Cookie Queen’s Adventure Photo Essay


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


Hello all you APJ Perfumistas and Bikers!

Each year my husband attends the Eurobike International Trade Show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. It´s freaking enormous, supposedly
the biggest bike show in the world. He needs two days to get around it. Journalists, superstars from the downhilling world to The Tour de France,
plus the industry visitors make up the some 45,000 in attendance on the trade days, along with an extra 20,000 bike fans on the public day.


Friedrichshafen is on Lake Constance, also known as the Bodensee. The lake is situated in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I decided
to grab a ride to Friedrichshafen with Chris then hop on a bus to Zürich, meet Vero for lunch, and hop on a bus back again. Why not? Life is too short
to sit still.

Cookie Queen’s Adventure

Bikes, Ferries and Caron Perfume
A lunch date at the Hammam in Zürich with Vero Kern
A Photo Essay

I got up at 03:15 and opened the fridge door for a drink. A large glass of what had been Oma`s frozen cream of pumpkin soup fell out of the door and
smashed on the kitchen floor. By 03.30 I was vacuuming up the last bits of glass and the cat thought I had lost my mind. We were out the door by
04.30 and on our 350 km way. I got out in Friedrichshafen and an hour later was on the bus. By 13:30 I was in Zürich with Vero and by 16:00 I was heading back to Friedrichshafen. Anyway – here´s some piccies.

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #2On the ferry crossing from Friedrichshafen to Konstanz. 15 minutes. Absolutely gorgeous.

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #1Frierichshafen. Home to the Zeppelin.

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #4

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #12

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #3Isi, Vero’s superstar dog meeting me at the central station in Zürich.


Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #7

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #5

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #6

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #8

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #9Lunch at the Hammam Basar. Fantastic salad followed by thick Turkish coffee fragrant with cardomom.

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #11Ferry back from Konstanz to Friedrichshafen. Stunning.

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #13Evening with Chris. (Ice cream makes nice pictures but I don’t like ice cream, I really don’t.)

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #14Next day. Heading to the bike show. Cookies for our dealers. SOTD was vintage Caron En Avion Extrait by Ernest Daltroff: featuring carnation, jasmine, neroli and opoponax. A gift from Vero. Thick dark deep orange, spicy, lush and leathery, What a joy.


Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #15

Bike Desires. Me looking at the new Rotwild Electric bike. €7000. Do not let anyone tell you electric bikes are for old people. And the below shot is a 12 speed SRAM Eagle cassette. ( for the biking perfumistas amongst us 😀)

Cookie Queen's Adventure Sept 2016 #16

Fragrant Biking Bussis

31 thoughts on “Cookie Queen’s Adventure Photo Essay

  1. Val, You have a great life. So glad to see you enjoying everything it has to offer.
    How cute is Vero. One day I hope to meet her.
    Portia xx


  2. Oh I just loved this! I was so there with you thanks to the great photos! I must visit again someday soon, it has been 10 years since I have visited!


    • Hi Barbara! How totally nice to see you here. Please let me know if you are ever in my area, which is basically half of Europe. 😉 Trusty iPhone piccies. Hugs. xxxx


  3. That was one hell of a journey Val, but the ferry crossing looks wonderful. Love the pic of you and Vero in your matching black tops and red lippie.

    That vintage En Avion sounds freaking amazing. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I have to go to the gym on the hottest September day for 40 years. It’s all your fault.


    • I accept full responsibility. You are not alone. Extremely hot here and I went to the gym after the cookie run. 🙂
      It was quite an epic journey. I didn´t add the bit where the first bus was over an hour late and it shortened my visit with Vero by more than an hour. Grrrrr. See you very soon. xxxxx


  4. You and Vero together look fab! I got to meet her in Paris back in 2009, she is great.

    Thanks for the bike porn too, I would love to go to Eurobike some day. So envious of your trip!


    • Hey Tara! Wow! You wanna got to Eurobike? That is really interesting. It is a totally cool show, but so enormous. Yep, I love to spend time with Vero, we always have such a great time together. Cool of you to drop by with a comment. 🙂 Bussis.


  5. Hiya Val!

    So great to see you and your pics are amazing! I’m a fan of vintage En Avion – the extrait must be exquisite.
    I love ice cream as much as cookies. 🙂

    Holly xo


    • Hiya! I didn´t know En Avion before. It really is gorgeous. I think it will be even better in the winter months, I shall treasure it. I like cookies, of course, but ice cream. I have to begin the right mood for it, and that s not often. Lots of love. xxx


  6. You ALL look like you are having so much FUN! And the food looks fabulous too! What? You don’t like ice-cream? Well, come to think of it, I used to love it but not so much anymore.
    I can just imagine you biking around leaving a scent trail of En Avion wherever you go…
    Azar xxx


    • I like ice cream once in a blue moon. Dunno really. Was never a big fan of the stuff. Although I must say I live American ice cream, the most, even though I live near Italy. I had a brilliant time but it took three days to get over it. Hahahaha.


    • Hello Mariann. Same here in Austria. It was so hot in Zürich it was too much to even walk around! But the hammam was cool. Perhaps we´ll meet up next time? Love and hugs, Val. xxxxxx


  7. So much fun! And you are rocking that red lipstick, wow! That Rotwild is a thing of beauty, the stuuf that dreams are made of. What’s the weight? Titanium? Xoxo


    • Hi Robert, yes, the Rotwildl is beautiful. Aluminium, probably about 20 kilos. Have you tried and electric bike? They are really big in Europe. (Although not in the UK.) So much fun, you have no idea. You still have to pedal of course it is not a moped. It makes going uphills a joy. They don´t go faster than 25 kmh anyway. Excellent. I will sell my current bike and go electric next year. ( Not the Rotwild sadly. 🙂 ) Hugs. xxxx


    • Hi Hikmat! We bought two cars here for our kids here for that price. I know it is frightening what some people pay for a bike. But it´s the same as those who buy a Porsche or whatever. Wow! You read APJ from pakisatn. That is so amazing, Thanks so much. Perhaps I will visit you one day for some rose oil. Lots of love Val xxxx


    • Hahahaha. It´s all yours Rachael. My weakness lies more in the direction of chip, chips, and chips, and crisps, and corn chips and salsa. I really don´t care about ice cream. And I love Hellman´s mayo but don’t allow myself to eat it. EXCEPT when I am in England. Whoooohoooo. xxxxxxx


  8. I have to be in the mood for ice cream too although I did recently have a phase where I wanted it a lot. Must have been the heat.
    You always seem to have such fun trips. You and Vero are so cute together. I love her dog too.


    • Hmmmm Poodle. There we go t hen An ice cream post in the future huh? Yep, was fun, but as I said above, a bit mad. Worth every second though. Good to see you as ever. xxxxxx


  9. Hey Val! Sounds like an epic day. Beautiful pictures. When I see you next – wear the new perfume please – I am sure you smell amazing. Sandra xoxo


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