Arbolé Arbolé by Hiram Green 2016


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Foggy November Greetings APJ!

Perfume Excitement

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I prefer not l to write about anything that I don´t own. There are however exceptions to every rule. I had an email from Hiram Green of Hiram Green perfumes informing me that there was a sample of his new perfume on its way to me. His work is consistently excellent and I have enjoyed each fragrance. Yesterday I had a call from a perfumista friend I trust one hundred percent, raving on about Arbolé Arbolé. And then I read Claire Vukcevic´s post, of Take One Thing Off and APJ. Shifting into perfume excitement mode, I waited anxiously for the postman.


Arbolé Arbolé by Hiram Green 2016


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean

…… with the grey arm of the wind wrapped around her waist

Arbolé, Arbolé takes its name from Frederico Garcia Lorca´s exquisite poem of the same name. It is new to me though written in 1955, and acutely expressive.
I wish I could read Spanish.


Arbolé Arbolé is so impressive I am speechless, sat here with my head in my hands wondering what to write. My husband just yelled from the living room “nicht zerreden”. Which means don´t talk it to death. He also said to order a bottle. I have never smelled anything that is remotely similar. I have been wearing it for six hours now, longevity is great.

Hiram Green writes: “Arbolé Arbolé opens with a burst of earthy patchouli that slowly merges with dry cedar wood and velvety sandalwood. Vanilla and tonka bean anchor the fragrance and provide a sweet powdery base.” I guess he should know. Jump over to Hiram´s website and have a look.
Hiram Green are offering Arbolé Arbolé in a 10ml travel spray along with a full bottle AND what is particularly brilliant is that you can buy all of the HG perfumes in 10 ml travel sprays. Superb.

Our world has changed greatly since my last post. Political disaster encourages great music, so bring it on.
“Music is the emotional life of most people.” Leonard Cohen

Green Perfumed Bussis

PS. Hmmmmmm. A full bottle or 10mls, that is the question. I never order at night when the flesh is weak, tomorrow will tell. Watch this space!!

Arbolé Arbolé by Federico García Lorca, 1898 – 1936

Tree, tree
dry and green.

The girl with the pretty face
is out picking olives.
The wind, playboy of towers,
grabs her around the waist.
Four riders passed by
on Andalusian ponies,
with blue and green jackets
and big, dark capes.
“Come to Cordoba, muchacha.”
The girl won’t listen to them.
Three young bullfighters passed,
slender in the waist,
with jackets the color of oranges
and swords of ancient silver.
“Come to Sevilla, muchacha.”
The girl won’t listen to them.
When the afternoon had turned
dark brown, with scattered light,
a young man passed by, wearing
roses and myrtle of the moon.
“Come to Granada, muchacha.”
And the girl won’t listen to him.
The girl with the pretty face
keeps on picking olives
with the grey arm of the wind
wrapped around her waist.
Tree, tree
dry and green.

32 thoughts on “Arbolé Arbolé by Hiram Green 2016

  1. Oh, what have you done? I love the poem, though it’s more beautiful in Spanish, and this sounds irresistible. One of those dear little 10 ml bottles will be mine!


    • Hello Mary. It is so beautiful isn´t it? I am totally illiterate when it comes to poetry, with the exception of GreenEggs and Ham and Hiawatha. I am going to change that next year. I hope my bottle will arrive tomorrow. So nice to be excited! Thanks for dropping by. Hugs. xxxx


  2. Hey Val,

    Love your husband’s advice, don’t talk it to death and order a bottle. Good man.

    Thanks for the review. It really does sound fab! A must try.

    Tina G xx


    • I certainly wouldn´t swop him! I hope you get a chance to try it. It´s a perfume that even if you don´t care to wear it can be admired just for the composition, know what I mean? Big hugs, I wish we lived closer!! xxxx


  3. Hey Val! Sigh….oh, I adore it. As you know. Unfortunately, the shipping cost to Ireland kills any idea I had of ordering the 10ml. So, of course, with perfect perfumista “logic” I am thinking it might make more sense just to order the 50ml! 🙂 Brilliant write-up, and you’re not making my longing for this abate in the slightest. Must. Sit. On. Fingers.

    xxx Claire


    • Hi Claire! You can chill. It´s not going anywhere and I am sure you will get a bottle if you HAVE to. We all find a way don´t we? It would have been smarter of me in one way to order the larger bottle, but I sucked up the expense of the smaller one because it still left hundred euros to pay bills with. No bills, no cookies. Love and peace. xxxxx


    • He is a perfectionist and such a lovely guy. He radiates peace and somehow seems to avoid the total perfume circus and ugly politics of it all. I respect that. Every fragrance is good, but this one was a “have to have it now” one. And Chris loves it, which helps!! 🙂


  4. Oooh, what an exciting find. Love the poem and that quote from Leonard Cohen. We need perfume solace in this world gone mad so get ordering. It sounds divine and sometimes the most affecting perfumes can’t – and shouldn’t – be broken down.
    Is it all-natural?


    • Evening Tara! Yes, it is entirely natural, but I don´t care to include that in my post. Those who visit the website will see it for themselves. (I transfer my own behaviour onto others, inasmuch as I think it will put some people off trying it!!) It couldn´t be further away from one´s preconception of a natural if it tried. I hope you come across it, but if not I will bring some along next time we meet. Love ya! xxxx


  5. Oh my goodness Val, I absolutely adore this post! Reading your words, the poem, and listening to Leonard Cohen as I contemplate the beauty of Hiram Green’s work … I love his fragrances and the aesthetic behind the line. It seems to me that he always endeavors to reach out to the perfumista community and here he is offering 10mls of his entire line! This one sounds gorgeous, and thank you for the review.

    Holly xo


    • Hey Holly! I am so glad you enjoyed it. Hiram really does take many things into consideration. He is an artist. Cool of you to drop by! Bussis, Val xxxx


    • Hahahahahahaha Vanessa. I never write about anything I don´t like. I would love to do a scathing post on some of the utter crap I have tried, but it´s all in the eye of the wearer huh? So I don´t. But yeah, this is a really gorgeous fragrance. Lot of love. xxxx


  6. I am with Vanessa, we should take note and will order a sample asap. Lovely word Muchacha, and Arbole too. Poetry in a bottle.


    • Hamamelis, good evening! As I said above, I will make 2017 the year of getting to know some poetry. Arbolé Arbolé has whetted my appetite for more. Hope you get to try it sometime. Good, as ever, to see you. Hugs. Val xxxxxx


  7. Val, if I may…

    Long time lurker and reader; perfume dilettante.

    I write now for two reasons. First, to say that I have read about Hiram Green on many blogs over time, but never pulled the trigger. I think you’ve fixed that. …Under the spell of your words, I belive I’ll order a bottle …Oh, and while I’m there… might as well fix the mistake of missing all his other fragrances by getting a travel size of each. …So thank you, my personal Christmas shopping is now taken care of : )

    But the REAL reason I’m writing: Pablo Neruda.

    Neruda was a 1971 Nobel Laureate; often held to be the greatest poet of this century writing in any language.

    One of the things he is best known for are his love poems. For my reading, they are the best modern love poems written from a man to a woman. Even read in (a good) translation, they are incandescent.

    Don’t wait for 2017… Do yourself a favor and get you and Hubby a stocking stuffer for the Holidays. You’ll be glad you did.

    His earliest love poems and perhaps the best known, is “Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair”; then twenty years later, “A Hundred Love Sonnets”. Less well known are “The Captain’s Verses” written to the woman he eventually married and, highly autobiographical, originally published annonymously.

    His work is widely avaiable on the Web. To rend your heart, try reading “Puedo Escribir” / “Tonight I Can Write”.

    If ANY perfumer could as successfully transmit the feelings of love that Neruda calls forth in his verse, they would be a millionaire and you couldn’t find a bottle at any price.

    Treat yourself.

    …and many thanks for all your fine writing…


    • Dearest DDJ! You have touched my soul taking the time to write such a beautiful comment. I will order some of his work today. I won´t wait til 2017, neither will I wait until Christmas. 🙂 Although an avid reader I find it quite difficult to concentrate on long books right now, and feel that some poetry could feed my soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for steering me in a direction. Jumping online now …… Much love and gratitude, how Il of the perfume world, lurkers and all. Val xxxxxx


      • Val, thank you for your lovely reply.

        I’ve just returned from the grocer and am about to do battle with three or four dozen chocolate-chip cookies for tomorrow. I’ve also ordered my bottle of Arbole Arbole and she’s currently snuggling into a comfy box for her journey here. …At almost $40 per travel sample, I passed on those others for the moment but feel certain I’ll fill them in over time. 10ml is the perfect ‘sample size’ for me; one or two mls gets me nowhere.

        …Sometimes I think poetry should have blind-buy warnings as with perfume (which I ignore). But I can’t imagine your not finding some that speak to you. I’d love to hear which they are if you ever care to say… I’d mention mine here but don’t want to skew your first impressions as you read them for yourself.

        [Also, please note, my use of the present tense implied that Neruda is still writing; he is not. He passed in ’73 two short years after receiving his Nobel.]

        Good reading; good wishes.



      • David the mystery lurker, you can contact me on FB if you want to, Valerie CQ Sperrer or Instagram – armadilloscookiequeen. Would be pleasure to keep up, and I could do with a poetry mentor. 🙂 I saw that he had passed away. 🙂 HA! I would give you cookies if you were here. Now that is something I am good at!! Happy Thanksgiving. xxxxx


        • Haha… “Cookie Queen” I wasn’t thinking of your screen name when I wrote about making cookies. I’m caught talking cookie-trash before Cookie Royalty. I do ok for an amateur. I’ve never had any returned : )

          No mystery here. Maybe a bit of a Luddite though. I don’t have any ‘social media’ accounts like FB or Instagram. … Do you have access to the email address I type in below to make these comments? If so, feel free to contact me through that. It’s my real account —not a throw-away for making blog comments lol.

          I realize you may prefer not to do that for a variety of possible reasons. Your call entirely but it could be fun.


          • Hey DDJ,
            I have passed your email along to Val.
            Be aware though that she is among the most solid and bright of my friends and knowing her can help make you a better person.
            Portia xx


  8. Ok, I give up: now I just have to get a sample of this perfume 🙂

    I rarely write about anything I do not own: most often, those perfumes that I loved enough to buy are the ones that have a story to tell.


    • Well I have my 10mls and am loving it. It’s worth a try huh? Sometimes, as seasoned as we are, we need to take a gamble. That’s part of being a perfumista. It rarely pays off. Hahahahaha …… ! Keep me posted. Hugs. ❤️


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