Perfumed Inbox Excitement!


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Heya APJ Crew,

It seems everyone is getting their news out this week. New fragrances, new packaging and the Christmas deals. Here are a few interesting things that arrived in my box that I thought you should know about.

Perfumed Inbox Excitement!

One Seed: Christmas Offerings

One Seed is an Australian perfume company, small batch, artisan. ONE SEED is original organic perfumery. I really enjoy their fragrances and am totally excited about their new Roller Ball applicators, perfect for on the run fragrancing and great to travel with. Here’s a link to the One Seed Best Sellers page. The range is surprisingly affordable for such beauty and they have a really good sample set. Last order date is December 12.


Library Of Flowers Free Gift

Margot Ellena is the perfumer at Library of Flowers, she also creates a bunch of other brands including Tokyo Milk, and I find her products extremely wearable. The different ranges explore varied thematic types and I especially like that the Library of Flowers brand has a bunch of adjacent products so Gift Giving looks lavish, even though the products are reasonably priced.

Here’s a link to the Library Of Flowers Field Kits. An excellent travel size set, perfect for gift giving.

library-of-flowers-free-gift-1 library-of-flowers-free-gift-2

Oliver & Co Free Gift

Oliver & Co are wildly under-rated. I love their freaky fragrances. They are both challenging and wearable, fun and lighthearted while often exploring scent combinations that feel like very serious creations. I love their bottles too, hefty and simple.
They currently have updated their website and are now offering 16ml sizes for only €30, including postage! Amazing right?

ALSO: if you buy any full bottle currently they will send you an extra 16ml bottle FOR FREE!

Here’s the link to the Oliver & Co Online Exclusive 16ml bottles (I just ordered Ambergreen and Vaninger……)

Oliver & Co Free Gift 1 Oliver & Co Free Gift 2

The 7 Virtues Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

So this one is canada-centric but I love Barb Stegemann so much and that she is making peoples l;ives better through fragrance that I really wanted to include it.

The once a year Canada-Wide holiday Buy 2 get 1 Free fragrance is on Nov 15 – 19. The free fragrance must be the same size as the two purchased. This short special offers a great way to stock up on gifts while supporting our farmers in nations rebuilding. Visit The 7 Virtues for the specials.

50ML3FOR2  – For 50ml fragrances 
100ML3FOR2 – For 100ml fragrances
BLENDBOX3FOR2 – For Blend Boxes 


Hope you found something interesting.
Portia xx

6 thoughts on “Perfumed Inbox Excitement!

  1. Thank you for the great idea Portia. I’m not familiar with any of the mentioned houses and I’m going to check out their websites. It’s right on time for a Christmas gift to myself 🙂


  2. Thanks P.! Three new houses I’ve never heard of on your list, but now must explore! (Oliver & Co.-those bottles! Yes please!) Do you suppose Margot Ellena is another JCE child? If so, she and her sister have been VERY busy girls lately! xoxo


    • Heya Robert,
      I’m not sure. The aesthetic seems pretty far from the other Ellen’s but maybe? I like all 3 of their work.
      Portia x


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