Lady Gaga + Gwyneth Paltrow Talk Fashion Disasters


Post by Portia


Heya Fashion Forward Fumies,

Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow are about as polar opposite as you can imagine. Back in 2011 they were both on Graham Norton’s couch and the subject of fashion fails creeps up. The very last look of this clip is gold. They are both really charming and I love the way they work together. Comedy comes from such unexpected places.

Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow, Graham Norton 2011

How would you scent Gwyneth and Gaga? Let’s not say what they do wear but what their personalities match with. I reckon Gwyneth would wear something feminine, overblown and intrusive like Midnight Oud, Ysatis or Songes. Lady Gaga is surprisingly conservative under all that show so maybe something that opens really strong then softens to an elegant wash like Mitsouko, Maai or Jasmine Rouge.

Do please take a moment out of your busy life to enjoy this.
Portia xxx

The Graham Norton Show – BBC One

Lady Gaga on falls, ripped crotches and other disasters

14 thoughts on “Lady Gaga + Gwyneth Paltrow Talk Fashion Disasters

  1. I’m thinking Lady Ga Ga might wear something quite floral, but perhaps with a bit of ‘skank’ So perhaps Femme Rochas or Bal a Versailles. However, I could also see her wearing something ‘masculine’ like Eau Sauvague.
    Now as for Gwyneth, apart from Cookiequeen’s delightful description above, I’d like to put her in a scent. My suggestion would be something with complexity, perhaps , Moss Gown ,or Puredistance M. For a ‘frivolous’ day ,perhaps Stella Mc Cartney’s Summer Roses.


    • Hey SaffyIsHere,
      I love the way you think, M is a genius suggestion for Gwyneth.
      Yes also to the feminine and fleshy florals for Gaga. I’m majorly surprised she hasn’t done one herself.
      Portia xx


  2. I must say I dont like Gwyneth that much. She comes across as snobbish and elitist. On the other hand, Lady Gaga has a good heart. Gaga was huge fan of McQueen’s shoes (I think she is wearing one in this video) so I would choose McQueen Kingdom for her.


      • I didn’t mean snobbish and elitist impression in this video but I have read some of Paltrow’s interviews and that is where I got the impression. On the other hand, Gaga has used her celebrity to champion social causes including LGBT rights and bullying.


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