Going Green? TinaG’s Quick Sniffs with Portia


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Last week I caught up with Portia for tea and lunch. We spent a lovely few hours bubbling away merrily with laughter and stories. Portia has an amazing fragrance collection which we dove into in search of ‘green’ scents. I was presented with a plethora of options. I thought I would share my first impressions of these with you.

There is nothing considered or nuanced here just what jumped out and hit me first. What this style of testing allows for is a snapshot of a range of perfume in a short period of time. What I can then do is go back and explore individual frags at my leisure. Fun!!

Going Green?

TinaG’s Quick Sniffs with Portia

Here’s my notes, ranked from less to more green (if that can be a thing….)

Armani Prive Vert Malachite Giorgio Armani FragranticaFragrantica

Armani Prive – Vert Malachite
Where is the ‘vert’? A bit of pettigran wafts through but it’s mainly a big white floral, heavy on the jasmine and ylang ylang.

Robert Piguet – Futur
This is supposed to be enriched by ‘green’ accords, but I can’t get past the old school aldehydes in the opening. It burns off leaving jasmine & ylang ylang with some bitter orange.

Chanel – No 19
Cool green, jasmine, rose, iris, geranium. Elegant.

Silences Jacomo FragranticaFragrantica

Jacomo – Silences
Galbanum-heavy. Not a note I easily pick up in fragrances so I spend some time with my nose on the card trying to affix it in my scent memory.

Ormond Jane – Sampaguita
Watery green. Grassy, light florals, lily & rose.

Guerlain – Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune
Grapefruit green, sharp and fresh.

Tokyo Bloom The Different Company FragranticaFragrantica

The Different Company – Tokyo Bloom
Heavy pink pillar of florals in the middle of gentle plant greens.

Olfactive Studio – Panorama
Light green. Peppery notes, it is a study in various green shades.

Niki de Saint Phalle FragranticaFragrantica

Niki de Saint Phalle
Cool green, but full of colourful varied florals. Fun.

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz – Giverny in Bloom
Fresh cut wet plant stem green. OMG this is exactly like being inside a florists! Amazing!

Guerlain – Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra
Dry green tea note. Simple. Gentle.

Fleur No 1 1000 Flowers FragranticaFragrantica

1000 Flowers – Fleur No 1
I think I was coming to the end of my capacity here because I just wrote ‘green’. (I don’t think there’s 1000 flowers in there).

So, what would I go back to? I’d be interested to see how Silences developed, along with Chanel No 19. I’ve given Panorama a run through as I got a sample when it was released, and it really is layered greens.

What else should I add to my list for future sniffs on a green theme?

See ya!
Tina G xx

22 thoughts on “Going Green? TinaG’s Quick Sniffs with Portia

    • Scott, it was fun – Portia just kept coming up with ideas, running out the back & grabbing things to sniff. I picked up a bottle of Givenchy III for a friend the other day. I’ll have to give it a sniff. I think it’s in storage…. Will hunt it down! Thanks.

      Tina G xx


    • Hi Kerri! I’ve smelt Coven on you, and it is stunning. Everything I like in a green scent. I don’t know Blackwater Thistle all that well – must remedy…

      xxx Tina G


  1. Hi Tina, I enjoyed reading your list and comments. I always liked Chanel No 19 and Silances but I know only the old formulations from the eighties. I wonder what’s become of them nowadays…I liked also Panorama and recommended it to my boyfriend but in the end he decided for something else.
    Sampaguita and Giverny in Bloom go straight to my “to try” list.
    I could recommend you Clinique’s Wrappings which is my dearest green flower perfume, as well as Weekend (a Deauville) by Patricia de Nicolai (green, grassy, lovely). There’s Yerbamate by Lorenzo Villoresi- green grass and plants with a tea note, a bit like Bulgari’s au The Vert (which I also love). Oh, and I must not forget Diorella.
    I hope you’ll like some of them.


    • Hey Neva,
      In Sampaguita and Giverny in Bloom you’ll find some really wonderful ‘plant’ notes. The former has a grassy note which is interesting, and the latter…. Well, that was watery fresh cut flowers – a florist shop in a bottle. Fabulous.

      Thanks for the suggestions. I really must try Diorella, keeps popping up in conversation.

      xx Tina G


  2. Hey Tina!
    What a fun time you two had. I love how fatigued you got and just wrote “green” at the end. Too funny. A bit like our day in London 🙂
    I’m still looking for my perfect green and suspect it’s one of those by DSH as she does green so well. I’d recommend trying Celadon and Vert pour Madame if you can hold of them.
    Silences is so good on my mum, she seems to really suit galbanum. It’s never harsh on her. She also wore No.19 back in the day.


    • Hi Tara! I was so impressed with your memory & interpretation of notes from a quick sniff on our London trip. It takes me a bit longer to parse more than the top three notes from paper. I didn’t do myself any favours by not letting the testing strips dry – #1 lesson in fatigue prevention, and fair to say, they were not the only frags we smelt that afternoon! Haha!
      Thanks for the suggestions!
      I will try Silences on skin & see how it goes, and I got a vintage bottle of No 19 the other day. I’m still a bit overwhelmed with samples right now. Must chat to you. I tried the Cartiers that you gave me. They are great!

      xx Tina G


  3. Hi Tina, You could also try Commes des Garcons Amazingreen, the new Tom Ford Vertes, Odin 02 Owari, Creed selection Verte, and if you can find them Gobin Daude Sous le buis and Seve exquise.


    • Hi Ceil – Whoa…. Never heard of those last two. Looking them up now…. I should be able to find the Amazingreen, TF and Creed all in one shop I think – the Odin may be tricky. Thank you!

      Tina G xx


  4. A few things immediately spring to mind for that list…
    Parfum d’Empire – Corsica Furiosa
    Comme des Garcons – Amazing Green
    Hussein Chalayan (by CdG) – Chalayan Airborne
    Maison Martin Margiella – Untitled

    Is green – Is good!


    • Hey Gav, ok that’s two votes for Amazingreen. Cool. There’s some on your list I’ve not heard of. Excellent, will do some frag hunting – Loving these suggestions!!! Thanks. 🙂

      Tina G xx


  5. Hey Tina,
    I love it whenever we spend time together but our GREEN day was special. Let’s get together soon and hit another note.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia, your company was sparkling, as always. Was a lovely afternoon with some really fun fragrances. Thank you!

      See you soon. xxxxxxx

      Tina G xx


  6. I love Bel Respiro but it only lasts 75 seconds on my skin. Perhaps the EdP will be epic. I have a bottle of old Chanel 19 EdP waiting for me in London and cannot wait to get it. Stunning stuff. My favourite is probably Mito, no surprise there. Hugs. xxxx


    • Mito!!! Lovelovelove. I found a perfect pic which exemplifies Mito for me, I’ll send it to you.

      Let me know what you think of No 19, will compare notes. Mines an older one….

      Love. xx


    • Hey Azar!
      Oh, another I’ve not heard of – Tamango. I’m enjoying this process so much, loving all the suggestions!

      Mito is excellent. I really should get a full bottle….

      xx Tina G


  7. I’ll suggest to add: Pierre Balmain Vent Vert, JoAnne Bassett Intimacy and Florabotanica by Balenciaga. On my want list are: Sammarco Ariel and Sigil Scent Balance.


    • Hi Hikmat Sher Afridi,
      Cool – the two on your want list I’ve not heard of before. Thanks for the tip, some reasearch is in order! I have tried Florabotanica, it didn’t work for me when I tried it. Might revisit….
      Tina G xx


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