Myrrh Casati by Melanie Leroux for Mona di Orio 2014


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Hello Perfume Peeps.

Myrrh Casati! How did it take me so long to find you? I have hazy recollections of this being released. Mainly because it’s the first MdO not created by Mona. Here’s where it all gets weird because I remember the fragrance being soundly trounced by loads of reviewers. Woo Hoo! So my wallet breathed a sigh of relief that I need not try one fragrance. PHEW!  Then, recently I was on Surrender To Chance seeing what was available and about and suddenly, seemingly without even trying, I had bought a couple of really big 8ml decants: Grandiflora Madagascan Jasmine and ………

Myrrh Casati by Mona di Orio 2014

Myrrh Casati by Melanie Leroux

Myrrh Casati Mona di Orio FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Peruvian pink pepper, Guatemala cardamom, Saffron, Licorice, Siam benzoin, Somalian myrrh, Somalian frankincense, Indonesian patchouli, Indian cypriol, Paraguayan gaiac wood

Spicy, dry spices, walking through the spice markets in India or Dubai. A melding of heat, dust, humanity and spices. Cardamom! I can smell it plain as day, as if I pulled a pod from its Tupperware to put into a curry or soup. Saffron and woods. It’s like market day here in Sydney and I smell amazing. All the resins come together in Myrrh Casati and create a balmy, smoky cushion for the spices to rest on.

Myrrh Casati Mona di Orio Curry Spices PDP PixabayPixabay

The fireworks burn off after about 15-20 minutes and Myrrh Casati and it softens off to a comfortable, warm, resinous fragrance, only lightly spiced. Totally wearable and beautiful. The woods are present after a while, they smell fresh hewn but dry, no greenness here at all. Woods and resins float over you and around you softly but insistently. Myrrh Casati is calm, like being in a South Korean temple on a hill in the morning quiet when there’s just you, the monks and whatever your idea of god is. Incense, woods, lingering balms used for polishing, clean air and an internal conversation.

From LuckyscentInspired by Marchesa Casati, the legendary patron of the arts and muse of eccentricity, known for her extravagant dark fashion and lavish fetes replete with exotic animals, gilded servants, and an infectious waft of incense and mystery that surrounded her.

Myrrh Casati Mona di Orio Beopjusa_Temple_Stay_South_Korea WikipediaWikipedia

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Luckyscent has $195/75ml
Peony Melbourne has $245/75ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $6/ml

Did you try it when Myrrh Casati was released, or since? What were your impressions?
Portia xx

7 thoughts on “Myrrh Casati by Melanie Leroux for Mona di Orio 2014

  1. I’m so glad you reviewed Myrrh Casati, it has intrigued me for the longest time. It sounds contemplative and I am off to hunt for a sample.
    Like I need any encouragement!


  2. Ooh – this sounds really lovely! You only need mention India to get me interested. 🙂 Thanks for the review!

    Holly xo


    • Hi Holly,
      Lovely to see you, as always.
      India seems to be my spiritual home. Currently organising a crew to go there in March. Pretty excited.
      Portia xx


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