that rot…


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