Gardelia by Antonio Gardoni for Bogue 2015


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Hey There Stank Lovers,

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to get to hang out with Antonio Gardoni. Val the Cookie Queen organised a lunch in London’s Spittalfields at Poppies Fish & Chips. It’s a 1950s memorabilia restaurant and the food is YUMMY! Antonio was urbane, charming, funny and SEXY! We spent the afternoon laughing together in our corner of the table. Antonio also came along to the Perfume Lovers London where I was invited by the wonderful Lila to host A Night With Portia Turbo where we chatted about 12 amazing historic and modern game changing women and scented them. So my review will probably be tinged with my love for the guy.

Jin, Val, Chris, Judith, Antonio Gardoni, Portia Poppies Fish & Chips 2016

Portia, Jin, Judith, Chris, Val, Antonio outside Poppies Fish & Chips 2016

Antonio Gardoni, Portia Poppies Fish & Chips 2016

Antonio (R) & Portia (L) inside Poppies Fish & Chips 2016

Val, Grant, Lila, Antonio Gardoni, Portia Perfume Lovers London 2016

Val, Grant, Lila, Antonio, Portia at Perfume Lovers London 2016

Gardelia by Bogue 2015

Gardenia by Antonio Gardoni

Gardelia Bogue FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Gardenia, Jasmine, Rose, Tuberose, Frangipani, Magnolia, Civet, Cognac, Geranium

Gardenia opens vegetal and earthy, the booze is front and centre. Dazzling, indolic white flowers seem encased in a grassy compost. Though not noted my nose smells leather, smoke and birch but they could all be the civet and flower combination. One spritz is big, room filling and an earthy version of those enormous 1980s powerhouse diva frags.

As the initial explosion softens a spicy flower, like no other flower on earth, a spiky, snarling, singing Triffod. An alien plant form, ferocious and feral but gorgeous and alluring. Gardelia is the scent of Audrey II, the star of Little Shop of Horrors.

What happens then is the whole fragrance turns fluffy, cuddly, furry and sweet. It’s a complete transformation and continues to become a softly animalic, honeyed amber to dry down. Glorious.

Audrey2The Mary Sue

From BogueGARDELIA is a project commissioned from Profumeria Sacro Cuore to celebrate their 50th anniversary. GARDELIA is created and formulated by Antonio Gardoni. 
GARDELIA is a perfume extrait that raises a garden around a flower and from the earth grows following the tree’s lines up to their leaves in the sky.
50 of the best available natural ingredients have been used to celebrate a great flower.
Each GARDELIA bottle is made by hand from the glassmaker maestro Giorgio Giuman in the Murano’s island, Venice.
The over-cap of the GARDELIA’s bottle is hand-made in glass paste through lost wax casting with cobalt blue oxide.

Sacro Cuore Profumi has €850/50ml


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28 thoughts on “Gardelia by Antonio Gardoni for Bogue 2015

  1. email and FB

    What note is there not to love in this scent? Ooooh. I want it.

    Hands down: Tauer is my favorite indie perfumer. He’s a masterpiece and lovely, talented man.


  2. Great post, Portia How much I would have loved to be there in January when you visited! Would love to try this fragrance, it must be amazing.

    Xxx, Esperanza

    Ps I follow on Insta, Twitter you name it 🙂


  3. Arrrrghh Gardelia sounds divine – dying to test it !!

    I follow by email and recently connected to Portia’s Instagram.
    My favourite perfume house is Parfum d’Empire, (Marc-Antoine Corticchiato) with a special fondness for his perfume “3 Fleurs”


  4. Gorgeous bottle ! Portia, Darling, could you pls tell me, how much of the bouquet is made up by the Tuberose ? Kisses from Vienna !


    • Hey there Lady Jane Grey,
      It’s not a tuberose fragrance and the bl;ending is so spectacular that it’s role in the chorus is not immediately identifiable in my memory but I’ll have to wear it again for real distinctions.
      Portia xx


  5. Portia,
    Thank you so much for the generous giveaway. Gardelia is simply stunning, one of the most beautiful and long lasting scents I have ever smelled.
    I follow you on FB. Right now my favorite Indie perfumer is Douglas Bender from Charenton Macerations.


  6. Honeyed amber sounds amazing! I loved this review, it was fun.
    I follow through email. My fav independent perfumer would be Andy Tauer. The whole flash line just caught my heart.


  7. Hi! I follow via Facebook. My fave ind house is probably le labo, but in just getting into the perfume world, and I’m pretty awful with names…


  8. I follow by email. There are really too many names that come to mind. I’m not sure what the difference would be between indie and niche, but I love Serge Lutens. This fragrance sounds gorgeous and I would dearly love to sample it.


    • Hi Ellen M,
      Indie meaning Independent Perfumer, not bankrolled by big business. Serge Lutens is part of the Shiseido company which makes him big business on Department Stores. Doesn’t take anything away from his amazing talent or the beauty of his creations.
      Portia xxx


  9. Hi, Portia — What a gorgeous bottle. (The perfumer is pretty gorgeous, too!) I follow by email and Twitter. I love Francis Kurkdjian but maybe he’s not indie enough. I also like Sonoma Scent Studio, esp. Ambre Noir and Rose Musc.


  10. Just started following by email, although I’ve been clicking on your FB links to these wonderful reviews for some time now (didn’t even realise there was an email option)!

    My current favourite independent house is Mendittorosa – fell head over heels for Le Mat, have fond memories of sampling Id, and can’t wait to get my hands on Nettuno (iris and leather… <3)


  11. Hi Portia,
    DNEM! I just wanted to say that this bottle looks fabulous, I love Audrey II and Ellen is my favorite indie perfumer.
    Azar xx


  12. Hi Portia
    I follow via email, and I have a few fave indie perfumers, one being Kerosene and the other Sarah McCartney at 4160 Tuesdays.


  13. My fav. independent perfume house is Tauer. Thanks for the generous draw. I own wonderful Maai from Bogue. I follow APJ through email and FB.


  14. how do you enter please .ive been following for three years by email .believe it or not my favoriteperfumery is Jean louis vermeil,so many great long lived mens frags.try them


  15. Portia, I love your Animalic floral so curious also 850 euro for 50ml? Super cool for sure…and you met the guy who created it, too cool.


  16. Hey all! Still following by email nd I think my favorite indie perfumer is Dawn Spencer Hurwitz.
    Antonio is rocking the bald and bearded look!


  17. Following by email.

    My favorite indie perfumer is the lovely Maria McElroy.

    I’d love to have a sniff of Gardelia. What a gorgeous bottle, too.


  18. Oh god, all was so perfect about Gardelia…then I saw the price, shame on me for not being rich! Right now my favorites are Bogue, For Strange Women and Pekji.
    I fillow by email!

    Thank you for the giveaway


  19. What an intriguing review!

    My favourite indie house at the moment is CB I Hate Perfume…I can’t get over how realistic the scents are, but also how wearable they are as well.

    I follow via email


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