Granville by Francois Demachy for Dior Collection Privée 2010


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Howdy Fragrant Family,

Years ago now I bought 10ml of Granville in a split from AndreaW. It was forgotten for a while and then rediscovered and drained to the dregs. As soon as I was finishing my decant the damn thing got DCd so I was lamenting its loss and resigned to never having a bottle to spritz.

On a whim in South Korea last week I asked the DIOR SA if she remembered Granville and she produced a tester saying that she had one bottle left in stock, 250ml at about AUD$100 more expensive than Sydney prices (because S Korea!). We thanked her for her time, spritzed Granville lavishly and went on our merry way. Then, because I was floating in swathes of its green beauty and a bit sad that I would never own it Jin said we should go back and get it next day, he even offered to buy me the bottle (I know right, but I wouldn’t let him). So we went back and grabbed it and I’m so thrilled, it’s a perfect mid-season beauty.

Granville by Dior Collection Privée 2010

Granville by Francois Demachy

La Collection Couturier Parfumeur Granville Dior FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Basenotes gives these featured accords:
Top: Lemon, mandarin, thyme
Heart: Gorse, pine, rosemary
Base: Pepper, sandalwood, woodsy notes

A smooth and rich cologne in EdT built by Francois Demachy to be both an interesting twist on an old trope and a new, fun, pretty masculine for perfumistas of both sex. It’s perfect mid season wear while the sun is shining and in the chill of the evening. Grenville is cool green, bright and slightly fizzy like a Limoncello with a hint of salt. The sweet and tart at the same time opening wafts gently into more green and herbaceousness that warms and dries towards dry down with the pepper crackling and creamy woods.

granville-dior-morgan-davis-limoncello flickrFlickr

Never a poisonous green, always a gentle, plush, refined greenness; austere yet approachable. Said to be done in homage to the wind at Christian Dior’s childhood home, the greenness of the area, the herb garden and the exuberance of his youth, I get it. Granville is all of this and more. A mellow green with fizz and cream.

Lasting well into 3 hours as fragrant I was surprised to find Granville still smellable on the morning as I wake up, a whispered wash of citrus and wood.

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Still available at some DIOR stand alone stores
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $3/ml

Do you have a favourite DIOR Privee? Which one? Why? Did you try DIOR Granville?
Portia xx

16 thoughts on “Granville by Francois Demachy for Dior Collection Privée 2010

  1. I own several Dior Privées: Gris Montaigne, Ambre Nuit, Mitzah, Cuir Cannage, Oud Ispahan, Colle Noire and Fève Délicieuse, although I think Fève is my favourite. I did smell Granville but not being a green scent person (despite green being my favourite colour) it was not for me.


  2. What a fabulous find Portia! I love Cuir Cannage, Mitzah, Bois d’Argent, Gran Bal and I will get my hands on the Feve as well. I really enjoy the Dior Privées for their elegance, beauty and the fact that I find them easy to wear. Granville was lovely but I was far too slow. Have a great weekend. Sandra xoxo


    • Hi there Sandra,
      Isn’t Mitzah gorgeous?
      Yes, LVMH have done a good job with the Privees at DIOR, I wish they would do so well at Guerlain.
      Portia xx


  3. Wow Portia, that’s fantastic! God how I LOVE the Dior Privée range. One of my all time favorite Patch’s has to be Patchouli Imperiale, but I also adore Mitzah, New Look 1947, Bois D’Argent, and Gris Montaigne. xoxo


    • Yes Robert, I love the range too. Patchouli Imperial is so easy to love. I’m not sure if you remember when Margeaux was writing for us? It was his favourite in the line too and smelled unbelievable on him. Like it was designed to be spritzed by him alone.
      Portia xx


      • I don’t, but yes Mitzah wears like a very soft cashmere blanket, so terrific! You mentioned LVMH above, and my great fear is that LVMH will somehow screw up Maison Francis Kurk, which would leave me heartbroken. Time to get those bottles before the big switch-over!


  4. Its a shame that majority of Privee collection discontinued. Lucky you Portia to get 250ml bottle of Dior Granville for Aus$100 only. Never tried Granville and some others. But I love wearing Oud Ispahan, Leather Oud, Cuir Cannage and Eau Noire.


  5. Discontinued! ……I don’t know why I get sad when I hear that….but.what a lovely memory Granville will be, your anniversary trip to Korea😘


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