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Hello, all of you fragrance-frenzied fanatics!

Today, I’m pumped to dive into a fresh new fragrance house. Dua Fragrances are crafted and sold in the US, using accords and concentrates made in Dubai from globally sourced raw materials. Some of their creations are influenced by other popular niche or mainstream scents, while others are inspired organically. All the ones that I have tried so far turned out to be unique, attractive fragrances that stand out on their own merit.

Dua Fragrances

Totally shocked to win a generous giveaway from Dua after being curious in their line for the last few weeks because I have been building an Arabic perfume sub-section in my collection, so these beauties are right up my alley! I’ve been so curious that I purchased several extras to travel with my much-appreciated prize. Here are mini reviews of three of my Dua parfum extracts.

Dua Fragrances Erica GoldingPhoto Courtesy Erica Golding

Hypnotic Santalum

NOTES: Sandalwood, Oud, Leather, Cinnamon, Neroli, Amber, Rose

Leather and oudh leap forth at the opening on my skin. The combination is focused, rich yet refined. Neroli and rose enter gradually, luxurious blossoms that add grace and a high-end edge. As the cinnamon, amber, and sandalwood warm up, the aroma begins to sweeten and the overall fragrance up shifts into addictive territory. Cinnamon often drags an imaginary apple note along in my mind due to scent association, a delicious effect that saturates my senses with pleasure.

Bois Oudh Dua FragrancesDua Fragrances

Bois Oudh

NOTES: Tonka Bean, Cardamom, Amber, Teak Wood, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Agarwood (Oud)

My favorite so far! The scent starts out subtle and the agarwood is just the right hint of rubber (in a good way) without being pungent or overwhelming. Sandalwood glows warm and smooth and familiar, giving a gorgeous tone. Accents of cardamom and amber impart a magnetic complexity. Later in the drydown, the hay-honey tonka bean sings.
The aroma isn’t particularly intense, which I was braced for, but was rather a very smooth, harmonious blend that left me huffing my wrists and wanting more. The scent is passionate without being overbearing. It won’t impress those looking for an aggressive nuclear bomb of scent, but it’s an exceptionally pleasing composition.


NOTES: Orange Blossom, Amber, Rose, Jasmine, Resins, Musk, Oud

Oudh comes out first, leathery and confident. Classic floral notes add lift and harmony to the scent, with rose at the forefront of the bouquet. Creamy woody amber and furry musk smooth the base, a luxurious impression. On my skin, the drydown is dominated by tea rose.
Overall, Mulhallat is a classic Arabian perfume, along the lines of Ghroob and Kashkha (though a distinctly unique creation).

I’ve had a blast exploring these affordably priced delights. I admit I’m hooked, and I’m plotting what to try next. I hope they have the bandwidth to start offering samples soon, I know they plan to and just can’t yet handle that work stream as they’re firing up this new venture.

Dua Fragrances $45-$50/30ml

Have you gotten into Dua Fragrances yet? Did you already miss out on one of their LEs (goddammit Vanilla Lemon Gelato, why have you forsaken me)? What new perfume house have you recently discovered; or, perhaps you’ve excavated a line that’s just new-to-you?

Until next time, stay fragrant and have fun sniffing!


9 thoughts on “Dua Fragrances

    • Thank you so much darling! You are just the best kind of person, I’m so honored to play perfume online with you! xoxoxo


  1. Don’t get me started on these. I own two full bottles and would not buy more. These are quality but copy fragrances, some of which cost more than the original. I am trying to unload mine.


  2. Thank you Erica for reviewing these! Can’t wait to hear your opinion of some of the florals (because florals and me). I read/heard so much about this line, but jave been hesitating because the reviews are all over the place, but now I’ll give them a try!!


    • I will report back when I try more of the floral/fresh ones! So far I have tried more along the Arabian oudh/woody type. Smoochums my dear Robert!


  3. Hey Erica, these sound fab! Thanks for the review. My recent line discovery is the Dutch line, Baruti. I’ve got a few samples, which may morph into FB territory… We will see….

    Tina G


  4. I am skeptical of this line because I don’t think these are really custom creations by the founder. They seem more like readymade oils some of whom can be had on ebay for under $10 and then you add some perfumer alcohol to turn them into edp. I got one Tuscan Leather clone oil for under $10 and I was surprised how well it was done. Sorry to say but I think Dua is just not an authentic brand. It is more about re-packaging and selling at high markup.


  5. Hi Erica,

    I have also heard that Dua does “clones” using prepared oils but that they also do their very own original and custom fragrances. I understand that one of those originals is their Royal Elixer. I have not tried anything by Dua but would love an original. I would also be ecstatic if they would be able to clone a couple of my long gone favorites: Agar Aura’s Al Jazzab and Lanvin’s Spanish Geranium.

    Thank you for another great review!

    Azar xxx


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