Scent Of Revenge


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Hi all

I’m not an admirer of Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire. Its cherries and berries are too sweet for my taste, and I have no energy for all its forms and flankers. I’m not going to list the notes. All the LPRNs smell the same to me anyway.

I do love the series of animated video ads though. Sassy, witty, they are just so fun to watch. Here’s one – from the Eau de Parfum Couture – but there are several others.

La Petite Robe Noire – EdP Couture – GUERLAIN

Then I got curious about the original song, written by Lee Hazlewood and recorded by Nancy Sinatra in 1966. Here’s the music video, also from 1966:

Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking (1966 Original)

For her sexiness and that knowing look in her eye, this is a smooth, flawless performance from Nancy. She’s not going to be brought down by that loser of an ex-lover. She’s up on her feet and those little black boots are aimed where they can do the most damage. If we follow Nancy’s lead we have to acknowledge that you enjoy revenge most when you can laugh at your enemy. ‘Ha!’ she laughs. ‘Ha!’ indeed.

Scent Of Revenge


Revenge may be sweet but it can also be corrosive. If you let it take over it will consume you. So you may as well have a laugh as you walk all over that useless bastard, and get on with your life.

What would make a good revenge perfume? Ah, this is where I’m interested in your thoughts.

For my money, La Petite Robe Noire will not do. It’s too conventional and too risk-averse. Wit and intelligence are forsaken for easy populism. Once you’ve had your cry, once you’ve wallowed in your comfort fragrances, you need something to get you back on your feet and spritzing in the face of the enemy.

I’d go for a chypre or something in that line of country. There is nothing maudlin about Chanel No 19, for instance. It won’t let you out of the house with a blotchy face or unwashed hair. In YSL’s Rive Gauche you can forget about all the socks you sorted and the cupcakes you baked.

My top choice is Dior’s spicy oriental chypre, Dioressence. It has the essential ‘Ha!’ we see in Nancy: the flick of the hair, the chin in the air, the confident grin of disdain.

Those are my thoughts, but ANYTHING that sharpens your heels will do. So he hated Thierry Mugler’s Angel? Wear it! He liked you in some soft floral like Chloe? Forget it. Wear what YOU want. Chanel No 5 reminded him of his granny? Wear it! (Anyway, his granny was one classy lady, wasn’t she? She probably always thought you were too good for him.)

Bye for now everyone – I’m looking forward to reading about YOU would spritz in the eye of your Ex. Ouch!

Angrius Feminus (Iratus mulieres),

31 thoughts on “Scent Of Revenge

  1. Were those sweaters or dresses in that clip? Fabulous song. I would probably go al OTT with Jean-Loius Scherrer or First. Neither are grubby house clothes scents, more head high and look ’em in the eye ammunition.


  2. Great question!! I recently went through a divorce after 20 years, and I went consistently for 2 fragrances:

    Chanel Cuir de Ruisse – this scent always told me to stand up straight and put on the leopard undies.

    Rozy EDP by vero perfumo – one of my desert island scents. It just always makes me feel good.

    I also wore Bal a Versailles to the in person settlement negotiations as I figured smelling freshly shagged wouldn’t hurt.


  3. Bloody Hell Anne-Marie,
    I love this post. Now I’m trying to think what I would wear if Jin dumped me….
    For the name Liberté or Trouble.
    For the scent The Auod or CHANEL No 22
    Because he wears it but I always wanted it for my own Botega Venetta.
    Portia xx


  4. I went through a phase ca. 2011/12 when I insisted on wearing SL Ambre Sultan. Not because I associate it in any way with revenge, per se, but because my soon-to-be-divorced then husband had a pathological loathing of amber perfumes. He was a definite Gemini, and fine with green, floral and “fresh” – as in “laundry fresh” – but amber? Fuggedaboutit! 😉 So I wore it a LOT. To this day, I still do – and sometimes, the Dude does, too!

    I’ve noticed that anything skanky – such as Bal à Versailles, MAAI or Absolue pour le Soir tends to intimidate the hell out of people, so either would be good choices, and so would anything that really, truly put the steel in your spine. Speaking of steely …

    My money on an ultimate revenge perfume would likely be the deathly scary Lil by Olympic Orchids. Not only will you get to waft Da-Glo green evil incarnate, you will also make an impression no one – I mean NO one – is likely to forget in a hurry! In that vein – no. 19 – the vintage extrait, to be precise – can, in copious amounts, create deadly sillage! Other ones? What about Montale’s Black Aoud? That one scares ME! :O

    Fracas! OMG yes! CLOUDS of Fracas – all the better to make them think twice about messing with you? 😉

    Great topic, Anne-Marie!


  5. Fun post. I really had to think about it. Vintage Shalimar parfum, LM Sensual Orchid, and VM Hedonist – sexy, sensual, classy – you lost, you loser. Also one of the rose-patchouli fragrances – I’m FREE, you shoo LOL


  6. What a wonderful post Anne-Marie! I’ve actually addressed this issue in the past, and it was everything I could have wished for. And more.

    When my ex and I went through a messy “divorce” (at that time same sex couples were prohibited from marrying legally) after 14 years of combined business and personal assets, I gave this a lot of thought. I decided that everytime we met in an official capacity (i.e; attorney/mediator present) I would DOUSE myself in HIS favorite cologne. If memory serves was some kind of Paco Rabanne. The effect of this was that I would show up REEKING of HIM!😂😂😂 This threw him off his game SO MUCH, he would become totally undone and bumble his way, sweating profusely through whatever matter was being decided!
    It was perfection.


    • Now THAT is classy! And SOOO clever! I mean, you yourself had to suffer somewhat, smelling like him, but oh! The triumph. 🙂 Well done you.


  7. Great topic – perfume and revenge. I don’t feel the need for revenge right now (my fiance left me a few months ago) but I feel that my confidence is pretty low. I’m wearing a lot of “pretty” scents but when I go out, and I really don’t need to be approached by other men at the moment, I wear either Bandit or Rubj. It makes me stronger.


  8. Hi Anne-Marie!
    What a great post – revenge and perfume! I love Robert’s strategy too, but, while I divorced the first husband years ago and am happily remarried for even more years, I don’t have a comparable experience. So I will just have to say the stronger the perfume the better…Tabu comes to mind. Tabu, the old stuff, or maybe a double dose of LeLong Sirocco – something powerful and unscrubbable!
    Azar xx


    • And Tabu in the latest iteration is about as cheap as perfume gets, so you can afford to do some nasty things with it. I once heard a story – not sure if it’s true – of a woman who soaked some fish in a bucket of water for a week. She threw out the fish and poured the water into her ex’s car (she still had the keys). Specifically, she poured it into that little slot where the windows wind up and down. It could not be eradicated and the car had to be written off …


  9. What a good topic Anne Marie! Definitely Opium something very 1970’s would be great revenge perfume I think. Perfume reminds me of people and if you didn’t get on I would never have that frag again…


  10. I have recently started getting Chanel no. 19 in different concentrations. I must say my initial purchases occurred because of its reputation. When I first smelled them, I was like they are good but maybe not as good and might not have been as popular if not for the Chanel brand. But my appreciation has been growing as I am finding similarities with some other perfumes I like. Now I actually think I am appreciating Chanel no. 19 not because it is too popular or because of the Chanel brand but because it is actually well-made 🙂


    • As a revenge perfume, any 80’s stuff would work. As much as I love those classics, I have not found many people now who can withstand them. Opium, Poison particularly come to mind!


      • Yes, although when you think of the impact of something like La Vie Est Belle, you’d have to think that the days of the Big Perfumes are not done. Death by praline. Could happen.

        As for No 19, it’s possibly not immediately likable for many people so I’m so glad you stuck with it! And say what you like about Chanel, it does invest in great raw materials so you won’t be let down in that regard.


  11. Hi Anne Marie, what a great idea for a post (and great post too)! I think if my husband were to leave me, I would wrap myself up in my Fiercest Scents of Solitude, which are not the most people-pleasing ones or the cuddliest, but the ones that strike me as strong-minded, intellectual, and “switched on”. These, for me, would be: M/Mink, Sycomore, CdG Black, Aftelier Tango, Tabac Blond, Mitsouko, and Dzonghka. You get the picture, these are not scents that make you want to curl up into a fetal position. They put an iron rod in your back and make you want to fight. 🙂
    Of course, at night, I would want my sandalwoods and my vintage Shalimar extrait. But those are personal comforts and wearing them during the day would be like exposing my soft underbelly…
    Cheers, Claire


  12. Hi Anne-Marie,
    Thanks for the wonderful post. I agrre with you regarding La Petite Robe Noire. As a revenge what about Youth Dew or Cinnabar?


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