Adelaide, South Australia with TinaG + Photo Essay


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I’ve been travelling a lot this year, and last week was for work in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. I thought I’d share my journey and fragrance choices for the trip, along with my travellers notes.



Adelaide, South Australia with TinaG + Photo Essay


Day 0 – For the flight down I wore Junky by Jardins d’Ecrivains. A friend gave me this sample a while ago but I hadn’t tried it before now. It’s supposed to have a cannabis note, maybe its fresh picked cannabis? It’s nothing I recognised. The fragrance felt a bit ordinary to me, a green based floral with iris & violet. Pretty, but I was expecting more. How we interpret the meaning in the name is probably the selling point, we’ve all got some level of addiction, don’t we?

tinag-adelaide-nov-2016-1Cocktail at 2KW


Dinner on the first night was at a trendy top floor bar and restaurant, 2KW. Scent for dinner was Daim Blond by Serge Lutens. I wanted to wear something with a backbone but not so much of a monster it affected other people or my enjoyment of the meal. This suede/peach frag was perfect for a casual but upmarket restaurant meal with colleagues (well, they are all friends, really).


Day 1 – I was a bit nervous going in to the work event so I chose Muschio, Santa Maria Novella, for its warmth and comfort. It was a great choice, gave me a bit of oomph to get through the day.

There was an dinner at Adelaide Town Hall that was semi-formal. I wore black on black with a brass coloured double chain long necklace and rock-star high heels from Nine West. It’s been ages since I dressed up and I felt totally uncomfortable. Haha! Swapped the heels for flats to walk there which was much better, and a respritz of Muschio helped. Fun night.


Day 2 – Adelaide was getting warmer as the week wore on, so Precision and Grace: The Beautiful Mind Series was my choice for today. It’s got a great fresh pear/jasmine/osmanthus thing going on, but I swear I get a blast of lemon in the opening as well. Perfect refresher. It has been the highest complement-receiver of any fragrance I own, and it did receive a comment on the day. Yay.

That afternoon a friend & I walked across town to the Haigh’s chocolate factory. The walk was 40mins each way (slightly longer with a few Pokémon critters to catch on the way back). I respritzed Precision and Grace as it was still 32 degrees centigrade out there…


Adelaide is know as ‘the city of churches’ and there is one in almost every corner in town. The city is very flat, and surrounded on each side by parkland, which made for a pleasant walk. Haigh’s was great, I got a bunch of their experimental chocs and factory seconds which they package up – only available at the factory, they don’t ship these out.



tinag-adelaide-nov-2016-8Chocolates at Haigh’s


Because of the Pokémon factor we only had 15 minutes to get changed before dinner, so in lieu of a shower I wore Borneo 1834 by Serge Lutens. It smelt bloody brilliant on dusty sun-kissed skin over the top of the base Precision and Grace musks. Damn sexy if I do say so myself.

tinag-adelaide-nov-2016-4Inside Casablabla

Drinks and dinner were down Peel Street in the city, a must-visit if you’re in town. My friend & I shared an alcoholic lychee iced tea at Casablabla, a mixed cultural tapas bar. Dinner with the crew was at a restaurant called Peel Street (same as the street name). Fabulous meals, like my fave the banana flower blossom salad, and it had amazing options for those on special diets because everything was made fresh.


Day 3 – The last day I went for another osmanthus-based fragrance, Inlé by Memo. I really like this as a travel scent, I wore it almost exclusively when travelling in South Korea with Portia & the crew two years ago. It’s light enough to fit most circumstances, but has an inherent beauty. The work day finished about 3:30 for us as we caught a cab for a flight back to Sydney.

So grateful for the opportunity to have experienced our sector work event in a great city with amazing people. I learnt so much.

Do you have a favourite travel fragrance?

Till next time.

Tina G xx

(Ed: Photos donated by TinaG unless specified. Thanks TinaG, they’re fab)

15 thoughts on “Adelaide, South Australia with TinaG + Photo Essay

  1. What fabulous travel choices, Tina! I normally just grab a few decants at random.

    How did I not know about The Beautiful Mind Series? Especially as it says “Made in England” on the bottle. I shall remedy that asap. Precision and Grace sounds gorgeous.

    Aren’t factory second chocs the best? Yum.

    Love the combo of your brass necklance and heels almost as much as the fragrance combo of Borneo 1834 over Precision and Grace. I need to retry Borneo, I can’t recall it at all.

    Those piggy statues are the best!


    • Hi Tara!

      Haigh’s are great, it was worth the walk across town to be let loose in their factory store. Nomnomnom…

      As I said in pm,if I can help with the Beautiful Mind series or Borneo, let me know.

      The piggies were in Rundle Mall, the main shopping drag in the city. I couldn’t resist! 🙂

      xx Tina G


  2. *Sigh* Adelaide was one of the planned stops on our never-taken honeymoon and it looks as lovely as I imagined it at the time. One day my husband and I will go on a trip that doesn’t involve a family emergency but until then, hearing about perfumista travels is a pretty good substitute even if it was a work trip.
    The only one of your travel scents I’ve tried is Daim Blond, and since I don’t like the thin version currently available I don’t own any. One day perhaps I will find an older bottle since I know of nothing else that has that lovely peach suede texture and I know I would wear the heck out of it.
    I’m going to have to add the others to my sniff test, except Junky which doesn’t interest me. I’ve been told that I would hate Borneo 1834 but stubborn curiosity makes me want to try it anyway. Precision and Grace sounds really lovely as does Inlé. Thanks for sharing your trip!


    • Hi MikasMinion,

      I think the bottle of Daim Blond is an older one, it’s quite luscious. If you haven’t already, try Bottega Veneta as a comparison, I find the two very similar – although Fragrantica doesn’t list a peach note.

      I do hope you make it to Adelaide someday! It’s definitely worth a visit, let alone the nearby beauty of the Barossa Valley. Keep it on the list.

      xx Tina G


  3. Hey there TinaG,
    I LOVED putting the pics in this story. Was the Muschio what you bought in South Korea the day we went shopping? I still get shivers in memory of that fabulous SMN shop there.
    HOW MANY frags? Amazing.
    Glad you had a good time.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia,

      Yes that is the Muschio I got that day in Seoul! Yay! I love it, so glad we went exploring. 🙂

      Had a fun time, & a fragrant journey.

      xx Tina G


  4. Generally travel fragrance is Prada Purple Rain. Great soft scent that doesn’t overpower anyone. Also love Chanel No. 5 L’Eau for travel.


    • Hi rickyrebarco,

      Purple Rain sounds like a good choice for a travel frag, not too overpowering. A workmate gave me a sniff of Chanel L’Eau the other day, and it was in a really cute travel atomiser (Chanel stock). Lovely.

      xx Tina G


  5. Great travelogue TinaG! I’d love to visit Adelaide someday. Your description of Borneo was perfect, I could smell it right then. Also love the name of Casablabla!


    • Hi Claudia S,

      Casablabla was a funky little place! We only stopped in for a drink before dinner but that lasted the best part of 1.5 hours, we enjoyed it so much. The iced tea was in a 1 litre jug which helped…. oops. 🙂


      Tina G xx


  6. Just gone to bed. Quick blog check. I’m wearing a dab of Borneo from M”s sample he brought over a couple of years ago. Inspiration from you. I liked Junky actually, heavily applied. But haven’t worn it for a long while. Kiki Extrait is my travel perfume. No shocks there. Never heard of The Beautiful mind, as Tara also said.
    Hmmmmmmm. Cookie Run tomorrow. Gotta be up at the buttcrack of dawn. Hugs. Xxxx


    • Hey Val!

      Borneo is a fav of mine. I purchased a bell jar when I was in Paris in May. It was a toss up between that & Iris Silver Mist, but I made the right choice. I’ve found some roller ball decants which don’t leak so have been dabbing & it’s easier to carry around a few mls.

      You gave me the Junky decant – thank you!! I’ll give it another run through, try a heavier application.

      Mmmmmmm Kiki. Love.

      xx Tina G


  7. Love the piggy bronzes so hilarious reminds me of home lol… the SMN sounds gorgeous with your black outfit. Enjoy reading your travel perfume posts xo


    • Hey Anna Maria! Thank you!

      The piggies were adorable, I couldn’t resist. And Portia asked for a photo of me dressed up – would you believe I didn’t take any!! The moment’s lost…. oh well, can live on in fragrant memories.

      xx Tina G


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