Angel Muse by Quentin Bisch for Thierry Mugler 2016


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All Hail APJ Earthlings,


Muse: Drones Tour 2016


I went to Vienna earlier in the year to see MUSE on their Drones Tour. I knew that it would be good but had no idea that it would blow my mind. It opened with futuristic soldiers complete with glowing blue eyes, patrolling the perimeter of the 360°rotating stage. Drones in their docks suspended from the ceiling ready to fly around the hall. Retractable silk banners hanging, acting as cinema screens.


The band came on dressed in black, as opposed to their normal prominent and flamboyant outfits. Matt Bellamy, lead singer and guitarist was uncharacteristically chilled, letting the incredible and perfectly synchronized production shine. This was a thrill ride of the most epic proportions and I cannot forget it. Six months later and I am still playing MUSE at top volume. One of my top three gigs and I have been to hundreds.

Angel Muse by Quentin Bisch for Thierry Mugler 2016


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Grapefruit, pink pepper
Heart: Hazelnut, whipped cream, rose
Base: Vetiver, patchouli

Browsing through the perfumes at the airport last week I picked up Muse, a Mugler production and relative to the iconic Angel. Not wanting to kill my fellow passengers on the blue and yellow Lego flight I was about to take, I spritzed it on paper. A hefty sniff coated the inside of my nose for the next ten hours. (I was inspired by Clare of the Take One Thing Off Blog, and of our own APJ, and the Candy Perfume Boy to do so.)


MUSE is a Walnut Whip of wizardry. A splendid burst of patchouli droplets, each wrapped in effervescent grapefruit and pinkness. Joyous and mouthwatering, heartwarming and sparkling. It glides into a swirling creamy nutty heart, as light as a marshmallow, tinged with a green orange. Divineness. The underlying vetiver stops Muse from becoming too sweet, as it smoothly glides into the base teaming up with vanilla and the ever-hovering patchouli. A kaleidoscope of enjoyment. I have been wearing it non-stop. Madness. 🙂


MUSE pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Available everywhere, a flanker, mainstream. Who would have thought it? I bought the 30ml Cosmic Pebble bottle, which sounds like something off of a Hawkwind album. We have come full circle. It´s available all over the world. Comparatively cheap and worth a shot. You just never know.

#HateToLove Angel Muse Making of – Mugler

Further reading: Candy Perfume Boy and Now Smell This
David Jones has AUD$99/30ml

Which Muse would you prefer to be around darling hearts, sweeties?

Angelic Bussis

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17 thoughts on “Angel Muse by Quentin Bisch for Thierry Mugler 2016

  1. How cool that you stepped out of you comfort zone and took a chance. Even better that it paid off!
    These days I’d rather fall for a mainstream flanker than some £150 50ml bottle of niche.
    Love the bottle.


    • Angel Muse is so smooth, so lovely. And a rarity I thin inasmuch as it satisfies both “Normal” folk and perfumistas. I have never received so many compliments. Gotta laugh. Hugs. xxxxx


  2. Weird, the bottle is Alien & Angel. I like it.

    Totally swept away with your description. Really must try.

    My muse? Lost a long time ago. I make my own way.

    xx Tina G


    • Hey Tina! Unless you really hate patchouli and vetiver, you have to try it. It is just delectable. I too have no muse except Muse who I love. I would marry Matt Bellamy if I could. Keep me posted! Love. xxxxx


  3. Hey Val,
    Tried this the other day with Michael but it went kind of milky on him so I’ll have to try it on myself at my earliest convenience.
    My muse? There have been a few, Liz Taylor, Lucille Ball, Bette Midler, Rita Hayworth and Katherine Hepburn. Can’t miss mentioning my Mum too, most of my early successes were so I could share them and give her some bragging rights at the golf club.
    Portia xx


    • Milky? Really? Ugh. Hmmmmmm. I cannot imagine anything better for a drag evening than this. It is a love magnet. Give it a spritz sometime and let me know. Bussis. xxxx


    • Portia, Freddie Smellythoughts bought it yesterday. Here is what he said to me!! ”

      Yes it’s glorious, much less dense and lactonic than I was expecting… It’s higher pitched, a cotton candy caramel syrupy of cocoa patchouli, but not screechy, and a beautiful almost masculine backbone, it’s extremely soft and cosy though, unlike Angel which sits on top of the skin and screams :’) lovely stuff.”

      Hugs. xxxx


    • I´ll make you try it. Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone. Hahahahahahahahahaha. That´s me talking. More laughing. Hugs. xxxxxxxxx


  4. Never would I have thought to pick this up if it were not for your wonderful review with pictures. I had to finally give up and just eBay my bottle of Angel. I tried so hard to love what everybody was loving and to smell what they were smelling but it just emitted cold metallic berries sans patch. I like Allen a bit more, and have held onto it. This really does sound intriguing and different, a little bit foody but not too much cut by the Citrus grapefruit. Great music and perfume review.


    • Hi Shiva-woman! Muse is infinitely more wearable for me than Angel. It is absolutely worth a spritz, I am sure you can find it somewhere. Try it, you might be surprised. Let me know!! I am quite fed up with all the so called niche stuff that is around, the market is in overload, Angel Muse is the answer!! xxxxx


    • Hello Poodle! YES! Go and do it as fast as you can. It will be a winter staple for me. I so love patchouli and warmth and this fits the bill to perfection. I have never tried Alien. But now that I am prepared to open my mind a little, I will. Good to see you. Lots of love. and hugs. xxxxxxxx


  5. Val, it’s an inspiring review.
    I still love Angel (though I do not wear it any longer) so I tried Muse on paper the moment I saw it at the store. I liked it but never put it on skin. I will the next time.


  6. Hi Val, Muse and Muse perfume how perfect!!..I was an Angel fan, when it first came out. Will definitely give this Muse a try xo


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