L`Heure Diaphane VIII Cartier: Les Heures de Parfum by Mathilde Laurent for Cartier 2011


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“Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.
Alice in Wonderland


Life can get hectic, whether it’s as a result of factors external or internal, work, family, home life – bring too many activities together without some space between, and everything starts to get compounded. When it’s all too much, I occasionally look for the immediacy of headspace which a beautiful fragrance can bring. Often these times lie in the realms of Hermès Hermessences, but I was given two samples of Cartier’s Les Heures de Parfum by the beautiful Tara of A Bottled Rose, and I found both to be just lovely.


The Les Heures de Parfum line of fragrances have been created by Cartier’s perfumer, Mathilde Laurent. I knew so little about Cartier overall that I did a bit of research into the Les Heures collection, and their slimline bottles affixed with roman numerals. The samples I had to hand were of I L’Heure Promise (that prefix is a roman numeral “I”), and VIII L’Heure Diaphane. I thought my sources were sketchy when I couldn’t locate a V, and found a XIII which you won’t see on any regular clockface…. The fragrances themselves felt delicious, specifically chosen and placed at a point in time with purpose and not simply running up numerically for the sake of completeness. I liked it. Here’s a glimpse of Diaphane for you.

L`Heure Diaphane VIII Cartier by Cartier 2011

L`Heure Diaphane VIII Cartier: Les Heures de Parfum by Mathilde Laurent


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Rose, peony, litchi

VIII L’Heure Diaphane spritzes on light and fresh, rose-centric underpinned with greenness. Uplifting and refreshing, its star attraction is a wonderful peony note. If you’ve never smelt peony, it is quite rose-like, but somewhat truncated from a full “rose” spectrum. There are some stronger pink-red rosy hints in here as well but seem selective. The notes for L’Heure Diaphane are peony, rose and lychee, simple and complimentary, but together create a fragrance which is profound and elegant. The overall effect is one of a shimmering fluid-like quality, not watery as such but has a subtle movement like spiders web in a breeze. I can detect a slight pepperiness which is most likely as aspect of the peony, and rose notes accentuate rather than overwhelm.

It makes me feel: languid, gentle, intelligent, cheeky, proud, caring, efficient – all the things which get pushed to one side to meet deadlines, deal with annoying people, get frustrated with news and world events – just for example. It might sound simplistic but it is clarity and breathing space, perfect for the workplace or a weekend at home. Almost totally linear and worn close to the skin it is both a diamond and silk all wrapped up together, which can either be shown off or held to the heart.


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Saks Fifth Avenue has $285/75ml
Cartier stores and large department store counters also stock it.
Surrender To Chance have samples starting at $6/0.5ml

“You say, go slow…. I fall behind. The second hand unwinds….”
Cyndi Lauper

What fragrances have you found which provide an essential grounding in your daily life?

Till next time,
Tina G xx

10 thoughts on “L`Heure Diaphane VIII Cartier: Les Heures de Parfum by Mathilde Laurent for Cartier 2011

  1. Hey TinaG,
    I have II & VI in this line and am seriously lemming XIII. I love them, so wearable but nothing else smells quite like them.
    Portia xx


    • Hey Portia, I think that’s why I found this so refreshing, it was different to anything I’d been wearing – a breath of fresh air.
      See you soon.
      xx Tina


  2. Hi Tina G!
    What a lovely, descriptive review! You have me convinced to give this a try. Also, I’d forgotten all about Cyndi Louper! Is she still around? An essential grounding in my daily life? Probably the one that gets the most use for that purpose is O’Driu’s Peety.
    Azar xx


    • Hey Azar!

      Cyndi Lauper is definitely still around. I think I saw her on the Graham Norton Show last year, she’s kinda fab.

      I’m gonna have to try Peety now, I like his work but I’m not sure I’ve sniffed that. (Still!) I do remember reading your fab article a few years back. 🙂

      xx Tina G


  3. Hey Tina!

    So happy to read this one “chimed” with you. Love how you describe it and the way it made you feel. I do have a soft spot for peony scents and would like to own one. I just wish these weren’t so pricey.

    Vol de Nuit is my grounding perfume but I felt that way about Precious Woods by April Aromatics when I tried it not long ago and would like a full bottle.

    Two brilliant time-related quotes!


    • Hi Tara, thank you for the sample. 🙂 they were both lovely.

      Vol de Nuit is also a fave of mine, so gorgeous. Precious Woods? Hum I’m have to look that one up. Good luck with the FB, it’s always nice to have a bottle to enjoy.

      xx Tina G


  4. Hi Tina. I have heard a lot of good things about the Cartier fragrances. Hmmmmm. Grounding perfume would be Kiki Extrait. I will check the Cartiers out in Vienna at the end of this week. (I am planning to hit up Hermès ….. 😀❤️ Hugs. Xxxx


    • Val, they are worth a sniff. They are elegant, non-intrusive, gentle. It caught me off-guard in a pleasant way.

      Vero. Touchstone. The more I delve into fragrance the more I realise her uniqueness.

      xx Tina


  5. Hi Tina G, so true what you say about life! I love the idea of being wrapped in silk, to shield you from the world and gather your strength..ahh..Also peony’s are one of my fav flowers, so I am sure rose peony and lychee would be heaven together xo Anna


    • Anna Maria, I have a little left in my sample, I’d love for you to try this. Let’s see when we next cross paths, it’s yours.

      xx Tina G


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