USA: Save The Day: Enrol & Vote


Post by Portia


Dear USA Readers,

Please enrol to vote. Show up and vote. Please save the world from the ultimate dystopian reality, President Trump.

You get a chance on November 8 to make a historical move. You get to be a hero, you get to Save The Day.

Remember also, your vote for a minor party is one less vote Trump has to get to win power.

USA: Save The Day: Enrol & Vote


Enrol to vote now.

Vote on November 8.

The world is holding its breath, you can make a difference.

Save The Day
Portia xx


20 thoughts on “USA: Save The Day: Enrol & Vote

  1. That was brilliant.
    For us in Canada it would be the dystopia next door. I think there would be more Trump dodgers entering Canada than there were US draft dodgers.


  2. We are campaigning in force to prevent the Troll from spreading the crazy around. I really didn’t think anything could be worse than****. Then we went there. Then I didn’t think anything could be worse than @#$%&. Then we went there, and uhhhh, there again. And now Troll. I cannot believe this.


    • Shiva-woman, I think part of the problem was that the media thought he was a joke candidate and didn’t scrutinize and report facts on him early enough. And then saying outrageous things amounts to a lot of free coverage.

      Hillary sure didn’t help herself by calling his supporters deplorable people.

      Hope all your good work bears fruit. Thank you for it from this Canadian.


  3. As a dual Canadian-US citizen who lives in Canada, I am grateful to have a Prime Minister I can respect and appreciate. I don’t care for Hillary or the Troll, but I will be voting for Hillary to prevent the trainwreck that is DT from getting into office.


  4. I made a prediction that DT is going to be the first candidate in history to lose every single state. (His candidacy did answer my old question about how someone like Hitler could get in power.) Don’t go too much by what the polls say. I worked for a political advertising company and discovered that they all use other special polls which are more accurate and not public. Don’t know what they’re saying though.


  5. I m voting for Hilary-The thought of Trump as president is absolutely sickening & frightening!!! I love your blog but never comment, but I had to today!


    • Hey Kathy,
      Thanks for commenting. We are pretty scared over here too.
      Interesting that it took a non frag post to get you chatting. I hope to see more of you around here.
      Portia xx


    • From my far away perspective JulieF, with very little real knowledge of how your political system works, to not have Bernie Sanders in the race also looks a bit crazy.
      Fervently hoping that you are enjoying your first woman president in the next term though.
      Portia xx


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