Child Perfume by Susan D. Owens 1990


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Hey there APJ,

Over the years I am often told about a fragrance that is used by a bunch of the Hollywood stars as their signature scent, it’s even the first thing that Fragrantica mentions in its blurb. When I was told it though I always seemed to forget which fragrance it was, like my brain was totally disinterested in holding the information. I’d come home & wrack my brains to no avail. Anyway, I came across it on Surrender To Chance and it has the SAME Hollywood Stars bit, Ta DAAAA. We have a winner. Let’s see what al the fuss is about…..

Child Perfume by Susan D. Owens 1990

Child Perfume Susan D. Owens FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Vanilla, Lilac, Magnolia
Heart: Jasmine, Tuberose, Violet
Base: Creamy musk, Rose, Mimosa

OOOOOH! Child Perfume opens with cool, sharp, waxy lilac and the most gorgeous jasmine. Jasmine with all the fat and breath and hefty, heavenly swathes of tuberose. So sharp it could be a cleaning product but also gorgeously alluring and intoxicatingly OTT. It’s reminiscent of the jasmine from my vintage Joy parfums, strident, strong and unstoppable. I’m surprised that Hollywood is wearing something so large and outrageous.

Child Perfume dwarf-crape-jasmine sarangib PixabayPixabay

Jasmine is the Child Perfume star and everything else is merely a supporting player. Jasmine, jasmine, jasmine. Cool, slightly astringent, a little breathy and mildly narcotic. If you close your eyes, put your wrist to your nose and breath slowly in & out it becomes engulfing. Letting my mind drift in that state and I go on fabulous fragrant journeys that are pure fantasy, colours: green, purple, blue, ideas: swimming in a waterhole, in the breeze at the top of a hill, winter in Korea, caught in a summer sun shower, laughing around a table with my mates, visiting Val the Cookie queen in her home town in Austria and walking into the cool of a department store in summer. All of these things, and a few that I couldn’t hold onto, pass through my mind in 20 minutes of huffing this way.

Surprising longevity too. I can still smell a pretty, slightly sharp jasmine and some musks next morning.

Child Perfume is surprising and beautiful. I can see why the Hollywood stars love it.
From Beauty HabitOne of the most sought-after perfumes worn by devoted fans world-wide! Celebrity fans include: Khloe Kardashian, Maggie Smith, Jennie Garth, (she made the famous statement that child drives men wild!) Sigourney Weaver, LeeAnn Rimes, Madonna, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Rebecca Gayheart, Christina Applegate, Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears, Denise Richards, Lindsey Lohan, Tiffany Amber Thiesen, Tori Spelling and John Mayer. This is the original and authentic Child Perfume – not a copycat.

Child Perfume Maggie smith YouTubeYouTube

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Beauty Habit has the range from $68/10ml Rollerball
My Perfume Samples has EdP from $8/ml

Have you tried Child Perfume? What is your jasmine?
Portia xx

13 thoughts on “Child Perfume by Susan D. Owens 1990

  1. CHILD!!!!!! This was one of my very first niche obsessions. Must have been over 10 years ago. I have the large bottle of the oil, because I drained the smaller one completely!
    Such a fresh clean perfume to me. All about sweet Hawaiian pikake Jasmine. It smells slightly humid, like the feeling of being freshly showered all day.
    As I remember, Jennifer Aniston was so into child that she begged for a spray, and that’s how the limited edition alcohol based version came about. You can smell the influence of child in Jennifer Aniston’s own celebrity scent.


    • He He he Erica,
      I’m so glad to relight some memories for you.
      Love that Jennifer Anniston tit bit too.
      Yes, like a sexy minx after a shower.
      Portia x


  2. H Portia,
    I’ve been meaning to try this one for years and just never go around to it. My favorite jasmine was an oil purchased in the 70s in Mashhad. That one has been long gone forever.
    Azar xx


    • Hey there Val,
      I thought Rubj was jasmine but it’s a tuberose/orange blossom. GOSH! You need to come here and try some jasmines.
      Portia xx


      • I meant a scent with jasmine as the main player. Le Maroc Pour Elle could count probably as jasmine but not full on. I do need to visit and the time will come. Bussis xxxxxx


  3. this is quite a celebrity list. I prefer Jasmine perfumes with creative interpretations and not soliflores. hence, my reservations about A la Nuit which is quite realistic jasmine creation. My favorite Jasmine-themed perfumes are Sarrasins and ELDO Jasmin et Cigaratte (older variation because the new version I got is watered down)


  4. oh my goodness, I haven’t seen Child mentioned in the blogosphere in years. What a lovely trip down the MUA memory lane. I’ve never smelt Child but to me, it symbolises the niche fragrances of the early noughties. Kai, Child and Monyette Paris.


    • Hey Willa,
      I completely understand why it was such a hit. Beautiful fragrance.
      Love that you remember those days, you must have been a kid?
      Portia xx


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